BLUE POST BOILING Crabs & Shrimps with the Boys (A Review)

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It’s hard to please our boys these days. While they’re each growing up with different eating preferences, all of them demand yummy, satisfying food. 

For Sunday lunch, we decided to eat at Davao’s famous Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps, to satisfy our craving for seafood (especially after our recent trip to Ireland) and our Gen Z kids’ need for interactive and delicious food. 

We even had a discussion on sustainability, to teach our kids to only support establishments that are sustainable. 

Here’s what we think about Blue Post Boiling Crab & Shrimps… 


O Square Building, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Facebook: Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps
Telephone: +632 224 6349

First Things First

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Menu: Captain’s Catch, All Time FavoritesAppetizers, Soup & Salad Grilling Point, Desserts | Captain’s Brew | Wine  

The Greenhills Branch is like a modern seafood shack, with cozy booth seats and a room for your private celebrations.


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The whole table is your plate. It’s like eating boodle fight style. 



The bibs are made from biodegradable plastic, but we were turned off by their use of plastic utensils and cups, which is not a sustainable practice.


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You get to choose from live locally sourced crabs, the price of which depends on the weight. 


The Meal Experience

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★ Crab Chowder (₱89)

It takes a while before the seafood dishes are cooked, so we shared a cup of creamy crab soup. We had to order another one because the kids loved it.


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Buttered Cereal Shrimps (₱573). Crispy bits of cereal and moist succulent shrimps.

Aidan and I liked the crunchiness of the cereal even if it clumps together. We generally don’t order fried for our seafood.


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Garlic Pork Riblets (₱499). Pork riblets marinated in native vinegar, salt, and freshly ground black pepper, sauteed in butter with lots of garlic. 

This was disappointing because the meat was dry and they didn’t pay attention to this dish the same way they do their seafood.


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Tuna Belly (₱89/100g; ₱507.30 for 570g)

The tuna did not taste fresh and was overcooked. Even the sprinkle of garlic bits could not save it.


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★ Cajun Vinegar, Sinamak Vinegar, Garlic Vinegar

An awesome array of vinegar that I wish I could bring home. I love the Sinamak and the Cajun for some hint of spice.


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The shrimps are cooked in food grade plastic. We ordered the saucy ones so that we could use them to flavor the rice. 


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★ Shrimp in Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce (₱573) + Corn on the Cob (₱45) + Pork Sausage (₱45). A zesty combo flavors of garlic and butter with a tang of lemon. 

The shrimps were fresh–you could tell by how easily you could peel the skin off. It’s bathed in garlic lemon butter that you’d be tempted to suck off the shrimp and your fingers. 

The pork sausage was a hit with our younger boys (Joshua and Raphael), so we were glad we ordered this additional topping. I enjoyed pairing the corn on the cob with the seafood instead of the rice. 


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We decided to go with the 700g crab, which we ordered boiled and with their signature Cajun sauce.


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★ Crab Blue Post Boil (700g -₱1,260) + Hungarian Sausage (₱82). A fresh catch boiled and lathered in our irresistible signature Blue Post Cajun sauce. 

The crab was as fresh as it could be and I liked the hint of Cajun spice. The sauce is the best part, especially the mini bits of crab meat and secret ingredients. We also enjoyed dipping the shrimp and the tuna in the Cajun sauce. 

The younger boys did not like the spice though, but they did like the Hungarian sausage.


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Aidan had to learn how to crack his own crab (he wouldn’t have been able to eat otherwise).  


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In the end, everything was wiped out. But we took home the plastics with the sauces and the shrimp heads for further use. 🙂


Final Thoughts

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We loved their fresh crab and shrimp with their signature Blue Post Boil and Garlic Lemon Butter sauces!

The kids loved how interactive the food was where everything was served without plates and they could use their own hands to eat, just like how you would eat on the seaside.


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Although the seafood is locally sourced, the use of plastic utensils and cups is disappointing. These plastics will just end up in our ocean and mess with the ecosystem. It’s also not sustainable. We’ll remember to bring our own utensils and cups next time. 

Make sure to get the Crab Chowder while you wait and order your Crab and Shrimp with the different cooking preferences. We recommend the Blue Post Boil and the Garlic Lemon Butter, but you can also order it garlic fried, with sambal, or in salted egg.

You can request for the crab to be cooked half-half so you can dry the different sauces. Add pork sausage (not the Hungarian) if you have kids and the corn on the cob if you’re not into rice.

Budget about P800/head (it was a bit more expensive than I originally thought).


O Square Building, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Facebook: Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps
Telephone: +632 224 6349

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. If you really liked your experience, you can show your appreciation on their board.

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