MANILA LIFE: Co-working Cafe before your NAIA3 Flight! @ManilaMarriott


Flying via NAIA3 just got better with the opening of Manila Life by Marriott Hotels, and the Runway Manila overpass from Resorts World. 

Given the crazy traffic in Manila going to the airport, we usually head there 5 hours before our flight. Obviously, the long wait can get boring. But thanks to the lounge-like cafe of Manila Life, we now have a good place to hang out to work and eat while we wait to board. 

Here’s how to have a pleasant departure experience on your next flight from NAIA Terminal 3…


MANILA LIFE by Marriot Hotel Manila
4th Floor, Food Hall, NAIA Terminal 3 (near Runway Manila)
Telephone: +63 2 988 9999


After exiting the NAIAX skyway going to Terminal 3, you’ll see the Runway Manila sign on your left after the McDo signage. 




The entrance to Runway Manila is across Belmont Hotel (not Resorts World). You’ll have to go through a baggage screening process.



The overpass is air-conditioned with lovely views of NAIAX Skyway, NAIA Terminal 3, and St. Therese Church.



The Runway Manila pass connects to the 4th floor Food Hall of NAIA 3. You’ll have to go through a second baggage screening process before entering.



You’ll immediately see Manila Life upon entering NAIA 3. Here, you can eat and connect to faster wifi before your departure.




The 94-seater resto has a big communal space in the middle to mingle with other travelers before your flight, with an instagrammable backdrop of one of Manila’s street scenes.



You can dine outside the main dining area if you want an overlooking view of the NAIA Terminal 3 departure area. 



The casual dining menu is Filipino comfort food as interpreted by a 5-star Hotel. Check out the Manila Life Menu.



Our favorite are is by the sofa chairs with a spacious table and convenient access to power outlets.



The internet is fast and stable to help you catch up on work, or for those times you need to send something important before you fly.



There’s also a bar where you can drink your favorite beer and enjoy watching the NBA games departure.


Canyon Road Chardonnay (₱275)

You’ll love their house white and red wine from Canyon Road. These are better than the wine options in the lounge areas.



Manila Life-2.jpg
Manila Life Bacon & Mushroom Burger (₱390). Homemade Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, House Fries.

They created a magic sauce from the mushroom with bits of bacon and melting cheese in a pandesal-inspired burger bun.



Best to eat it with your hands, take one big bite, and taste the medley of flavors. It’s quite filling and great to share with your special someone.


Manila Life-1.jpg
Manila Sunrise Plate (₱290). Pork Longganisa, Tocino, Sunny Side Up Eggs, Garlic Rice, Tomato-Salted Egg Relish.

Served in a classic silog form topped with an egg with garlic rice and atchara. The tocino was better than the longganisa.

I like the presentation tray with sauces on the side, but it was awkward eating this in a deep stainless steel bowl.



Beef Mami (₱250)

They have a soup secret menu, so don’t forget to order their beef mami. The broth was good, but I hope they could change the pancit canton noodles they used.


Manila Life Ale (₱300). Manila Life’s Craft Signature Beer; Light & Fruity.

Check out their own light and fruity craft ale, brewed exclusively for Manila Life by the Crazy Carabao Brewing company.



Mango Sago (₱180). Guimaras Mango Cubes with Milky Mango Puree, Tapioca Pearls, and Pomelo Bits.

The desserts are chilled and served in a glass jar.

I like my Mango Sago to taste more like Mango than milky cream. I also wish they had put more bits of tapioca and pomelo for the price I paid.


Purple Yam Roll (₱205). Good Shepherd Ube, Purple Yam Joconde, Cream Cheese Filling, Macapuno String.

For ube lovers, you’ll enjoy this ube cake with cream cheese, macapuno, and ube made by the Good Sheperd people.



Overall, Manila Life is a unique place to hang out before your flight for good Filipino comfort food, a fast internet connection, an ambiance conducive for working/meeting, and worry-free access via the Runway Manila overpass. Budget about ₱700/head.


MANILA LIFE by Marriot Hotel Manila
4th Floor, Food Hall, NAIA Terminal 3 (near Runway Manila)
Telephone: +63 2 988 9999

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friends from Marriott Hotel Manila. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Check out the Chocolate Mangoes, freshly baked bread and cookies, and Filipino designer Jeffrey Rogador’s sunglasses and stylish bags for pasalubong.




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