The New Boracay—What’s in & What’s out?

Update 12/21/18 – Just confirmed that Philippine Swimming Mermaid Academy in Boracay is back! We love the new Boracay! At one time we thought Boracay was hopeless, but, thanks to the government’s will, it was able to remove all the unsustainable activities and fix the sewage treatment plant compliance after the 6-month closure of the island. People focus too much on what’s out, but I’m so excited about what’s in… Boracay SeriesBORACAY FOOD: 10 Best Restaurants in Boracay! (2018) 25 + 5: Blinding White Beach The easement of 25 meters + 5 meters from the shoreline was implemented! Boracay Day 3-79.jpg There are no more structures, no more beach beds. Now, you can see all the coconut trees and enjoy the blinding white sand. We love hanging out with our loved one and friends on the beach, and, yes, you can now swim in the clean waters of the new Boracay!   360 Sunset Rooftop @ Discovery Boracay The 360 Sunset Rooftop of Discovery Boracay is now the best place to watch the Boracay Sunset. Here’s the view of the Boracay Sunset and the paraws with blue and yellow sails from the infinity pool. The best part is you get to enjoy it with your special someone in a jacuzzi, with cocktails to boot. For more info, visit   Discovery Boracay Food Forno Osteria’s Josper-Grilled Steaks (Rib Eye 500g for two -₱3,000) After watching the sunset, eat steak at Forno Osteria, Discovery’s secret Italian dining restaurant, the only one with a Josper grill oven on the island. Indigo’s Seafood Platter (₱2,900). Lobster, Atlantic blue crab, hard shell clams, Asia Rice casserole, XO sauce. We loved the Seafood and BBQ grill of Indigo with a view of White Beach. Related Blog Post: INDIGO: Boracay White Beach Fine Dining Experience! Taho Sorbetes (₱240) The best dessert on the island—Taho Sorbetes from Sands Dining! Related Blog Post: The DISCOVERY SHORES Boracay Difference!   Station X Hue Pool Club The IN place to be in the new Boracay is Station X where you can enjoy Hue’s Pool Club with ₱1,200 entrance fee inclusive of ₱1,000 consumables at Prisma and Street Market. Enjoy cocktails from ABV’s Boracay Outpost at the hip Prisma bar. Prisma Cocktails and Drinks Menu We loved the fresh Aklan Oysters (₱250 – half dozen,₱450 – dozen) and seafood dinner of poke (₱490) and seafood cioppino (₱490) from Percy’s. Street Market Menu Related Blog Post: BORACAY STREET MARKET: What to eat at Boracay’s first Food Hall?! Sunny Side Cafe Arroz de Masisco (₱850). This is a homage to the legendary Portugues seafood rice of Banza. Sinigang Rice (₱650). Sunny Side’s own Filipino version of Pork Belly and rice flavored with sinigang with Batuan sour. Move over lemon muffin, here’s the latest pasalubong—Boracay Ensaymada with Risa Chocolate bits! Related Blog Post: SUNNY SIDE CAFÉ BORACAY: Best All-Day Breakfast on the Island?!   Final Goodbye to Unsustainable Activities Say goodbye to touristy and non-ecofriendly activities: Goodbye Spiderhouse. Bye Bye Boracay Sand Castles. Finally, goodbye ATV that caused pollution to Mt. Luho and traffic! The Mt. Luho Viewpoint is closed. Bye Fire Dancers. Goodbye to Advertising on Paraw Sails. Absolutely no drinking (even holding a bottle) and smoking along White Beach! Goodbye to parties on the beach, especially Laboracay and Jungle Bar Moon parties. It is not true that there are no parties anymore, it’s just that these are limited inside the establishments (not along the beach).   Bulabog Beach STP. All establishments with 14 rooms and above were required to have their own Sewage Treatment Plant before tapping to the main STP which discharges the treated water at Bulabog Beach. Kite Surfing is in.  During this time of the year, kite surfing is in. Maybe it’s time for us to learn this non-motorized sport. Related Blog Post: BORACAY KITESURFING: Fly and Surf with Freestyle Academy! Philippine Swimming Mermaid Academy in Boracay is back. It is a completely sustainable activity promoting environmental awareness through their Mermaid On A Mission projects (beach clean-ups, coral planting and other). Related Blog Post: BORACAY MERMAID: What it feels like to be a Mermaid? Road Widening. The roads are widened and paved already at Bulabog, and soon the rest of the widening project will be completed around the circumferential road around the island.   Flying to Boracay Since there are limited flights, the airfare cost is a little more expensive. Subscribe to JustFly to get alerts on the best deals from your point of origin. The arrival area is a bit far now from the Caticlan jetty port. You can take the van (inclusive of Boat) at ₱100/head or take the tricycle for ₱50/head + boat ride at ₱25/head. You have to show your hotel reservations if they are from an approved hotel. AirBnb’s are not allowed in Boracay. Remember you have to pay for ₱100/head terminal fee and ₱75/head environmental fee. The Boracay road widening, storm drain, sidewalk pavement construction are not yet complete. So expect super traffic and one way streets.   Final Thoughts Awesome job and congratulations to Boracay Island for getting on the right track towards sustainable tourism. In most of the tourism conferences I attended this year, it was shameful to see Boracay as a poster child for a beautiful island destroyed by tourism. Hopefully, it will now be a case study of sustainable intervention to give hope that it is not too late for any of our islands.   Live an Awesome Life, Anton Founder,  Disclosure: Our trip to Boracay was courtesy of Discovery Boracay.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights. P.S. The 360 Rooftop is currently exclusively available to Discovery Signature Suites guests only.

9 thoughts on “The New Boracay—What’s in & What’s out?

    1. I don’t have a seafood buffet recommendation because you have to be careful about quality of seafood.

      One of our team members got hepa because of poor quality oysters. Most of the seafood would come from Roxas and it is still limited. I prefer going ala carte than buffet on an island like this.

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  2. Will be visiting Boracay for the second time this coming May. I didn’t get the chance to see the rest of the Island last time due to limited time, any suggestion where to go and what activity whilst in the island?

    1. There’s not a lot of island activities now except for Kite Surfing in Bulabog. Best to enjoy it with friends and family. There are new hotels and experiences coming up this summer.

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