Shanghainese Cuisine at Hua Ting @HiltonManila

The newly opened Hilton Manila brings in Hua Ting, a Chinese restaurant with a focus on Shanghainese cuisine. Hua Ting – Brasserie Chinoise is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Manila to offer this.. Shanghai cuisine focuses on retaining the taste of the raw ingredients, and also emphasizes the use of condiments.

Hua Ting is inspired by Hua Ting Road in the Old Shanghai famed for its row of Shanghainese restaurants. See what’s in store for you at Hua Ting…

Hua Ting
2F, 1 Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay
Contact #:
+632 239 7788
Instagram: @hiltonmanila



All of Hilton Manila’s dining concepts are headed by Chef Dennis Leslie (middle), and Hilton Manila also flew in two chefs from Shanghai to keep the techniques and flavors as authentic as possible, even when faced with the challenge of using mostly locally-sourced ingredients.


Hua Ting is located on the second floor of the hotel. Its interiors are exceptionally elegant, with touches of gold and marble, with a black, white, and green color scheme.


All the details down to the cutlery complete the tasteful interiors.


There are 2 private dining rooms for meetings and celebrations that can seat 12 people each.



Rice cake with dry scallop (Amuse-bouche)

The dining service begins with their signature amuse-bouche of rice cake with dry scallop.


Three (3) varieties of Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai, Crabmeat, Mushroom) • Priced per 6 pieces, respectively (₱ 320, 340, 300)

Xiao Long Baos are a central theme in Shanghainese cuisine. The Mushroom one was my favorite among the three.


Sheng Jian Bao (₱ 240)A special fried pork bun

Similar to a Xiao Long Bao but with a different dough, the Sheng Jian Bao is a popular breakfast item in Shanghai. Best dipped in black vinegar.


Sweet and sour pork ribs (₱ 480)

Goot, bite-sized portions with a very sticky sauce.


Fried Garoupa with Tomato sauce (Market price)

This reminds me of the classic Filipino sweet and sour fish, but a much crispier version.


Marinated chicken in brine “Xianji” (₱ 480)

Love this! Especially with the addition of pomegranate pearls.


Braised pork belly “Hong Shao Rou” with eggs (₱ 780)

As is custom in Chinese cuisine, the rice is served close to the end of the meal. Wait for the rice so you can pair it with this rich dish.


Red Date Fruit Milk Tea (₱ 240)

Don’t forget to order this. A refreshing drink to have all throughout the meal.



All in all, my dining experience at Hua Ting was one for the books. Excellent Chinese cuisine set in an elegant space made it memorable. Having Chef Dennis Leslie at the helm to oversee the kitchen operations makes me excited for what else Hua Ting will have in the future.

Congrats to the Hilton Manila team for the successful opening!

Hua Ting
2F, 1 Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay
Contact #:
+632 239 7788
Instagram: @hiltonmanila

Live an Awesome Life,

Monique of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our visit was courtesy of Hilton Manila. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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