Manila’s Best Chefs on Reinvention, Pivoting and What’s Next?

As we start the General Community Quarantine in Manila today, let’s listen to Manila’s Best Chefs and their inspiring stories of hope and resilience in the post-Covid World. It’s an intimate conversation on how to reinvent and pivot your restaurant business, taking those that matter most—chefs, employees and customers—into consideration.

You get to know the different personalities of the chefs and their take on what’s next.


1. Gallery by Chele | AT HOME Story by Chef Chele Gonzales

Watch YouTube Video here: Chef Chele Gonzales

Chef Chele provides his point of view on what’s next in the fine dining scene in Spain, Manila and the world. He walks us through his latest Gallery by Chele | At Home project and shows us how to best experience fine dining at home with his Spanish and Filipino specialties. You’ll learn a lot on how great chefs think in the face of post-Covid world challenges and how they are turning their businesses around during this time.

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2. The Post-Covid Reinvention (What it takes to Survive?) with Chef Robby Goco

Watch YouTube Video here: Chef Robby Goco

Chef Robby Goco has reinvented himself throughout the years from his Tequila Joe days and we’ve been a fan ever since Ristra’s, Charlie’s, Cyma, Green Pastures, Souv and recently Cangrejos Locos. He shares his wisdom on how to reinvent his restaurants during quarantine with lots of stories and real life examples. You’ll learn practical next steps and what it takes to survive straight from the master.


3. What Would Chef Sau Do?

Watch YouTube video here: Chef Sau del Rosario

I have always wondered what Chef Sau would do in times of crisis like this. Chef Sau del Rosario shares his quarantine life in Pampanga and what motivates him to learn baking during this time. This is Chef Sau up close and personal, without filters. And, throughout the conversation, you’ll find that he is funny and witty. You’ll love his positive attitude towards life and the way he thinks about life after the lockdown.


4. Chef Nicco Santos & Chef Quenee Vilar: On Sambar’s Nasi Lemak & SEA Favorites

Watch YouTube video here: Chef Nicco Santos & Chef Quenee Vilar

This is a conversation with Chef Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar after their first day of serving Sambar at Nicco’s BGC home. It’s Chef Nicco’s birthday and he shares the story of Nasi Lemak and the concept of his Sambal Bar that offers traditional South East Asian recipes. We always get inspired by their story and what’s next for this dynamic chef duo.


5. What’s Next? Breakfast with Chef Josh Boutwood

Watch YouTube video: Chef Josh Boutwood

Chef Josh Boutwood shares the story of his moustaches and his silence during the quarantine period. You’ll like his counter-intuitive strategies and how he slowly but surely reopens his restaurants. You’ll learn what he thinks about cloud kitchen, bakery concept and reopening the dine-in scene in Manila. He’s a quiet guy but every time he talks, the whole industry listens.


This is an ongoing series and will include all the Awesome! Live chats with the chefs in this post.

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Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Sometimes the most important discussions happen at the end of the live chat. Watch until the end.

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