House 1925: Barbershop and Speakeasy for the Boys

The best gift a father can get is a family barbershop session and a day with the boys.

We are happy House 1925 opened in the south to provide the best barbershop experience with a speakeasy lounge where you can hang while you wait.

Here are some tips to organize your own grooming and booze experience with the boys…


Located in the new lifestyle wing of Molito, its name and interiors are inspired by the 1920s.

HOUSE 1925
Molito, Madrigal Ave, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: +63 917 182 1925
Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Facebook: House 1925

Barbershop Packages Menu

I like that they focus on providing a quality barbershop experience, with packages starting with the Old Sport (450) to the ultra-pampering The West Egg (2,255).

Shave, Hand and Foot Care, Massage, Hair Care and Color

They have all the proper grooming equipment and add-on services you would look for in a quality barbershop.

Some of the grooming products are made from organic ingredients or the best grooming products for men in the market.

Best of all, they are kid-friendly and welcoming to the entire family.

Speakeasy Lounge

You can hang and listen to nice music or play chess in the lounge while you wait.

You can order food from any of the restaurants in Molito (with a corkage fee of 500).

We ordered pizza and fried chicken from Di’ Mark’s Pizza Molito for the boys.

Can’t wait for the iced teas to turn into beer and have a real drinking session with the kiddos.

You can reserve the whole room for 15,000 (consumable for drinks).

Daddy Anton

Before Haircut - Anton
Anton (Before Haircut)

Sometimes all you need is a good trim.

The West Egg
The West Egg (₱2,225). Feel like a million bucks. Our head to toe service will transport you to the life of the new elite. The Old Sport treatment, with a touch of Made in the Shade and topping it all off with a Bespoke feel. This is our top of the line service for our top guest.

My favorite ultimate pampering of haircut with hair treatment and foot spa with pedicure.

After Haircut
Anton (After Haircut)

I do hope the boys remember this family bonding experience when they grow up.


Aidan (Before Haircut)

The boys did not get a haircut all summer long.

Old Sport Haircut
Old Sport (₱450). Just the basic cut for the man on the go in need of that quick refresh for that important meeting, a long-awaited date with a special someone or the simple need to look and feel number one.

They are growing old so fast, and they always want to have massages these days.

Aidan (After Haircut)

Mukhang mama na but baby pa rin inside.


Joshua (Before Haircut)
Joshua (Before Haircut)

Cutting their long hair is now becoming a tradition that signals the end of summer.

They say he resembles me the most, the 2nd boy in the family.

Joshua (After Haircut)

One year to go before becoming a teenager.


Raphael (Before Haircut)

He always needs to have a funny or unconventional look.

It’s a treat for them to have their hair washed after a barber’s cut to make sure there’s no itchiness after.

Raphael (After Haircut)
Raphael (After Haircut)

Ang guwapo at ang mabait, puedeng mag-pari. 🙂


Yugi (Before Haircut)

No more long hair. He now likes to have a boy cut look.

Still feeling ticklish⁠—so cute to witness.

Yugi (After Haircut)

He does not want to be called baby anymore these days and always wants to assert his boy independence.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Arch. Goldwyn Baria and Laurence Nino Castaneda for a job well done with the House 1925 concept!

Love the high ceiling interiors, the 1920s furniture and details, not to mention the friendly quality service.

They are still on soft opening as they continue to improve the look and feel. They only have two barbers as of now, so best to go during off-peak hours.

It’s a great place to organize a “for the boys” barkada or family celebration over haircuts and booze.

HOUSE 1925
Molito, Madrigal Ave, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: +63 917 182 1925
Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Facebook: House 1925

Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our grooming experience is courtesy of Arch Goldwin.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Of course, there’s something for Mommy Rache, too!

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