Copper / Brass Mask Wearable Art by Filipino Artist Vitty Gutierrez (A Review)

I love this Copper / Brass Mask by Filipino Artist Vincent “Vitty” Gutierrez from Antipolo. Copper material is best known for its microbial properties that kill bacteria and viruses upon contact with the material.

It’s the best gift for Father’s Day that looks cool, functional and can be your memento of the Covid War.

Watch our Awesome! LIVE chat with Vitty himself to share the story behind the copper/brass mask, his first-gen mask, and future copper artwork designs.

Watch 🎥: Copper / Brass Mask Wearable Art by Artist Vincent Gutierrez

It’s comfortable to wear with the inner lining, quite secured with its snugged fit, and kinda looks cool.

Copper / Brass Mask by Vitty Gutierrez (₱5,000)
Copper / Brass Mask by Vitty Gutierrez (₱5,000) comes with lining, certificate of authenticity, mask care instructions and native basket.

It’s handmade by the artist from the drill holes to the copper stitching and takes 2 full days to make.

No need to clean but you can wipe it down with alcohol or water-damp cloth.

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and limited edition number #18 engraved on the mask itself.

(Tip: You can ask Vitty to put a personalized name beside the mask number.)

This is the best Father’s Day gift I got from Mrs Awesome as my battle mask for the war against Covid-19.

For more info about the artist, visit Vitty’s official instagram account:  @vittygutierrez.

We are supporting and helping to sell these copper/brass masks. Please contact Rache +63 917 5318949 or to buy your own limited edition mask.


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Disclosure: We paid for our Copper/ Brass Mask.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. The mask is created by the owners of Antipolo Beehouse and Burrows Cafe

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