15 Best Home Delivery Meal Kits in Manila!


Nothing beats a meal straight from the kitchen! Why not create the same gastronomic experience at home with our tried and tested DIY meals kits prepared by our favorite restaurants that delivers all of the ingredients, plus instructions which you can make yourself.

There’s ramen, kebabs, steak, Mongolian bowls, and even gourmet cooking in here…


Mongolian Bowl Kits for the Gen Z. It’s been a while, Mongolian bowl! Reminiscing how our friends would always make it a point to meet and fall in line and smell like Mongolian before watching the must-see movie. It was always been a must.

Thank you @bad.bowl for making us love it more with your variety of ingredients! Shitake&button mushroom, green&red cabbage, pork/ squid and lobster balls, ground beef, pork loin, pork and beef belly, chicken thigh & breast with salt and pepper. Sauces were chili pepper, mongolian and General Tso’s Sauce. It was more than enough for 3 adults and 3 kids.

Available in: Meaty, Keto, Seafood, Noodle, Vegetarian variations.

Keto Bowl Home Kit – P1,500

Meaty Bowl Home Kit – P1200

Seafood Bowl Home Kit – P1,200

Noodle Bowl Home Kit – P1,200

Vegetarian Bowl Home Kit – P1,100



Upper Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City

Facebook: bad.bowl


At home, we usually prepare food that are simple and healthy. This is also the influence of my Momsy. Para isang lutuan na rin 😆 Nothing fancy really.

I am fortunate to be able to taste the finest and rich food we do not prepare nor eat at home so this quarantine lockdown has been #achievementunlocked for us. One of the things we got to do was cook and eat steak at home which we always have it in restaurants. Nerve wracking because we do not want to waste a good quality meat but to be honest, I found it easy and might add meat steaks in our pantry! But of course, choosing the meat is another subject.

Anyway, @thetestkitchenmnl has prepared everything and all you have to do is cook it the way @chefjoshboutwood does. From the best quality of ribeye steak to the side dishes (parmesan mashed potato and creamed spinach), he’ll guide you through the cooking process via the QR code they have provided.

We had fun cooking and eating it like we do in his posh restaurant! Ambiance and servers na lang ang kulang!

(Php 2900) vat inclusive, subject to 5% packaging charge.

THE TEST KITCHEN is a private dining venue that serves as the creative outlet of Chef Josh Boutwood in partnership with The Bistro Group. It‘s where he gets to showcase his fine dining background from top Michelin-starred restaurants through his own personalized menu.

It is located at the actual test kitchen of the Bistro Academy, where they create new dishes and try them out before rolling them out to their stores.

Here is our first ready to eat/cook menu and prices. Together with this you’ll receive a simple step by step recipe and a QR code linked to our YouTube video showing you how to cook.


GF one Rockwell East tower.

Email: thetestkitchen@bistro.com.ph

Call/text: +63 977 288-5751

Facebook: thetestkitchenmnl

Payments via UnionBank or GCash



From being a Pinoy Big Brother 2 housemate to a @persiagrill businessman and a few more restos — @kiankazemi has come along way. Congratulations!

We got the wonderful Kebab kit that’s ready to cook (RTC) — spicy herb beef kebab mix, chicken kebab mix, beef shawarma with pita bread, hummus, vegetable samosas, falafel and ox’s brain. I’m not forgetting the garlic and @kitekebabbar hot sauce. It definitely made our cooking life easier. Get more garlic sauce bottles because you’ll find excuse to put it in your ulam.

Chicken BBQ (Php570), Ox Brain (Php230), Keema (Php485), Beef Shawarma (Php495)

PERSIA GRILL serves Middle Eastern cuisine using heirloom recipes from Kian Kazemi’s grandmother’s kitchen in Tehran, Iran (formerly Persia). The restaurant also offers Filipino favorites of the Kazemi family.

The Kebab platter is my  favorite. It’s best to order per stick. Order one of each to get different flavor profiles. Don’t forget the famed garlic sauce – Persia Grill’s Original Garlic Sauce!

Persia Grill BGC 

FacebookPersia Grill






Make your own Umami Fried Chicken at home!

The Umami Fried Chicken Kit (Php 399) comes with raw frozen chicken, breading mix, batter mix, spicy smalts, spicy powder seasoning, and gravy that we didn’t use since the chicken taste great itself!  The chicken I cooked looks legit right? We had so much following the step by step guide here.

We all know fried chicken is best when  while its hot and still juicy inside. You can also order the ready to eat version if you don’t have time to cook. I recommend you pair it with my fave dirty rice or their sweet potato waffles! 👌 You won’t regret it.

BAD BIRD specializes in fried chicken cooked with different umami spices. You can customize your order according to three spice levels: safe, spicy, and chemical, with different Japanese or Korean-inspired side dishes.


