LUB D Family Hostelcation (and How to Plan your Own) @Lub_d

Lub d, which means “sleep well” in Thai, is Southeast Asia’s leading Hotel & Hostel brand based in Bangkok. The new Brgy. Poblacion, Makati branch is their first expansion in Manila.

Though the design and pricing is that of a hostel, having more Private Rooms (119) vs. Duplex Rooms (34) and Mixed Dorm rooms (10) makes Lub d Makati more like a budget hotel. It’s the largest one in the Philippines targeting millennial travelers who want to see the world. It’s also great for families and training your little travelers to get used to the hostel vibe.

Our family stayed for a short “hostelcation” over the weekend. Here’s why we think it’s the best place for one in Makati…

Lub d Hostel
7833 Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City 1210
Telephone: +63 2 541 6358
Instagram: @LubdHostel

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Lub d Welcome

The main attraction is the 2nd floor lobby zone–an open mixed-use space…

Lub.d Staycation-56.jpg

…with a floor to ceiling view of the hustle and bustle of Makati Avenue.

Lub.d Staycation-35.jpg

There’s a signature photo wall featuring the best things to do in Metro Manila.

Lub.d Staycation-5.jpg

They have regular events at 2pm, 4pm, and 8pm to foster interaction between travelers and Lub d guests.

(Note: During our stay, the boys were excited about the Foosball Competition and Fire Eating Noodle Contest. Sadly, it didn’t push through. I guess the staff wasn’t excited about playing with kids and teens.)

Lub.d Staycation-3.jpg

The staff was happy to play with the millennials and travelers in the Beer Pong competition.

Lub.d Staycation-57.jpg

We had our own little competition of Parents vs. Boys at the Foosball table (Aidan always won).

(Tip: The arcade machines cost ₱5 per game, which isn’t really worth the kids wasting money on. Besides, we usually bring our own Playstation console with us to our room.)

Lub.d Staycation-55.jpg

They have board games that mostly cater to millennials. Here’s hoping they add more stimulating games for kids.

Lub.d Staycation-12.jpg

Yes, they do have a co-working space in the lobby zone for those looking to work and play in Makati.

Lub.d Staycation-8.jpg

Our favorite room is the Cooldown Area, which is like a shared Netflix lounge/mini-theater living room.

(Note: It’s open from 6.00am to 12 mn and you can use the shower facilities and lounge area pre-check-in or post-check-out.)

Lub.d Staycation-32.jpg

All the elevator doors have inspiring quotes. This is our favorite!

Lub.d Staycation-38.jpg

Soon, they will have a roof deck floor with a rooftop bar & restaurant.


Hotel Hostel Room

Lub.d Staycation-16.jpg

Barkada Room. Our kids stayed in the 16 sqm high ceiling duplex with a private bathroom.

Lub.d Staycation-13.jpg

There’s a queen bed below and two comfortable single beds on the upper deck.

Lub.d Staycation-18.jpg

They provide duvets, sheets, and towels with a separate wash basin.

Lub.d Staycation-19.jpg

Each room comes with a simple coffee/tea maker and bottled water.

Lub.d Staycation-28.jpg

There’s a mini-refrigerator in the room, a small safe box (that cannot fit a laptop), and a hairdryer.

(Note: We had a hard time operating the safety deposit box)

Lub.d Staycation-30.jpg

Our kids have loved double-deck beds ever since we stayed at Planetyze Hostel in Tokyo.

Lub.d Staycation-17.jpg

The bathrooms are clean, functional, and well-designed (with no bathtub options, of course).

Lub.d Staycation-20.jpg

They provide basic toiletries–sanitary bag, shower cap, and cotton buds.

Lub.d Staycation-26.jpg

Junior Room. The parents, on the other hand, stayed in the private room with a king-size bed and a view of Makati.

Lub.d Staycation-27.jpg

Loved the Lub d welcome gifts and greetings in their blue and white colors!


