Antidote: Makati’s Chill Rooftop Jellyfish Bar

By Sean

The first jellyfish bar to open in Manila, Antidote is one of the few bars in the Metro where you can and actually hear the person sitting across from you.

The lounge type bar features an 8m jellyfish tank which adds to the chill laid-back vibe that draws guests looking for a more intimate and relaxed experience in Makati.

Good food, good drinks and good music make Antidote the perfect alternative to the more hectic spots found around the Poblacion area.


Located on the roof-deck of the 5-star I’M Hotel in the heart of Makati, Antidote is regularly frequented by both foreign and local guests.  Weekends are the busiest days, so those who enjoy mixed crowds of young to middle-aged professionals will have a good time here.

Roofdeck, I’M Hotel
7862 Ave, Makati, 1210, Makati Metro Manila
Hours: Mon Tue Wed Thur Sun 5pm-2am, Fri – Sat 6pm-3am
Phone: +632 755 – 7888
Facebook: @antidotebarph
Instagram: antidotebarph 

Bar Chow
The food really stands out and is better than most bar chow you’ll find in the area.  The simple straightforward menu makes ordering a breeze and the dishes are easy to enjoy in a bar setting.


Crystal Paper Roll (₱275) – Antidote’s version of spring rolls.  The addition of green beans gives these veggie rolls a nice bite.  A good healthy option that’s not heavy.  Perfect for vegetarians, too.

The house-made peanut sauce is excellent.


Antidote Tapa Skillet (₱350) – The classic beef tapa done sisig style.  The beef chunks were expertly cooked, and the tomatoes and tuba vinegar cut the richness of the egg.

A bit heavy but really tasty.  Make sure to eat it while it’s hot.


Satay Pork & Chicken (₱295) – This house special is the family recipe of the owners of I’M Hotel.  An authentic satay that had a nice charred flavor which went well with the house-made peanut sauce.

Another light dish that’s delicious and easy to eat.


Wagyu Kushiyaki (₱635) – The best seller.  The wagyu cubes are marinated in sansho pepper and yuzu.  Fantastic all around, the wagyu justs melts in your mouth.

Two pieces are definitely not enough.


Signature Drinks
The bar offers a strange mix of signature cocktails that look crazy on paper but pretty much deliver in the end.  The drinks were crafted in collaboration with the head bartender of the famed Mace Bar in NY.

The cocktails are, for the most part, similarly priced, and you won’t find these anywhere else in Manila.


(₱390)Ube and Jalapeno mixed in a drink shouldn’t be a thing, but it works.  And, to our surprise, it was delicious.

Made with cachaca rum from Brazil, coconut milk and a raw egg, it tastes almost like a spicy ube ice cream.



Mr. DoMango (₱390) – Made with vodka infused with moringa leaves, banana liqueur, mango puree, coconut milk and tapioca pearls.

Pretty much a bubble tea with alcohol.  It was good but, unfortunately, our tapioca pearls were undercooked.


Ananas in Pandanus (₱390) – Pineapple-infused rum goes great with pandan syrup and lime juice.



Always Room For Dessert
Spheare of Oreo
(₱250) You really can’t go wrong with Oreos, we  loved the crunchy shell and the rich mousse in the center.

Must Try!


Earl Grey Lemon Sultana Brioche (₱250) – With caramelized Irish liqueur. 

This one grew on me—the more we ate, the better it became.  The crunchy Irish liqueur was really good, the best part of the dessert.


Churro Orbs (₱250) – The weakest of the desserts we tried, the churros tasted like they were fried in old cooking oil.  The vanilla mango gelato, however, was exceptional and could be a dessert on its own.


Final Thoughts
I like Antidote, and I plan to revisit the place on my own or on a night out with my friends.  The laid-back atmosphere is great if you want a more relaxed evening than what’s common around Poblacion.  (It’s nice to go to a bar where you can enjoy good conversation with your company without having to scream over ridiculously loud music.)  

The food is spot on for the most part, but the desserts can use a bit of work with the exception of the Sphear of Oreo, which is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  The drinks are fun and unique and, most importantly, delicious.

I highly recommend Antidote if you want an intimate night out or if you just like to chill while enjoying your evening libations. 

Roofdeck, I’M Hotel
7862 Ave, Makati, 1210, Makati Metro Manila
Hours: Mon Tue Wed Thur Sun 5pm-2am, Fri – Sat 6pm-3am
Phone: +632 755 – 7888
Facebook: @antidotebarph
Instagram: antidotebarph 

Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure:  Our stay was courtesy of  I’M Hotel. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions and insights.

The Kitchen offers off the menu items that are available upon request.

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