NOMU: Hidden Bar in a BGC Matcha Cafe?

The founders of Nomi Matcha, a modern Japanese Café dedicated to all things Matcha, has expanded to the booze business. Their most recent expansion is Nomu, a Japanese Speakeasy. It’s no surprise that they expanded towards the liquor circle as drinking is a shared interest between the Filipinos and the Japanese.

What’s surprising, however, is Nomu’s location. It’s located right inside Nomi!

So, where in Nomi can you find this bar?

Ground Floor, W City Center, 30th Street Corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Operating Hours: 5 PM – 1AM
Contact Number: +632 821-8769
Facebook: Nomu
Instagram: @nomubgc



Outside, things still remain the same. No sign of the bar in sight.


You are still greeted by the wood accents, bright lights, and pink and green accents when you enter. But move towards the end of the restaurant…


…past the restrooms is this door.


It leads you straight to Nomu. A stark contrast from the bright ambiance of Nomi. Nomu is dim – almost too dim – with just a few pin lights illuminating the tables reinforced by the warm light from the bar that bathes the rest of the room in an orange hue.

Seats are limited as well. Nomu can easily get crowded with 20 people inside.



Nomu’s food menu is kept simple and limited to just eight items. Here are my favorites from their lineup:

Menu: Food / Alcohol List / Classic Drink List / Signature Drink List


Seared Salmon on Miso (₱ 290)Seared salmon on a sweet and tangy miso paste

I thoroughly enjoyed this dish! Had I not been with a group, I would have kept this to myself. Definitely a great starter for the night.


Yakitori Chicken Stix (₱ 260)Chicken skewers with green and red bell peppers in teriyaki sauce

This makes for great nibbles in between sips of your drink.


Nachos Libre (₱ 260)Cheesy, beefy, and extra crispy corn chips for the group to share

Love this! The toppings are perfectly spread even in the bottom layers.


Nomu Club Sandwich (₱ 330)Grilled chicken fillet with eggs, tomato, and salad, with a side of fries

Comparable to the Katsu Sando, but with lots more ingredients. This is quite heavy for bar chow, but definitely ideal if you don’t want to get drunk fast.



Apart from Cointreau, the rest of their Whiskey lineup is exclusively Japanese. The owners disclosed that they still fly to Japan frequently to research and acquire bottles for the store.


At Nomi, Matcha drinks are the center of attention.


So it’s only fitting that Nomu included a Matcha drink on their menu as well. This Matcha Amaretto Sour (₱ 330) is a mix of matcha, amaretto, bourbon, lemon juice, syrup, choco bitters, and egg white. I love this! I’m not the biggest fan of matcha, but I do like Amaretto Sour, and this definitely is a welcome combination.


Watermelon Smash (₱ 400) Vodka, watermelon, basil, fresh lemon, simple syrup

A refreshing drink for those who prefer very little hints of vodka.


What’s a secret bar without some more secret menu items?


Ducky Punch (₱ 980)

The Ducky Punch is similar to the Watermelon Smash – the only difference is that this punch is served in a huge bowl and with a rubber ducky. It’s a fun drink to have with a group of friends.


Unnamed (₱ 980)

A gin-based drink with a blend of lavender, mint, apple, and lemon juice served in dainty teacups. The flavors are very subtle with this one, but be wary as gin is known to be a double-crosser.



Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Nomu. It’s the best place to be if you’re looking for a good drink after a long day, but would rather not deal with the crowds of people in other bars.

The bartender is quite chatty too when the bar isn’t too busy. The food is reasonably priced, so are the drinks. Budget at about Php 750/head.

Ground Floor, W City Center, 30th Street Corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Operating Hours: 5 PM – 1AM
Contact Number: +632 821-8769
Facebook: Nomu
Instagram: @nomubgc


Live an Awesome Life,

Monique of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our visit was courtesy of  Nomu. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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