Breakfast & Merienda

Lub.d Staycation-10.jpg

Grab & Go Menu: All Day Breakfast, Pasta, Sandwiches | Mocktails, Sweets, Pastry, Coffee

They have a decent selection of all-day breakfast, merienda, and drinks.

Lub.d Staycation-46.jpg

Fried Milkfish (310). Fried marinated milkfish, salted egg salad, garlic rice.

A classic bangsilog. We liked mixing in the salted egg with the rice and eating the atchara in between bites.

Lub.d Staycation-47.jpg

Smoked Longganisa (205). Local smoked sausage, garlic rice, fried egg.

Longganisa that was thinly sliced to make it look like it was a lot.

Lub.d Staycation-50.jpg

Bacon and Eggs (245). Bacon, choice of two eggs, beans, and toast.

The bacon was nicely thin and crisp, but I don’t think Filipinos are used to beans and toast for breakfast.

Lub.d Staycation-53.jpg

Sausage and Eggs (₱350). Sausages, choice of two eggs, beans, and toast.

Can we have this with rice please? Also a bit expensive.

Lub.d Staycation-59.jpg

Tinapa & Pesto (₱350). Local smoked fish, basil pesto, grated parmesan, spaghetti.

The pastas are good for a quick bite or merienda.

Lub.d Staycation-62.jpg

Malay Chicken Curry (₱295). Braised chicken curry, seasoned vegetables, steamed rice.

The best of what we had and our favorite was the Malay Chicken Curry with its delicious sauce over rice. Yum!

Lub.d Staycation-106.jpg

Honey Grilled Cheese (₱155). Melted cheddar cheese, local honey, brioche.

Hot melted cheese on a brioche soaked with honey!

Lub.d Staycation-70.jpg

We sliced it for sharing and ended up ordering for more.

Lub.d Staycation-72.jpg

Free Popcorn

There’s free popcorn at 4pm for all those hanging out at the lobby zone.


Final Thoughts

Lub.d Staycation-66.jpg

Overall, we had an awesome time at Lub d with our boys despite not having a bath tub and swimming pool.

The morning staff was really cool and knew how to engage with our kids. The evening staff, however, was slow and seemed to only cater to the millennial travelers.

We love the Malay Chicken Curry, Honey Grilled Cheese, and FREE Popcorn.

Lub.d Staycation-1.jpg

The rooms are also quite nice for their price and even better than some of the other hotels and inns in Makati.

No wonder it’s highly rated in both and Not bad for a 1-month old establishment!

Lub d Hostel
7833 Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City 1210
Telephone: +63 2 541 6358
Instagram: @LubdHostel

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Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of our friends from Lub d Makati. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. There is a 24-hour All-day Pinoy Breakfast place just at the corner of P. Burgos St.

Lub.d Staycation-109.jpg

Kanto Freestyle is where you go for Pinoy comfort food breakfast with a convenient location.

P. Burgos, Makati City
Facebook: @KantoFreestyleBreakfast
Instagram: @kantobfast

Lub.d Staycation-111.jpg

You can have this anytime of the day: Kanto Freestyle All Day Breakfast Menu

Lub.d Staycation-115.jpg

Honey Garlic Chicken (138)

Our favorite–sweet and garlicky.

Lub.d Staycation-116.jpg

Pampanga Tocino (P88)

The boys would get an ala carte order of this sweet tocino on the side.

Lub.d Staycation-118.jpg

New Zealand Beef Tapa (150)

Soft and tastier than your usual tapsilog.

Lub.d Staycation-119.jpg

Bacon and Eggs (132)

The bacon here is also yummier.

Lub.d Staycation-128.jpg

Chicken Longanisa (132)

A healthier longganisa version.

Lub.d Staycation-131.jpg

Waffles topped with Goya Ganache (132)

The best! Waffle topped with local Goya ganache.

Lub.d Staycation-124.jpg

Churros with Hot Tsokolate Eh (110)

Churros with hot chocolate and choc nut crumble. Yum!

Lub.d Staycation-110.jpg

We love the ambiance here and their better Pinoy breakfast selections available anytime of the day!

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