Ilonggo Food Company: Namit gid? (A Review)

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Ilonggo Food Company or IFC is a Negrense Filipino restaurant by Chef Rommel Hinlo. It is a sister company of Kuppa Restaurant and Cafe (located beside it).

Our friends keep raving about how good the Kansi is. I love how Filipino food in BGC keeps getting better each year.

Here’s what we think of IFC …


Ground Floor, Commercenter Bldg., 31st Street cor 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Mobile: +63 917 827 4264
Facebook: Ilonggo Food Company

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I had an inkling that it would be canteen-type but we were pleasantly surprised on how stylishly homey it was, with a good view of 31st Street.

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Loved the comfortable tables and chairs, good high ceiling acoustics and the large lamps illuminating your food.

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Cortado (₱125). Served with napoleones.

Ordered my fav coffee which is a Cortado (usually available in Costa Coffee only) and served with complimentary napoleones.

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IFC Menu: Appetizer | Soups, Vegetables, Main Course | Main Course, Rice | Light Snack, Drinks

They serve an extensive selection of Filipino food with Ilonggo dishes as the highlight.

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Batchoy (₱240). The noodle soup from the La Paz district in Iloilo. Miki noodle soup topped with beef, pork, liver, chicharon and green onions.

We like our batchoy served with raw egg that’s mixed into the soup to make it thicker and creamier.

The batchoy comes in a big ceramic bowl. That’s why it easily cools down so make sure to eat it while it’s hot.

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Kansi (₱385). Fell of the bone braised beef shank in batuan broth served with the marrow. Easy on the palate but hearty on the tummy.

I loved the unique sour taste of batuan served with bone marrow and tender beef meat.

This is so good, with a darker concentrated taste. And, most importantly, it delivers on the hype.

 Chicken Inasal (₱295). One of the staples of Ilonggo cuisine. Chicken marinated in vinegar, ginger, garlic and spices and grilled over charcoal to give it a smoky flavor.

The inasal was done well but sometimes you like eating inasal in a more street setting where you can see how they charcoal-grill it.

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Ginamos nga Manok (₱295). Half chicken marinated overnight in a special ginamos and spice mix then roasted in the charcoal oven. Served with ginamos sauce.

I liked the ginamos chicken better with the Ilonggo bagoong sauce smothered all over the chicken with extra sauce on the side. Yum!

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Chicharon Rice (₱210). Rice tossed in chicharon bits and flakes. Good for sharing.

Ilonggo food is best eaten with rice and dipped in vinegar soy sauce with a bit of chilies.

We try to avoid carbs these days, but who can resist this rice topped with chicharon bits for added crunch and umami?

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Pork Sisig (₱220). We love this dish from Pampanga made of pork jowls and ears which is boiled, grilled and served on a sizzling plate.

We like our sisig to have a little crisp when served on a sizzling plate and this one is a bit mushy.

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Crispy Kare Kare (₱495). Crispy pork knuckles served in Kare-Kare sauce, poached pechay and banana hearts. Served with bagoong.

It’s peanuty and a bit sweet, which is different from how we like our Kare-Kare.

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Tropical Summer (₱125).

Loved that they serve Tsaa Laya teas, and the fruity Tropical Summer was nice on a rainy day.

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Halo Halo (₱199).

The halo halo is just ok, but their creamy lechon flan is quite good.

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The Ilonggo food is legit and quite good. Make sure to order the Kansi, Ginamos nga Manok and Cortado coffee from Kuppa. Budget about 500/head.

It’s actually a good place to meet up specially in between peak lunch and dinner hours.

I would avoid ordering the non-Ilonggo dishes like sisig or kare kare until they improve it.

Congrats Ilonggo Food Company team. Namit gid!

Ground Floor, Commercenter Bldg., 31st Street cor 4th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Mobile: +63 917 827 4264
Facebook: Ilonggo Food Company

Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: We paid for our meals.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Make sure to go early when they open at 11am to reserve the round corner table with the lazy susan. 

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