Bean and Yolk: How do you like your eggs?

Bean and Yolk, a play on the term Coffee and Eggs is a brunch spot by Papo Jorolan that has found its way to Alabang. With roots in Poblacion, they are best known for their sandwiches and coffee.

The new Alabang branch features a much larger space and an expanded menu. The new menu includes salads, waffles, and desserts.

Here’s what we liked at Bean and Yolk:

Bean and Yolk
Westgate Hub, Westgate, Alabang
Operating Hours: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Telephone: +63 916 570 4878
Facebook: Bean and Yolk PH
Instagram: @beanandyolkph

Located at Westgate Hub, the location is definitely much more quiet compared to Poblacion.

The interiors feature herringbone tiling, pastel blue walls, and warm lighting. There is a long table with multiple outlets scattered underneath which makes for a great co-working table.

There are also plush seats at one edge of the room for those who prefer a much more comfortable seating arrangement.

The concept came from Papo’s experience as a flight attendant and her search for a good brunch place in the metro. Eggs seemed like the best core ingredient to start with, and so, Bean and Yolk was born.

At Bean and Yolk, eggs are the star of the menu. Every dish features an egg cooked in a variety of manners.



Eggs Ben (₱ 325)

The classic Eggs Benedict with poached eggs, ham, bacon, arugula, and hollandaise. The addition of the arugula provided a slightly herbaceous and peppery flavor that worked really well. The eggs were perfectly poached as well.

The Molly (₱ 150)

Burnt crostini served with a side of mashed potato topped with poached egg, chives, Himalayan salt and truffle oil. The scent and taste of the truffle oil was not too subtle nor was it too overpowering, it was just right.

I wish it came with more bread though.

Cara’s Fave (₱ 195)

Their take on a grilled cheese with the addition of a fried egg and hot honey. While the grilled cheese concept is good, we found the honey to be a bit lacking in presence.


Carbonara with Cured Egg (₱ 255)

Linguine pasta with bacon, carbonara sauce, parmesan and topped off with a cured egg. To get the full experience, try to get a bit of everything in one bite, especially the cured egg. The cured egg is not as salty as you’d expect. Maybe it would be better to grate the cured egg on top to better incorporate the flavors in every bite.

Hummus Shakshouka (₱ 325)

Although a bit on the watery side, the Hummus Shakshouka provided a welcome break from all the previous rich dishes. The tomatoes were tart and bright, coupled with the subtlety of the hummus.


Straits Chai (₱ 120)

I find chai to be a great tea choice for breakfast, next to English Tea. The notes of anise and cinnamon are fragrant and a great way to awaken the senses in the morning.

Almond Turmeric Latte (₱ 165)

Must try! It has an interesting mix of flavors that you don’t easily find in other cafés. Don’t get carried away taking pictures of it as it tastes better while it’s hot.

Gianduja Milkshake (₱ 200)

If you prefer sweet drinks, we highly recommend the Gianduja Milkshake. A personal favorite of Papo, the drink is simply a hazelnut milkshake. We liked this better than the Chocolate Milkshake.

B&Y Mocha (₱ 175) and Chocolate Tablea Cake (₱ 175)

For coffee drinkers, Bean and Yolk serves a great cup of mocha. With coffee consultant Jonathan Choi of Magnum Opus on board, it’s safe to say that they take their coffee seriously.

The cake is fudgy and moist, but not crumbling. The combination of the mocha custard in the middle and the tablea fudge frosting was surprisingly not sweet. It had the right consistency and amount of sweetness that will make you go for seconds.

We also tried their Chicken Curry Salad and Breakfast Ramen, but it was a big miss. The curry was too overpowering and off-putting, and the ramen just didn’t live up to our expectations.

My advice is to skip the experimental items and stick to the classics like the Eggs Benedict and Carbonara. Also, order your choice of coffee. I hope they expand their sandwich options to include sourdough bread.

Overall, I think the Bean and Yolk is a welcome addition to Alabang. Its location is far from the business center of Madrigal, but just close enough to the Filiinvest Area to still be considered accessible. The quiet neighborhood is great and ideal for those who like to work in silence or have intimate brunch with friends. Budget at 500 per head.


Live an Awesome Life,

Monique of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Bean and Yolk Alabang is also open for functions like baby showers and birthdays.

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