BORACAY FOOD: 10 Best Restaurants in Boracay! (2018)

Discover the best Island in the world—beyond its famed powdery white sands, pristine waters, calming luxury resorts, and of course, the welcoming Filipino hospitality—through the taste of it’s local and international fares that makes Boracay an ideal tropical paradise for both beach-lovers and foodies.

We rounded-up the new restaurants you should try to complete your awesome Boracay experience…



Prana is a South East Asian style restaurant that has become well known in Boracay as the “to go to, Health food spot.”   The menu is simple and basic with an emphasis on farm to table. The produce is fresh as possible and always sourced locally.

Visitors to Prana can expect to get a healthy that is as delicious as it is a work of art. Fantastic platting, delicious healthy food, set in a tranquil Bali type setting makes Prana the perfect destination for those who want to relax in a busy place like Boracay.


prana3Executive Chef Peter Montemayor honed his skills for over 15 years — specializing in Western and SE Asian cuisine.  He has operated and ran a number of establishments in Boracay, before heading to Thailand and Bali to hone his culinary skills and explore other SE Asian flavors.

Having lived for six years in Thailand and Bali, Chef Peter learned to appreciate the spices and tastes of the region and he brings that back to the Philippines at Prana.

Chef opted to leave out red meat on his menus and is not shy to label his food vegan-friendly.  The menu at Prana changes regularly depending on the availability of the produce.

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Sitio Mangayad Station 3, Boracay Island
Operating Hours: Open daily from 7 am to 3 pm and from 6 to 9 pm
Telephone: +63 36 288-5858
Mobile: +63 917 634-8430
Facebook: @pranaboracay
Instagram: @pranaboracay
Twitter: @mandala_boracay
Website: Prana Boracay



2. NONIE’S: Eat Good, Feel Good

One of the newest additions to Boracay’s latest wave of trendy restaurants and eateries, NONIE’S aims to bring delicious and healthy food options to a culinary landscape that is seriously lacking.

The items on their menu have been carefully crafted with health and wellness in mind. Their take on Filipino classics incorporates healthy cooking techniques that make their food new and exciting but also familiar.

Vegan and vegetarian items are available and they also specialize in a variety of freshly made smoothies and cold-pressed juices.


HSnonie30Owned and operated by Shria and Patrick Florencio, the newlyweds have invested everything they have into this venture, having walked away from the corporate world to try their hand at their own business.

Their vision is to not only run a great restaurant with quality food, but to also be a socially responsible organization that gives back to the local community.

The restaurant is named after and is a fitting tribute to Patrick’s mother, Cenona Florencio, or Nonie for short.

If you’re in Boracay, give them a try! Vegans, Vegetarians, and Health-conscious Carnivores will all find something to enjoy here.

Go for the Chicken Salad or the Chicken & Pork Adobo. For dessert, try the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Budget about P500/head.

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Nonie’s: Eat Good, Feel Good
Station X, G/F, Hue Hotel, and Resorts, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay
Telephone: +63 912 394-8948
Facebook: Nonie’s
Open Daily: 10 am–10 pm




Street Market (Boracay)

Find a whole lot of awesome food selections like tacos, buttermilk fried chicken, fish & chips, yakitori, nasi goreng, curry crab, Neopolitan pizza, pasta, and bingsu under one roof!

Street Market is the first and only food hall in Boracay catering to seven unique food concepts, where you’re bound to go on a hassle-free gastronomic food trip with your friends.

The Street Market concept was put together by the same people behind the successful Sunny Side Cafe, Coco Mama, Spice Bird, and Super Magic Burgers restaurants in Boracay.


Street Market (Boracay)

Overall, we love Street Market. It promises a variety of quick eats conveniently housed in one place.

Go on a food trip with friends in a hipster communal food park setting. Order the tacos, horchata, porchetta, cha ca “la vong”, mushroom pasta, and curry crab. Budget about P300/head at a minimum.

I can’t wait to try Prisma–the latest cocktail bar concept in Boracay from the guys of ABV–to open in Station X.

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Station X, Hue Hotel, Main Road Corner Boracay Food Street, Station 2, Boracay
Mobile: +63999 884 0624
Facebook: streetmarketboracay







Dos Mestizos is a family run restaurant that opened its doors nearly 13 years ago and was the brain child of Jose Carlos Remedios aka Binggoy. It started out as your typical mom and pop shop and over the years it has evolved into one of Boracay’s best and well-known establishments.  

The secret to Dos Mestizos success is in the simplicity of its menu.  Basic, Rustic, and straight to the point, the culinary heritage of Mestizo cuisine is perfectly preserved in every dish.

From Tapas to Paella, the menu incorporates fresh ingredients that are mostly sourced locally. Locals and foreigners visiting Boracay flock to Dos Mestizos for these very reasons.

(Mestizo is a term in the Philippines used to describe people of Spanish heritage.)   



Dos Mestizos offers up some of the best Tapas in the Philippines.  The simple take on food and the utilization of fresh local produce make all the difference, and if you’re ever in Boracay we recommend stopping at Dos Mestizos.

