Desgo 大帅锅火锅: 24H Chinese Hot Pot in Makati–Tara Let’s Go? (Review)

Have you ever noticed the different restaurants in the metro catering to Mainland Chinese? One such resto is Desgo Hot Pot in Makati. We were craving for some authentic Chinese hot pot but didn’t know which place to go to. Thankfully, we got a tip from our Chinese friend from Jaycees about the 24H Hotpot restaurant along Washington St. We were excited to try Desgo Hot Pot with the boys. Here’s what we think about it…   Desgo Hot Pot 大帅锅火锅 Ground Floor, Victoria de Makati, Washington corner, Dela Rosa Street, Makati Facebook: @desgohotpot Telephone: +632 824 5798 Email: AMBIANCE Desgo is clean with a themed ambiance that’s great for some late night hot pot with your special someone. You can sit in one of the caged tables or go to a corner round table with your family and friends. It’s a bit noisy with all the chatter, but it does feel authentic with plenty of Chinese patronizing the place. The soup base is free but they have a fixed charged for the sauce. You order your hot pot items separately. You encircle what you want on the menu to order. Check out the Desgo Hot Pot Menu (English).   WHAT TO ORDER Hot and Spicy Style Clear Original Broth You can order half and half. You can also choose from seafood style, tomato style, curry style, or pickle style. Angus Beef (480) They have Japanese wagyu, Australian lamb, and Denmark ox tongue for their meat options. We decided to just stick with the regular Angus beef. Fish Ball with Fillings (250) • Chicken Feet (290) The fish and beef balls were a hit with the boys while Rache loved the chicken feet! They have offals, pig brains, and bullfrog as well for those looking for more adventurous options. Spinach (₱240) Trolley Noodles (₱120) • Fried Tofu Sheet (₱180) • Enoki Mushroom (₱170) We like mixing in some noodles, vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu sheets into our hot pot. Beef Ball with fillings (₱250• Sausage (295) The only thing we didn’t like was the Chinese sausage, which was a bit fatty and tasted processed.   SAUCE BAR They have a self-service sauce bar where you can mix your own sauce to your liking. For ours, we put lots of barbecue sauce and garlic, a bit of sugar, sesame, a dash of spring onions, and the special soy sauce. Sauce (₱68) Since they charge per bowl, Rache and I got one to share, with chilies on top so that we could separate them easily. We love the original milky broth more than the Szechuan-style because you really can’t enjoy the spiciness of the latter.   FINAL THOUGHTS Our boys loved it, especially now that they’re being exposed more to mainland Chinese culture. In the end, it was all wiped out, even the soup. We like the hot pot options with different kinds of soup bases, interesting meats, vegetables, mushrooms, and other ingredients. It’s a comforting place but nothing to rave about. The ambiance is clean and themed. You can come as you are any time you’re craving for Chinese Hot Pot. Budget about 50o/head. Don’t be intimidated by the Chinese crowd. Just note that they sometimes smoke inside the restaurant. Ventilation is good but you can’t help it but smell like hot pot afterwards (not to mention having garlic breath).   Desgo Hot Pot 大帅锅火锅 Ground Floor, Victoria de Makati, Washington corner, Dela Rosa Street, Makati Facebook: @desgohotpot Telephone: +632 824 5798 Email:   Live an Awesome Life,AntonFounder,  Disclosure: We paid for our mealI wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.  P.S. There’s ₱50 open parking option beside the Victoria de Makati building.

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