Going Savage! (Created by Chef Josh Boutwood)

By Sean

Update 12/21/2018: As featured in 10 Best New Restaurants in Manila (2019 Homegrown Edition)!

By doing away with the pretentiousness one would typically expect from Fort Bonifacio’s higher-end restaurants, Savage is a breath of fresh air that is as familiar as it is—in its own way—innovative.

No gas or electric stoves, no foams, no spherification. Here you’ll find a rustic menu with hearty servings made the good old-fashioned way.

Wood, fire and a grill.

A testament to humankind’s ongoing attempts at making Mother Nature taste delicious. Savage takes humanity’s most basic culinary premise and delivers great tasting food that not only looks amazing, but tastes amazing as well.


Off the beaten path, Savage is quietly tucked away in The Plaza at Arya Residences.

The plaza is home to a handful of high-end dining establishments and foot traffic is light to moderate during the weekdays. (With evenings and weekends being the busiest times.)

It’s a nice cozy location compared to the busier parts of BGC and we recommend visiting the place if you want a more laid-back dining experience.

G/F The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, Metro Manila
Hours: 11am–3pm, 6pm–10pm Daily
Phone: +63 915 333-9546
Facebook: Savage MNL

Chef Josh BoutwoodP1077309.jpg
Chef Josh Boutwood has solidified his place as one of Manila’s best Chefs.  He comes from a family of cooks and has honed his culinary skills over the years, having worked in dozens of kitchens before landing the Executive Chef position in The Bistro Group.

He presented and prepared food for international delegates during Madrid Fusion Manila, and he opened his first restaurant ‘Test Kitchen’ in early 2017.

Savage is his latest Culinary endeavor and, here, his talents really shine.  The entire concept behind Savage reflects his personality and his philosophy in the kitchen.

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Savage is a medium-sized restaurant with an industrial-inspired interior.

The walls are decorated with street art, making the open dining area feel like it’s outdoors.


It’s also a nice place to hang out and have a few drinks with friends.


From The Kitchen
Bread & House Butter (₱190)

Simple basic, the flavored butter compliments the bread, which is made from yeast that is specially cultivated for the restaurant.

Nicely toasted bread and house-made butter with herbs and spices, a nice way to start a meal. (Pair with a glass wine, of course.) 


Deviled Eggs (₱260)

Smoked oil and ash make these deviled eggs some of the best we’ve tried.

Nice and smoky with a little heat, it’s not every day that you’re surprised by a boiled egg.


Charred Romaine w/ Anchovy Garlic Dressing (₱340)

Grilled Salads are a thing now and while I’m not totally sold on the concept, this one isn’t half bad.

It tastes like a smoky Caesar salad.


Cured Duck Breast w/ Kalamata Olives & Parsley (₱340)

A stunning presentation, the cured duck is delicious, but as it is cured, it is slightly salty so we recommend bread or a nice red wine to pair.


Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Fresh Burrata & Olives (₱720)

Absolutely fantastic. We loved everything about this dish.

The richness of the soft milky burrata cheese is cut nicely with the acid from the tomatoes and slightly sweet balsamic vinegarette.  (Must Try.)


Fresh Carabao Cheese w/ Chive Oil & Confit Heirloom Tomatoes (₱310)

Another great cheese dish, where the tomatoes shine.

The earthy flavors from the chive oil and fresh basil round off the dish, which is complemented by perfectly charred bread.


Roasted Potatoes w/ Fresh Cheese & Parsley (₱110)

Another simple rustic dish that’s packed full of flavor.  Loved the perfectly cooked potatoes that scream comfort food.


Tuna Jaw w/ Yeast and Miso (₱960)

Basically charred tuna with toasted bread crumbs and miso.

Tuna tastes great when it’s seared or charred and the jaw meat is one of the more tender parts of the fish when cooked properly.

If you like grilled fish or tuna, this is the dish for you.


King Edward Porkchop w/ Mustard Leaf & Chimichurri (₱620) 

This is a good tasting chop. The mustard leaf gives it a good peppery flavor and the chimichurri sauce is nice and flavorful and not too oily.


Chicken Radish Holy Basil (₱520)

Grilled to perfection, this was also one of our favorites. The pickled radishes really worked well here.  This was backyard BBQ on a whole other level. (Must Try.)


Ribeye 16oz (₱2,600)

Another dish that’s simple and to the point and perfect for sharing.  The steak is well-seasoned and spiced just right. We loved the Ribeye.  

Order rare to medium rare.


Meringue Strawberries & Vanilla (₱220)

Light and sweet, we couldn’t get enough of this dessert.

(Another Must Try!)


Kladkakka (₱190)

Basically, a Swedish style brownie that is rich and sticky. Another good tasting dessert.


Final Thoughts
Anyone who grew up loving grilled foods, will definitely enjoy Savage.

Chef Josh has created an impressive menu that’s not only, rustic, simple, and delicious; the plating is some of the best we’ve seen of late.  Here, Chef Josh’s talents really shine, and the simple premise behind Savage is what makes this place (and the food) so compelling.  It’s a breath of fresh air that proves that sometimes the simpler things are better.

If you are in the BGC area and want a great place to eat, make sure to stop in at Savage.

Order (for sharing) the Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Fresh Burrata & Olives, The Chicken w/ Radish & Holy Basil or the 16oz Ribeye for your mains. The Meringue Strawberries & Vanilla for dessert. Budget about ₱1,500/head.

Congratulations to Chef Josh Boutwood and his talented crew and staff at Savage!

G/F The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, Metro Manila
Hours: 11am–3pm, 6pm–10pm Daily
Phone: +63 915 333-9546
Facebook: Savage MNL

Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure:  Our meal was courtesy of Chef Josh Boutwood. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Chef Josh will open his 3rd restaurant and concept ‘Primal’ later this year. Right below Savage in Arya Plaza

P.P.S. There’s basement or valet parking available. Make sure to get a validation from the resto.

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