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Station 2, Calle Remedios, Sitio Manggayad, Boracay Island,
Open Daily – 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Telephone: +63 36 288 5786
Online Reservations
Facebook: Dos Mestizos Boracay




Sunny Side CafeSunny Side Café is located along the white beach of Station 3 Boracay. Famous for their all-day breakfast menu, they specialize in comfort food and contemporary breakfast dishes that are never boring!

We love their concept of twisting classic breakfast favorites such as their Ube & Cereal Milk Pancakes, Bacon and Mango Grilled Cheese, and Sunny Side Café Champorado (made with Malagos Chocolate and topped with caramel ice cream, mango, and candied bacon).

They are the only restaurant on the island serving specialty coffee. The dishes are all made from scratch–from their bacon, chorizo, and soups, to their bread and pastries that are freshly-baked in-house, every day!


Sunny Side Cafe

Overall, we recommend Sunny Side Café for your breakfast fix the next time you find yourself on the island. Their pancakes, shakshuka, and Bacon & Mango grilled cheese were my favorites out of all the dishes we tried.

It still feels like we still missed a lot of great dishes though. So what else would you recommend on the menu?

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Station 3 Beachfront, Boracay Sands Hotel
Mobile: +63 36 2882-874
Facebook:  thesunnysideboracay




Cha Cha's

Cha Cha’s breakfast buffet will get you all excited! With an extensive spread, you’ll find not your everyday breakfast items like their signature ube champurrado, breakfast pizzas, waffles in ube sauce, a batchoy noodle station, and an egg station serving 65-degree soft boiled eggs along with eggs benedict.

They also have healthy breakfast options perfect to keep your body fit and beach ready with fresh fruits, house-made yogurt, hummus, and overnight oats to name a few. Or since it’s a vacation, why not cheat a little and make those breakfast endings sweeter with yummy donuts, cakes, and pies!


Cha Cha's

The best part is that Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree restaurants along with Chef Romy Aumentado and Chef Gilbert Ramos love to evolve and play, around with the menu by changing it six times a week, so there’s always something new to look forward to before starting the day.

CHA CHA’S beach cafe is located inside locally owned Coast Boutique Hotel along station 2 of the vibrant Boracay Island. Besides the awesome beachfront view, the menu and interiors compliment the tropical fun beach vibe.


Cha Cha's

Overall, we love Cha Cha’s beach cafe. The breakfast was very well thought of and creative, it has a little something for everyone that caters to different nationalities.

The price is also affordable for Boracay rate. A regular meal would cost around P475 depending on your food and drink consumption. While the breakfast buffet is P550+ for adults and P300+ for kids.

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Coast Hotel, Station 2 Beach Front, Brgy. Balabag,
Malay, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines
Contact: +63 36 288.2634
Facebook: RaintreeChaChas




Two Awesome Day at The Lind Boracay -107.jpg

LANTERNA is the bed & breakfast and private restaurant of Italian Chef Luigi and his wife Gladis Barbolla on the island of Boracay. Chef Luigi was actually one of the first Italians to settle in Boracay in the early 80’s and is regarded to this day as one of the island’s best chefs in his native cuisine. The private home dining restaurant serves Italian home cooking with everything made from scratch using sustainable ingredients.

It is considered as a best kept secret among locals and their guests because of its simple yet authentic Boracay Island experience, from the ambiance to the food and island hospitality.

If you’re not staying in Laterna, you can still organize a private home dining for a group of 8-10 people.


Two Awesome Day at The Lind Boracay -111.jpg

We love Laterna‘s homey Boracay island ambiance, the warm hospitality, and the Italian food made from scratch and using local ingredients. While the carpaccio and pasta are good, I was left longing for pizza or even meat sharing options. Hopefully they could add this to their menu in the future.

I also prefer having different flavors of pasta shared family style instead of just getting one plate of pasta each. I felt that being charged for a 3-course set meal instead of on an a la carte family sharing basis was quite restrictive. Budget about P850/head for adults and P500/head for kids.

Locals consider this a hidden gem and I can see how they want to keep it that way.

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LANTERNA by Chef Luigi Barbolla
Bulabog Beach, Boracay
Facebook: Lanterna Hotel and Villa
Mobile: +63 998 575-2540




Discovery Shores Boracay

Situated at Station One, the white sand beach setting makes it a perfect place for a nice private and intimate dining experience in Boracay. The restaurant boasts an impressive international menu with a focus on coastal dishes.

We tried the popular boodle fight set for family – consisting of local seafood favorites. The boodles fight includes a selection of  fresh crabs, steamed shrimps, fried snapper, grilled squid, grilled pork belly, kamatis na itlog, ensaladang manga, atchara, fruits and garlic Rice.

The Shores Boodle Fight is priced at P695 per person for a minimum of 6 persons per Boodle Fight. Kindly allow 24 hours notice for its preparation.

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Discovery Shores Boracay, Station 1 Boracay Hwy Central, Malay, Aklan
Operating Hours: Lunch 12pm–4pm, Dinner 6pm–10pm, daily
+63 2 720 8888
Mobile: +63 917 625 8507
Facebook: Discovery Shores Boracay
Instagram: @discoveryshoresboracay
Twitter: @DiscoveryShores
Website: Indigo Restaurant





SUBO is a Filipino restaurant serving reconstructed Filipino food by Chef-Owner Jian Sacdalan, located along Calle Remedios in Station 3, Boracay. Former chef Sunny de Ocampo may have moved on to other projects, but the Subo concept lives on in the island.

