HOMARE: The Best Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant in Alabang @BellevueManila

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BREAKOUT PH: The Biggest Breakout Room opens in Alabang!

BREAKOUT PH Alabang has just opened and it’s the biggest branch yet! Located on the 2nd floor Commerce Mall of Alabang Town Center, it has five rooms that are different from the other breakout branches. These are the Reunion, Fairy’s tale, Super Soldier, the Town, and BFF, which is said to be the hardest one … Continue reading BREAKOUT PH: The Biggest Breakout Room opens in Alabang!

Bean and Yolk: How do you like your eggs?

Bean and Yolk, a play on the term Coffee and Eggs is a brunch spot by Papo Jorolan that has found its way to Alabang. With roots in Poblacion, they are best known for their sandwiches and coffee. The new Alabang branch features a much larger space and an expanded menu. The new menu includes … Continue reading Bean and Yolk: How do you like your eggs?

Larcy♥s Cupcakery Cafe in BF!

As we were driving along Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Paranaque City, we couldn’t help but notice the Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe that opened  this holiday season. Ever since Sonja’s Cupcakes opened in Sept. 2006, most of the bakers that specialized on cupcakes are either home-based or bazaristas, and no one has a full-blown bakery, and … Continue reading Larcy♥s Cupcakery Cafe in BF!

SENSEI SUSHI by Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts

I met Chef Bruce Ricketts, nicknamed “Broosy”,  when he was doing his specials for the night in the @ChefBroosy Food Truck at Cucina Andare. He had worked for various famous restaurants in California, and has finally decided to go home to join the vibrant dining scene here as one of the youngest chefs in Manila.  For … Continue reading SENSEI SUSHI by Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts

Vivere Suites’ Skyline

“Vivere Suites nestled in the heart of Southern Manila’s premiere business centers, Vivere at the Richville Regency Suites is the first 5-star 30-storey high full service residence — hotel equipped with amenities for the discerning businessmen.”…  The infinity pool and the banahaw touches give a boracay feel to the entire 31st rooftop bar and restaurant.

The Need for Speed in City Kart

Last September, I already treated my team to a City Kart racing session and that is why we know that it would be a memorable event. … Their lap times will be the basis for creating the group and we want to make sure that each group has a mix of fast and slow racers.
…The good thing about this endurance race was that you can actually feel like a F1 racer because of the complete costumes, the fast + safe racing karts, and even pole positioning to start the race.

Hula Hula @ Westgate

Since it is only me and my wife, we decided to try the best sellers of the house which includes the Mess of Steaks and the Paella in Bamboo Sticks (this turned out to be more expensive though). … I usually have a rule that once I’ve eaten in a resto, it is seldom that I go back since I would like to save our resto money for other new places out there. But for Hula Hula, we’ll make an exception since by the looks of the Luau feast, not only is it a good photo opportunity but you can also see the happy faces of the people eating it 🙂 Lastly (huling hirit na), this is a good place to treat your friends or family on your birthday or celebrating milestones like graduation.

TheFrench Corner

(January 17, 2006) Formerly C’est si Bon (which was registered already to a pastry store) , Voulez Vous offers Mediterranean cuisine — I crave for this type of food 🙂 This is manned by Billy King’s proteges Larry Cruz and Chef Mauro Arjona.
…I had to take this picture because I want to let my readers know that If you are planning to reserve in this place, reserve this side of the restaurant (beside the road entering westgate) which have a nice window living room setting. … There is a corner dining area (top left most side of the photo), with the arc entrance which should be perfect for dining with a small group and get the privacy that you need.