BREAKOUT PH: The Biggest Breakout Room opens in Alabang!

BREAKOUT PH Alabang has just opened and it’s the biggest branch yet!

Located on the 2nd floor Commerce Mall of Alabang Town Center, it has five rooms that are different from the other breakout branches. These are the Reunion, Fairy’s tale, Super Soldier, the Town, and BFF, which is said to be the hardest one to solve.

However, with all rooms having their own unique twists and design, each game will surely challenge both your teamwork and critical-thinking skills. So, here are some tips to help you on your next breakout adventure.

BREAKOUT PH (ALABANG) 2nd Floor, Commerce Mall, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila Email: Mobile: 0927-2571602, 0928-8214531 Instagram: @breakoutph Twitter: @breakoutph FacebookBreakout Philippines Website We played both The Town and Fairy’s Tale Breakout room, and here are some helpful tips from our experience! THE TOWN SUMMARY: The motel in the middle of nowhere you ended up staying in turned out to be an elaborate scheme to murder its guests for body parts. You miraculously managed to escape Room 13. An elderly couple finds you shivering in the dark. They wrap you in blankets and bring you over to their nearby barn. They ask you to stay put while they get you medicine and call the authorities for help. You thank them profusely as tears keep rolling down your face. It took a while but you’ve finally managed to gather and compose yourself. Even as you play it back in your head, you still can’t believe what happened to you. And then you realized something and your heart sank deeper– Why did the elderly couple call you by your name when you didn’t tell them who you were? You try to rush out the door and find the barn doors locked. You’re trapped AGAIN! Could it be that the entire town is part of this psychotic organization? And more importantly, can you BREAKOUT yet again? FAIRY’S TALE SUMMARY: Your grandmother had the best fairy tales. In between every “Once upon a time” and “She lived happily ever after” lines were stories told in great detail. She narrated every story the same way as if she was pulling these images from her memory and not just her imagination. You reminisce how magical her stories were as you sort her old belongings in the family cottage. She passed away recently and it’s only now you’ve mustered up the strength to tidy up the place. You notice a lot of items looked oddly familiar despite seeing them for the first time. These are things that your grandmother would describe in her stories. A princess’ gown, an old chest and even a seemingly enchanted stick… Could it be a magic wand? And then it hit you. What if your grandmother’s fairy tales were actually tales told by a fairy? Could your grandmother be a fairy? Were these her life stories? As more questions come to your head, a light shines from the other room. You try to look through the brightness to no success. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely not the room you thought that would be there. It looks like a different dimension.

1. Search the whole room: Inspect the props, equipment, and even the walls. Breakout has a knack for hiding clues and keys in places far from sight.

Look very closely and make sure to leave no piece of furniture untouched!… Unless it’s off limits.

2. Read between the lines: Letters, articles, and other written clues are sometimes present in the games. Often, they don’t seem quite helpful or make any sense. However, there is definitely meaning in them. You’re just not reading it right. Analyze every word carefully or read the text differently. The way out may just be in a word or two.

3. Hold on to all clues: Don’t disregard anything that seems suspicious or helpful in the room. It may be crucial in winning the game.

If there are pieces of evidence that don’t seem to fit the first few clues, it may be because that piece of the puzzle will be used later on so make sure to take note of them.

4. Maximize your team: One of the challenging factors in the game is time. A good tip in making the most of the minutes is by delegating tasks for each member of the team. Some could help decipher a written message while the others could search the room. If there’s a padlock, one of your members can even try their luck and put in different combinations while the group searches for the answer.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for help: If the code is too hard to crack, you can always ask the staff for help. All of Breakout’s employees are very accommodating and generous in giving hints when it’s needed. So, swallow your pride and pick up that phone! It’s better to move on to the next puzzle than to sit and do nothing till the time runs out.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy. Breakout is a great place to test your logic, detective skills, and even your friendship. Through its games, Breakout will strengthen your cooperation and bond with each other. It’s the place to go for group outings or teambuilding exercises for companies too!

You can even try to solve cases at home with your friends through the “Breakout Takeout” kit which, reportedly, can take up to a month to finish. However, win or lose, Breakout is a fun and fulfilling activity you and your friends will surely never forget! So, head on down to Breakout Alabang or book online to go into another dimension and experience fantasy turn into reality.

BREAKOUT PH (ALABANG) 2nd Floor, Commerce Mall, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila Email: Mobile: 0927-2571602, 0928-8214531 Instagram: @breakoutph Twitter: @breakoutph FacebookBreakout Philippines Website   Live an Awesome Life, Angelica, Caity & Paul of Our Awesome Planet Interns Disclosure:  We were media guests of Breakout PH  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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