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By Sean

Untitled Siargao Bleu, by far, is one of the better resorts we had the pleasure of staying in.  The unique design and architecture perfectly encapsulate, the laid-back provincial feel of the entire island.  And while it’s the only Triple-A resort in Siargao, the establishment doesn’t come off as too bourgie or high-class. Perfect for a romantic getaway or with a small group of family or friends, Siargao Bleu is for people who love the island life and, at the same time, know how to relax in style.   Untitled Located at the heart of Siargao and minutes away from Cloud 9 Surfing, the resort draws guests from all around the world. Surfing season is the busiest time in  Siargao and the resort is typically booked.  The popularity of Siargao Bleu makes it one of the most frequented resorts on the island so booking ahead of time is recommended. Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte Philippines Phone: +63 917 772-4188 Email: Web: Facebook: @siargaobleu Instagram: siargaobleu The Rooms Untitled The main draw is the cluster of Bali inspired poolside cottages surrounding the massive Olympic-sized pool that runs through the heart of the complex.   Untitled The rooms are nice and cozy and the fact that you can access the pool directly from your patio was the highlight of almost every night during our stay.   Untitled The restrooms are also well-designed and quite large.  The giant bathtubs, carved from boulders and shipped from Indonesia, are surprisingly comfortable and make the entire space feel Zen-like, almost close to a spa.   From The KitchenUntitled The menu at Karagatan Restaurant is a fine mix of western and Asian cuisine and, for the most part, the food is really good. You’ll find your usual resort type fare alongside more elegant dishes. They offer a choice selection on the menu that can go head to head with some of the trendier eateries and restaurants around town. The Kitchen really knows how to do their seafood right and every seafood dish we had was excellent.   Untitled The impeccably cooked calamari was crunchy and seasoned just right.   Untitled The club sandwich was simple and straight to the point with crispy fries and even crispier bacon.   Untitled Sauteed scallops in butter and white wine sauce. Absolutely delicious! The scallops were nice and sweet and the butter sauce was lightly seasoned with garlic.  Perfect for lunch, it goes well with a glass of chilled white wine.   Untitled Crispy Belly.  Another fantastic dish that is also one of their bestsellers.   Untitled Halo-halo, the Filipino classic that’s great for those hot and sunny Siargao afternoons.   Untitled You have to order the giant mud crab with in-house pepper sauce. This is one of the best crab dishes we’ve ever tried.  The gigantic mud crab weighed a whopping 3½ pounds and, to my complete surprise, was very sweet and very meaty. This is a house specialty and we highly recommend it.   Relax And Take In The View Untitled Siargao can be a little busy especially during peak surfing season, and the main strip can get a little crowded sometimes.  What’s wonderful about Siargao Bleu is that it’s tucked away in an almost secluded part of town where it’s peaceful and guests can enjoy a bit of quiet time. This is ideal for those who just want to relax and appreciate the beauty of the island, or for those who need a quick break from all the fun and activities Siargao has to offer.   Untitled The largest on the whole island, the pool is a favorite spot among many of the guests.  Hanging out at the pool, enjoying the evenings while sipping on a beer or cocktail quickly became part of our routine before we went off to bed.   Untitled Those into fitness and wellness should check out the gym and spa.   Untitled The gym is actually decently sized and has a lot of space.   Untitled You can book a massage which is available for both in-house and walk-in guests.  The spa opens in the evening and is constantly booked.  The massage beds give you a relaxing view of the pool leading into the sea which is a nice touch.   Explore The IslandUntitled We loved the bikes!  They’re a delightful and intimate way to explore the island.  Plus, they’re sustainable and eco-friendly.   Untitled For the adventurous, you can book a charter boat to go on a private island hopping tour. Definitely one of the high points of our stay, it was the only real way to get to appreciate Siargao for all it has to offer. You can Book Siargao Boat Rentals at the front desk. Our Skipper Mike knows his way around the island and even took us to a few spots away from from the tourists. We had a blast.   Final Thoughts Untitled Siargao Bleu, is without a doubt, one of the best in Siargao. The great food and great service are only highlighted by the beautiful Zen-like atmosphere of the resort.  It’s a nice cozy escape in the heart of surf central, and the place to go if you want a pleasant intimate getaway. We recommend going in small groups as the rooms aren’t all that big and can only fit a single family or barkada. The rooms are also good for a romantic staycation with that special someone. You have to book the Cottages way early as they are typically booked months in advance.  Try booking during off-peak season. Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte Philippines Phone: +63 917 772 4188 Email: Web: Facebook: @siargaobleu Instagram: siargaobleu Congratulations to Melot Abejo and all her amazing and wonderful staff who made our stay so incredible. Live an Awesome Life, sean signature SEAN NOLAN Our Awesome Planet Disclosure:  Our stay was courtesy of  Siargao Bleu, I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. P.S. Our Island Hopping adventure ended with the best boodle fight with the most amazing seafood spread, all of which can be ordered and arranged with the resort.  A must try! Untitled

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  1. it seems that you enjoyed your trip with spa…me too want to come and enjoy like your trip. Next time definitely i will be there with family. Thanks for suggesting good place.

  2. I think you enjoyed their totally and each and every image is just awesome. Now can’t wait to go there. Great post.

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