ArtBGC 2017: Awesome Murals by Champions of Passions! (and Where to Find Them?)


Bonifacio Global City has always been a huge advocate of public art. The beauty of public art is in its accessibility. It’s not confined to a gallery or enclosed in a museum. People from all walks are given the chance to witness and appreciate art as part of their daily lives.

This year, through the help of Pinto Art Museum, BGC worked with individual artists and artist groups such as Solana Perez, BISKEG Art Collective, and John Paul Antido to paint their passion on various locations.

Here’s a quick tour of the new murals around BGC…


The Way Home by Solana L. Perez at One Parkade



The Way Home is a series of 3 murals along the side of One Parkade Building, illustrating the spirit of homesickness and nostalgia of the artist. 



The horses, mountains, and centipede motif are allusions to her life in the Cordilleras. The bright colors convey the dreamlike quality and happiness that Solana associates with Baguio, her hometown.

Instagram: @svaryen



Kapit Kamay by Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective at C3 Annex, Bonifaio High Street Central (30th St. cor. 7th Ave.)


Photo: Arts at BGC

BISKEG is a Pangasinan-based artist group headed by Patrick Fernandez with the goal to promote the art scene of Pangasinan.

Kapit Kamay roughly translates to one person helping another. This is the driving principle behind the collective–older generations of artists lending a hand and bridging the gap for younger, upcoming artists.

Facebook: Biskeg Pangasinan



Dating Tagpuan by John Paul Antido and other Antipolo artists at C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central (30th St. cor. 7th Ave.)



The piece refers to an old place where people used meet to form ideas and connect goals. Before there were buildings, nature thrived in the presence of people–a reference to what used to be.

I love the notion of the corner being a meeting point for two individuals.

The other artists involved in this collaboration are Raymond Vidal, Antonio Areola Jr., Shannah Orencio, Pogs Samson, Gab Baez, Red Salonga, and Fiona Helena.

Facebook: Japs Antido
Instagram: @japsantido



For the People: Gates of Paradise by Palimpsest at BGC Bus Depot


Photo: Arts at BGC

In representation of the development of civilization towards an uncertain future, artists Miles Villanueva, Aids Mariñas, Steven Burce, and Leny Leonor used references from Snowpiercer, Wall-E, and Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. If you look closely, you will also spot another popular Miyazaki character, Totoro.



Tree House by Jerson Samson and Janica Rina at Bonifacio High Street B2 Portal



The steady rise in urbanization and decline in personal space is the inspiration behind this piece. What if we could all just plant our own trees and cultivate them to be able to hold a treehouse? This way, we’re not trapped by the hustle and bustle of the city, and we get to keep our personal space.

While difficult to photograph, I loved the location of this piece the most, subtly hidden among the trees and perfectly blending in with the environment.

Instagram: @janicarina



Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage by Younggyun, Nam, Siyeong, Sunil, Auggie, Bunga, Bows, Haha, Perol, Pesey, Ariff, Cyrus, Zero, Miguel, Nemo, and local and expat volunteers at 26th St. cor. 5th Ave.



The 9th mural is a collaboration of artists from South Korea and ASEAN countries, initiated by the Korean Cultural Center. The shelf is a traditional Korean chaekgado and in each section is a symbol from the different ASEAN countries. 

The finished mural and the efforts taken to accomplish it is parallel to its sum and substance, which is collaboration.



As an artist, I am left in awe and impressed by how massive some of the murals are, and the amount of time and dedication each piece took to make. 

I am grateful that there are continuous efforts like these that provide an avenue for local artists to showcase their skills.


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of BAFI. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. In line with the Champions of Passion: Soulful Feats of Art happening this November 24 to 26, there will be hop-on-hop-off bus and walking tours of some of the murals on November 25, Saturday, at 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and on November 26, Sunday, at 4 p.m.

Pick up a map at the BGC Arts Center and receive a token if you’re one of the first 50 people to complete the Hunt and Snap activity.


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