RGIES DELICACIES: Arguably Iloilo’s Favorite Butterscotch Pasalubong!?

Argies Iloilo RGies butterscotch- why this soft moist and chewy treat  a favorite pasalubong item from Iloilo? Growing up in Bacolod, I’m very fond of eating butterscotch from the neighboring city Iloilo. There are two brands I swear by, and that’s Biscocho Haus and RGie’s. Usually, you’d only get cashew’s in your butterscotch, but RGies was the first to introduce different variants from classic favorites cashew to mango, dates, choco oats, coffee, almonds, durian, lemon, banana and coffee flavor. Argies Iloilo R and G stand for Ramon and Grace Javelosa the owner couple of RGies. It was initially RG’s, but they decided to “spell it out” when they officially had the business registered. RGies started in a small home kitchen back in 1986, where the dad would make homemade butterscotch and give it to his co-workers in Roxas city as “pasalubong” items from Iloilo. The co-workers loved it so much that they eventually, persuaded the couple to start selling their products because they were too embarrassed to ask for more of their homemade sweets. RGIES DELICACIES Gran Plains Subdivision Iloilo City, Philippines Landline: (033) 3295606; (033) 5082779 Facebook: RgiesDelicacies https://flic.kr/p/24Enp3M Their main office is located in their home at Gran Plains Subdivision loilo City, Philippines. It has a small signage, and we were able to find the place by asking the guards of the subdivision.   https://flic.kr/p/24vm7VU The recipe came from a close family friend of the grandmother, where the couple tweaked it according to their taste and other people’s comments and feedback. Aside from being known for the more moist and chewy butterscotch in Iloilo. RGie’s also prides itself on its consistency and quality.   https://flic.kr/p/23utYid

Assorted Butterscotch Squares (P68/10pcs) (P196/30 pcs)

For newbies, I suggest you order the assorted variant since most people want to try all the flavors.   https://flic.kr/p/24zhg3t Butterscotch Squares with Cashew (P62/10pcs) (P153/ 25pcs) Butterscotch Squares with Mango Bits (P65/10pcs) (P160/ 25pcs) But the best sellers are still the Original (Cashew) and the Mango Bits.   https://flic.kr/p/24zhei6 Did you know Iloilo’s neighboring island Guimaras is known for its sweet mangoes? The mango bits are awesome; you can actually see and taste the mango chunks.   Argies Iloilo

Coffee Squares with Almonds (P65/10pcs)

For coffee lovers, you’ll love the flavorful kick of the coffee and almond mix.   https://flic.kr/p/21Pf8Jy Butterscotch Squares with Choco Oats (P65/10pcs) The addicting, chewy-soft chocolatey oatmeal butterscotch packed with more than enough chocolate bits to satisfy anyone’s cravings! Besides butterscotch, the also sell yema, butterscotti, and cookies.   https://flic.kr/p/23zAn6A Overall, I love RGies! If you plan on buying pasalubong in Iloilo, I recommend RGie’s for its unique flavors and long shelf life. You can conveniently find RGies butterscotch in pasalubong centers, all SM Department Stores (Snacks Exchange Section) in Luzon and Cebu, Metro Gaisano Supermarkets in both Manila and Cebu, Shopwise and Rustan’s outlets in Manila. RGIES DELICACIES Gran Plains Subdivision Iloilo City, Philippines Landline: (033) 3295606; (033) 5082779 Facebook: RgiesDelicacies   Live an Awesome Life, ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure:  We were media guest of RGies. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

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