Announcing… Content Creator Masterclass by Anton Diaz (Join Now!)

Dear Our Awesome Planet friends,

Awesome greetings to you all!

First of all, don’t miss our Free Content Creator Online Workshop available now until December 12. Check out these lessons:

Learn How to Become an Effective (and Profitable) Content Creator in 2019 and Beyond

Lesson #1: How to Guarantee Viewability of Branded Content
(Insightful Talk by Anton Diaz during Social Media Week Manila)

Lesson #2: How Our Awesome Planet Earns as a Content Creator
(A Video Case Study, Part of How to Become a Professional Blogger Program by Anton Diaz)

Lesson #3: Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide to the Content Creator Business
(Content Creator Paypal Workshop led by Anton Diaz)


Second, I would like to invite you to join the exclusive Content Creator Masterclass of Our Awesome Planet.

When you join the Content Creator Masterclass, you’ll learn:

1). How to become a content creator and tell your story effectively online using different channels

2). How to monetize your passion for food, travel and lifestyle experiences by blogging, vlogging or Instagramming

3). The secret behind the success of Our Awesome Planet content and strategies. I’ll personally coach you online to learn how to become a world-class content creator.

At the end of the program, you’ll be a certified Our Awesome Planet content creator with a published blog post, vlog and instagram content under the OAP blog and social channels.



Here’s what you can expect from the Masterclass video training curriculum:

Module 1: Create Evergreen Engaging Content
1.1 Blog like a Pro (Best Practice)
1.2 Case Study: Blog like Our Awesome Planet
1.3 Blogging Guidelines: Anatomy of a Blog Post
1.4 Influence in Instagram (Best Practice)
1.5 Case Study: Instagram @ourawesomeplanet
1.6 Engage in Facebook (Best Practice)
1.7 Case Study: FB Engagement Strategies of Our Awesome Planet
1.8 Vlog Authentically (Best Practice)
1.9 Case Study: Youtube Vlogging Tips
1.10 Workshop: Tell a Story using a Blog, Vlog, IG and FB Story

Module 2: Monetize Your Content
2.1 Price your Content (Formula)
2.2 All Rights Reserved!
2.3 Get Paid via Paypal
2.4 Case Study: Hong Kong Campaign
2.5 Assignment: Create your Rate Card & Content Campaign Fee

Module 3: Tell Your Stories Effectively
3.1 The 3 Act Story Structure
3.2 What’s your Story? (Origin Story)
3.3 What are you Known For? (Legend Story)
3.4 What do people say about you? (Your Credentialized Story)
3.5 Assignment: Publish your Awesome Story

Module 4: Build Your Channel
4.1 Brand Yourself Digitally
4.2 Define Your Audience
4.3 Capitalize on Disruptive Trends
4.4 Assignment: Analyze Your Channel



As a BONUS for those who will join as founding students of the Content Creator Masterclass…

#1 You’ll get it at the launch price of $197 which is $100 off the $297 Masterclass price for 2019. You’ll get lifetime access to the content and all updates.

#2 You’ll get BONUS access to the “How to Become a Professional Blogger” Course

#3 You can be assigned to feature real-life stories that we can publish in Our Awesome Planet (which can be part of your portfolio).

#4 You can seek guidance, feedback and advice (Personal Online Coaching) by emailing me directly at


Let me know if you have questions through the above email or through +63917 5683627.

See you at the Awesome-Certified Content Creator Masterclass!

Live an Awesome Life,

P.S. This $197 offer is only valid during the official launch of the program which ends on December 12, 2018.

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