GOTO MONSTER: Answer to Your Late Night Goto Cravings!

Your favorite late night Goto joint is now in Malate!

Goto Monster, famed for it’s 45-minute Goto Challenge serves a monstrous size goto topped with tapa flakes, tokwa, beef tripe, bagnet, shiitake mushrooms, lumpiang shanghai, toasted garlic, spring onions and salted egg that can feed up to 10 people!

Although goto is their go-to dish, they also serve tempting tokwa’t bagnet, chickadobosilog, pineapple mint slush, and mouthwatering Pinoy desserts from leche flan ice cream to bibingka waffles.

Goto Monster

Despite not being 24/7 like their branch in Makati, it’s still a good fix for the late night hungover craving. They recently opened a branch in Salo Park, Malate that opens from 5 pm to 5 am.

Salo Park, 562 J. Nakpil Street Manila, Philippines
Mobile: +63916 300 2600
Facebook: gotomonsterph

Goto Monster

Reviving the old malate days, this hip food park in Nakpil Street, Malate is the newest addition to the food, music and art scene.


Goto Monster

There’s something so irresistible and Instagrammable about a colorful eye-catching wall.


Goto Monster

The three-story building is also home to the restos: Otora, Ersao, Amigos, Churro Bing, Sugba, Above Sea Level, Hyun’s Table, Takoichi, and Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Chips.

MENU: Goto & Others | Drinks & Desserts


Goto Monster

Goto Special (PHP 95)

There’s nothing like a hot goto on a rainy day.

You may resemble goto to the Cantonese congee, but this Pinoy version of my favorite comfort food is more savory in flavor as it consists of glutinous rice simmered in ginger-based broth and beef tripe, then topped with green onions, fried garlic, tapa flakes and salted egg.

What’s the difference of their goto? Owner, Jean Hill says “what makes our lugaw special is because we serve it hot and fresh from the pot. Each bowl is prepared and cooked with love. We also put fresh turmeric ginger, tinapa flakes & salted egg for that extra umami flavor.”

I love the flavor of the broth and the generous amount of toppings, that you don’t usually get at other goto joints. One bowl of this hearty dish is a complete meal itself!

Goto Monster

How to Eat Goto:

First, get the calamansi (Filipino Lime) and squeeze it out.
 Make sure to remove the seeds.
Second, mix it well. 
Lastly, enjoy your delicious bowl of goodness!

The Goto Challenge:
If you’re up to the Goto Challenge, make sure to call a day in advance. Finish the bowl within 45 minutes, to win a free meal, a souvenir T-shirt, and video documentation. If not, you’ll have to pay PHP 750.

Tip: They also have the vegan version using shiitake mushrooms.



Goto Monster

Tokwa’t Bagnet (PHP 95)

Another must order is the Tokwa’t Bagnet.

I love their tokwa (Tofu) and bagnet (Pork Belly), especially when you dip it in their homemade vinegar and chili sauce. A must order!

Goto Monster

Tip: If you’re vegan, you can order Tokwa’t Talong chips or Tokwa’t Mushrooms.



Goto Monster

Fresh Bagnet Spring Roll (PHP 150)

Their own twist of the popular Vietnamese spring roll, using mustard leaves, cucumber, and bagnet.

It’s a delightful appetizer for those who love to eat and feel healthy.

Goto Monster

Make sure to combine the three sauces together before eating. The three sauces are peanut sauce, coriander pesto, and chili sauce. It is a great mix of flavors in your mouth.

Tip: They also have the vegan version using shiitake mushroom or eggplant.



Goto Monster

Chickadobosilog (PHP 140)

For the rice meals order their Chickadobosilog. Their chicken adobo is really juicy and flavorful.


Goto Monster

Champorado Waffles ala mode (PHP 200)

The marriage of the salty-sweet champorado and dilis is something I can’t get enough of.


Goto Monster

Bibingka Waffles ( PHP 200)
Bukayo, Salted Egg, and Ube Halaya Ice cream

Bibingka, despite being available all-year round, is a dessert we love during the holidays. And Goto Monster married two of my favorite comfort food bibingka and waffle into one yummy dessert.

The flavors of the rice cakes and coconut were there, but I feel their waffle’s consistency was too dense.



Goto Monster

Pineapple Mint (PHP 95)
Another thing I love about Goto Monster is their fresh fruit shakes. The refreshing pineapple mint with a hint of calamansi is a winner to me.


Goto Monster

Salabat Ginger & Tumeric (PHP 95)

And if you love ginger, you’ll love their salabat.


Goto Monster

Ice Cream Pops (PHP 60)

Their best-seller is the award-winning leche flan ice pops. I loved the super thick and creamy caramel flavors. A must try!

We also liked the Choco Mallow, Ginataang Halo-Halo, and Ube Halaya.


Goto Monster

Here’s what we think of Goto Monster:
-Despite it being a bit pricier than the typical goto, it makes up for the generous amount of toppings.
-They make everything from scratch, and they don’t skimp on ingredients.
– Their ice pops are a must! Especially the thick and creamy leche flan flavor.
– I love the hip and new look!
– It’s the answer to our late night hungover cravings.
-Overall, we loved it!


Salo Park, 562 J. Nakpil Street Manila, Philippines
Mobile: +63916 300 2600
Facebook: gotomonsterph


Live an Awesome Life,


ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure:  We were media guest of the mentioned establishments.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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