Why our Sons Love Bonchon?

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Our son Aidan always prefers going to Bonchon whenever he hangs out with his friends because he loves the glaze of their chicken.

I still remember how excited we were when Bonchon first opened in 2010 at the height of the double fried chicken craze in Manila. I’m impressed how they’ve innovated their food offerings over the years, from their double fried chicken to their Korean soup and noodles, and now their Crispy Mandu rice bowl in 2017.

Here’s what our sons love at Bonchon…

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Bonchon Menu: Chicken Rack, Seafood Platter, Team Bonchon, Sides | Boxed Meals, Crispy Mandu, Bibimbowl, Desserts

A P100 budget can go a long way towards satisfying your Bonchon cravings.  

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Crispy Mandu (₱75 – a la carte with rice, ₱155 – meal with plain rice, drink, and bulgogi noodle soup)

You can order these crispy chicken dumplings with soy garlic or spicy glaze served on a bowl of rice. 


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Crispy Mandu Spicy (₱75 – a la carte, ₱100 with Seoul Fried Rice)

Our favorite is the Spicy Crispy Mandu (which was not too spicy for us) on a bed of Korean Fried Rice with a sweet sauce and beef bits!

The chicken dumplings are deep fried and hand glazed with your choice of BonChon sauces.


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The bowl is quite filling and the dumplings are stuffed with bite-sized portions of chicken meat. 



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Bulgogi Noodle Soup (₱65 – Ala Carte, ₱120 – Large) and Jjamppong Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (+₱49)

Aside from Crispy Mandu, BonChon also offers a wide selection of Kstyle meals. We like starting out with hot soup. Good thing Bonchon offers a sweet beef soup option as well as a spicy one.  


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Like me, Aidan loves the spicy Jjamppong soup with egg noodles and crispy fish poppers. The younger ones prefer the sweet one with glass noodles and beef.


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Chapchae (₱89 – regular, ₱245 – large)

The chapchae is a bit sweet but a good appetizer while you wait for your order.  


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Yugi gives his meal a thumbs up. He doesn’t even want to share it with his brothers. 


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Korean Beef Stew (₱165) served with rice & drink.

My wife loves Korean Beef Stew. The beef in this dish was tender and absorbed the sauce well, but the sauce itself was a bit diluted and didn’t really stick with the rice. 


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Seafood Platter (₱399). Calamari, Crispy Fish, Crispy Shrimp.

Did you know you can enjoy the Bonchon glaze even with your favorite seafood? 


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We really loved the Korean tempura version in soy garlic glaze.

The calamari is good as pulutan while the crispy fish is a good option if you’re looking for a relatively healthier option but still want the flavors of the glaze. 


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Chicken Rack (₱495 – 8 pcs.). Available in all chops, all wings, or assorted parts.

We like ordering half soy garlic and half spicy glazed.


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It’s very addicting! The new generations of Filipino kids are growing up enjoying these Korean flavors. 


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Double Garlic Gangnam Snack Bao (₱89)

Go full on with this double chicken chop in black pepper bbq glaze sandwich (Php165 with fries and drink), especially if you’re on the go. It’s one of the best chicken baos in town.



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Yes, they have Bingsu and our kids want to have one serving each. All their Bingsu are topped with their Milky Kreme premium soft serve ice cream. 


Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu (₱89 a la carte) 

The little one enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake and finished one whole serving.


Chocolate Brownie Bingsu and Mango Cheesecake Bingsu (₱89 a la carte) 

The brownie was good but its chocolate flavor can be improved. Our boys love the mango flavor so they always fight over it. 



Matcha Vanilla Bingsu (₱89 a la carte)  

For adults, the Matcha Vanilla is the best. You have to mix it completely with the milk ice, matcha, red bean, and vanilla meringue to appreciate this dessert.


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You’ve got to try the Spicy Crispy Mandu with Seoul Fried Rice, the Jjamppong Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup, and the Bingsu for dessert on your next Bonchon visit.


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Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Bonchon. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.  

P.S.  Notice the newly renovated design of Bonchon? I wish they have more available outlets in the south.

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