The design and interiors are unlike any of the restaurants I’ve seen in Boracay. It’s not your typical kanin sa kaldero-sabaw sa palayok kind of Filipino restaurant. Subo takes inspiration from well-known Filipino dishes and serves them in not-so-familiar ways.



We loved the whole vibe of Subo. Their attention to detail is commendable–from the interiors down to the cutlery–everything is well-thought of. This is the best place to bring your friends from overseas if you would like them to have a completely different Filipino food experience.

Don’t miss out on their Laing Fish Balls, Buko Puso Salad, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Coconut Sorbet. Budget about ₱ 1,000/head.

The only down side here for some locals is that what they serve is not really representative of Filipino food since it’s deconstructed to a point of confusion. Ultimately, it’s up to you to try, taste, and weigh in on the debate.

Read More: SUBO BORACAY: Have you tried Reconstructed Filipino Food by Chef Jian Sacdalan?!


Calle Remedios, Station 3 Boracay Island
Phone: +36 36 288 2849/+63 917 883 0966
Facebook: Subo Boracay
Instagram: @suboboracay





Masala Moes is an authentic Indian Restuarant that specializes in Indian heritage foods and Mediterranean cuisines.

Having recently opened its doors at City Mall Annex in Boracay, the humble establishment has been making waves on the island for good food and great service.

Owner Moe Chulani brings his love and passion for the food he grew up eating.

Moe’s uses the recipes handed down through his family for generations. And by importing spices from India, and sourcing produce locally, the food at Masala Moe’s is fresh and authentic.



Each dish is bold in spice and flavors, and anyone who has a love for Indian Cuisine will feel right at home here.

A full meal will run you about P500 per head.  Order the Lamb Masala with Naan bread and Biryani Rice, Gulab Jamun for dessert.

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Masala Moe’s Indian & Mediterranean Heritage Restaurant
GF Annex, City Mall Boracay, Diniwid Crossing
Boracay Philippines
Open Daily 11am – 10pm
Telephone:+63 995 946 0031 / +63 921 7531963
Facebook: @masalamoesboracay
Instagram: @masalamoes
Masala Moe’s Menu


Live an Awesome Life,


Anton and Team Our Awesome Planet (Abi, Boom, Sean, Juanico and Mo)

Disclosure: We tried a lot of new and old restaurants in Boracay and these are the best! We were media guests of the restaurants. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. We also loved Coco Mama for dessert, Hobbit Tavern and Spiderhouse for our favorite sundown hang-out place in Boracay.

Coco Mama Boracay

Coco Mama is the perfect guiltless treat after spending a day in the scorching heat on the white sands of Boracay!

They only have one product, and that’s their vegan, dairy-free coconut ice cream with coconut strips, mango cubes, pinipig, and sticky rice, served in their signature coconut shell.

The ice cream is truly creamy, easy to scoop, and not overly rich. I love it on its own, but the coconut flavor is a great base for just about anything, especially sweet mangoes from the Visayas region.

 I love Coco Mama! It’s a dessert that’s delicious and very healthy at the same time. It’s also 100% local!

It’s within the proximity of a lot of D’Mall restaurants, which makes it an ideal place for dessert after your meal. And with the way they serve their dessert, you can easily bring it with you anywhere on the island.

Read More: COCO MAMA: The Best Uniquely Boracay Dessert?!

D’Mall Palengke (at the back), Boracay
Facebook: cocomamaboracay
Contact: +63 (36) 288 1301
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 9:30pm




Hobbit Tavern is a specialty restaurant serving a wide array of international dishes at D’Mall in Boracay. Formerly known as The Hobbit House, Hobbit Tavern is now under the management of Freddie and Karen Elizalde, and Virgilio and Jeanette Sacdalan of Boracay Kelana Food Corp.

The Hobbit Tavern is most popular for their Hobbit waiters, in reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” Most of these hobbits have been working at Hobbit Tavern for years already and have a good grasp of attending to customers’ requests and are always ready to pose for a picture with the guests.

Read more: HOBBIT TAVERN: Dining with the Happiest Hobbits in Boracay!


D’Mall Boracay
Facebook: Hobbit Tavern Boracay
Mobile: +63 917 714-6863


Bora 2

Spider House Boracay used to be one of the island’s best-kept secrets, but through word-of-mouth, the place has become very popular. It used to be just a family residence, but tourists kept stumbling upon the place, so the owners decided to open it to the public.

The resort is located at Diniwid Beach, a 30-minute walk from White Beach. It is a far cry from the busy Station 1 of Boracay; this place is meant for relaxation. Most vacationers come here to enjoy a different view of the Boracay sunset.

Read More: The SPIDER HOUSE Boracay Sunset Session!


Sitio Diniwid, Boracay
Operating Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Telephone: +63 (36) 288 2350
Facebook: Spider House

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