Nespresso Freestyle Moments by Bruce Ricketts (Photo Essay)

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We feel honored to have witnessed the culinary evolution of Bruce Ricketts and we always look forward to tasting his passion on the plate.

Looking back at my archives, I realized we’ve covered almost all of our foodie moments with Bruce’s culinary creations like fanboys. We met him during his Food Truck by Chef Broosy days in 2012 before he retreated to BF after a failed stint at Robot. We have fallen in love with his food ever since.

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LA CHINESCA GRID: The Grid: A First Look at Rockwell’s Food Market! (2018)

It was awesome to have a taste of how a passionate culinary master would do a branded collaboration for the first time with Nespresso’s Master Origin coffee series. Aside from the memorable orgasmic creations, I learned a lot on how branded collaborations should be executed as a master would.

This is another story for the blogging history books, a living tribute to a culinary lodi in Manila.

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Mecha Uma is stunning at night and buzzing amidst all the fast restaurant closures in BGC.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-8.jpg

It’s always awesome to partake of history with your special someone and witness each time she closes her eyes with every delicious bite.

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Kyoho grapes with scallops, shisho, hazelnuts and fermented cabbage

We were blown away by our first bite of this big Hokkaido Scallop on top of fermented cabbage kropek with green-muscat grapes.

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Kelp-cured sea bream with pear, cucumber, sesame and green cardamom

Reminded me of Bruce’s version of ceviche with fresh sea bream cured in seaweed and served with sesame dressing.

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Gyu fillet with myoga, onions and a sauce made from seaweed and Gouda

Wagyu tenderloin served like tartare with Japanese ginger and a seaweed cheese sauce (that we were tempted to lick off the plate).

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-13.jpg

Hiroshima oysters with eggplant, potato bread and red miso

A Japanese tapa tribute to the Hiroshima Oysters.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-16.jpg

Mushrooms with Salmon Roe

I imagined a savory taho made with mushroom mochi with salmon roe sago.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-6.jpg

Bruce’s one-day Nespresso menu was 90% emotion driven. He did not compromise on the flavors by forcing the addition of a coffee ingredient in every course.

But, rather, each course evoked the same emotion as savoring a cup of coffee crafted by the finest farmers from Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua and Indonesia.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-21.jpg

Smoked bluefin tuna with onions

Otoro sashimi handcrafted by the master himself in a zen-like calm. Yum yum!

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-23.jpg

King crab with toasted coconut, avocado and crab broth

Using chopsticks, we savored every himay bits of King crab with tropical flavors of toasted coconut, avocado mousse, dehydrated carrots and crab broth.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-27.jpg

Unagi and custard egg with numbing pepper vinegar and salted beans

Grilled locally sourced eel paired with a Japanese-inspired custard egg. My least favorite combination.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-28.jpg

Loved the friendly service from Ryan who we initially met in Quiznos. He carefully explained the ingredients and how each dish was made and, most importantly, refilled our wine.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-29.jpg

Charred black cod with eggplant, rice and dried leaves

I liked Bruce’s style of paying tribute to a main seafood ingredient (black cod) by pairing it with the right carbs (black rice) or vegetables (eggplant) then serving it with contrasting juices (seaweed & soymilk).

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-3.jpg

Loved that the main highlight of the night were our mighty ducks from Victoria, Laguna.

Aged and roasted duck with squash mostarda, beers, caramelized yogurt, dumplings, duck and Master Origin Colombia coffee jus

The duck meat itself was tasty with crisp skin and a layer of fat served with duck and coffee jus. Brilliant!

IG -IMG_3154

I liked how Nespresso did not force Bruce to use coffee ingredients in every course and let him pay tribute to the coffee masters in his own way.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-35.jpg

A perfect coffee jelly branded ending: Nespresso Colombia-infused Coffee Jelly with Guyabano Gelato.

Freestyle with Chef Bruce-37.jpg

Congratulations to Bruce and Patrick of Nespresso for an awesome freestyle collaboration that inspires us to be more passionate and innovative and to strive for excellence in our own craft.

Anton and Rachelle Diaz, Jackie Limand Daughter

I liked how the course started with a bang with the Hokkaido Scallops then followed by a story of seafood—Hiroshima Oysters, Black Cod, Unagi, King Crab, Tuna Belly and Japanese ingredients with coffee-invoked emotions—and then climaxed with the mighty duck from Laguna.

Congrats Chef Bruce!

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Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Nespresso.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Don’t miss to stock up on the Master Origins coffee series from Nespresso this Christmas season!

Nespresso Master Origins-4.jpg

Nicaragua with Black Honey Arabica (Intensity 5). Smooth and harmonious after weeks in the sun, a beautifully balanced black honey coffee with a satiny texture and sweet cereal notes.

Ethiopia with Dry-Processed Arabica (Intensity 4). Discover warm, decadent aromas, with bright flavors of fruit jam and orange blossom flowers.

Indian with Monsooned Robusta (Intensity 11). Brace yourself for a powerful and intense coffee with a hearty body, complex aromas and unusual woody, spicy flavors.

Indonesia Wet-hulled Arabica (Intensity 8). As exotic as the jungle it was crafted in, with a rich velvety body and indulgent notes of cured tobacco and green tropical woods.

Columbia with late harvest Arabica (Intensity 6). Surprisingly bright and vivacious, an exceptional late harvest coffee featuring vibrant winey taste notes of red fruits and berries. 

P.P.S. Hope we can also have a Nespresso Master Origin featuring our Batangas Liberica coffee. 

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