Ground Floor, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila

Mobile: +63 921 555-1774

Facebook: bitebadbird



Our Sunday Feast was extra special because of Chef @chefchelegonzalez @gallerybychele | At Home

On the table:

– Cuarto de Cochinillo (Php 2900)  with sides of potato stew and salad

– Choriburger with chips and coleslaw on the side

– Fabada

– Black Bombs

– Arroz Caldoso de Congrejos

– Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Hungrily our kids feasted on everything they can get their hands on from the choriburger to the arroz caldoso to cochinillo and lastly, wiping out the burnt cheesecake.

Chorizo patty was garlicky flavorful with the jamon providing a taste of Boracay.

The lechon was the highlight but you need an oven to finish it and cook it until the skin is crisp.

Gallery by Chele is a new restaurant concept by Chef Chele Gonzales and Carlo Villaflor based on the learnings from Vask Gallery and Tapas Bar. It’s flavor-forward; celebrating local ingredients in the Philippines refined by Spanish culinary techniques.

Gallery by Chele

5F Clipp Center, Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +63 2 218-3895

Mobile: +63 917 546-1673






DIY Tsukemen Kit 🍜 We loved this! The broth was thick enough to coat the noodles, and it was also bursting with flavor. The noodles have a good bite to them as well.

Nothing beats a hot bowl of authentic Japanese ramen that you just can’t recreate at home on your own. These kits come with the soup, noodles, and other toppings, that simply entails heating and assembling to form the pipping hot ramen that you used to enjoy.

The Take Home Tsukemen Kit by Tsuke-Men, Stall #4 at The Grid is the store’s way of bringing your favorite tsukemen and ramen to your home so you can have them whenever you want. The kits are good for two people and come in four variants. Tsukemen lovers can choose between Gyokai (P840) and Spicy Gyokai (P860) while those who prefer ramen can choose between Tonkotsu (P780) and Tan Tan Men (P840).

Each kit contains noodles, broth, and toppings, which are made fresh daily to maintain their quality. You can also customize yours with more add-ons like Tsukemen Noodles (P70), Ramen Noodles (P70), Braised Chasyu (P100), and Aji Tamago (P60).

Payment options: Credit card if order is placed through thegrid.eunoiaph.com Bank transfer or GCash if order is placed through phone call.

Tsu-ke Men

The Grid, Power Plant Mall

Order via bit.ly/takehometsukemen

Mobile: +63 917 707-7459 or +63 917 702-2534

Facebook: thegridfoodmarket

Website: thegrid.eunoiaph.com




Signature Cuadril steak by @lacabrera_mnl in a DIY grill ready steak kit at home!

La Cabrera Al Paso Grill Ready Frozen Steaks includes:

– Cuadrill (Cullotte) but you may choose other variant: Entraña (Skirt), Ojo de Bife (Rib Eye), Bife de Chorizo (Striploin);

– Sauces (Chimichurri, Caramelized Garlic, Tomato Chutney, Criolla Salsa)

Always a treat — lolly to make my boy happy. @lacabrera_mnl signature staple sweet ending. Oh and by the way, that boy loved the cuadrill, definitely my boy!

LA CABRERA is an Argentinian Steakhouse and the Manila branch of Parrilla La Cabrera by Chef de Cuisine Gaston Riveira. Argentinians are best known for their steaks, how they cook it and enjoy it with their signature chimichurri.

Recently they introduced La Cabrera Al Paso, the new signature line of Grill Ready Steaks Pre-Grilled The La Cabrera Way. Using only wooden charcoal, they sear in the flavor and give it that smoky La Cabrera touch. The steaks arrive frozen with easy to follow cooking instructions. Enjoy fresh off the pan, perfectly grilled La Cabrera beef right at home.


LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar

Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines

Ordering Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Mobile: +63 905 290-0703

Facebook: La Cabrera Manila




This was the easiest to cook! All you need is boiling water, add all the sealed  ingredients in for 7 minutes and Voila! Plate and serve!

The Kiss My Beef Cheeks Package comes with individually sealed mashed potato, veggies, and that main ingredient beef cheeks swimming in a pool of gravy.

High Street Cafe recently launched its signature stay-in retail line featuring the restaurant’s signature dishes such as Laksa & Beef Cheeks among others.  These dishes are made available at home through individual kits that consist of pre-cooked ingredients that will surely create delicious moments in just 7-minutes. Other signature stay-ins to watch out for are Nenek Chicken Satay, Wang’s Wonton Soup, and Hearty Double Boiled Soup.

We tried High Street Cafe’s KISS MY BEEF CHEEKS available for purchase for (Php380) and is good for one full serving. The kit includes a bag of 24-hour Braised Beef Cheek with Gravy, bag of mashed potatoes, and a bag of roasted root vegetables. This can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. It was so good! Super tender beef and juicy cheeks that you can cut it even with just a spoon.


Ordering Hours: Get your HSC Signature dish by ordering before 12nn to get it the same day or before 5pm for next day pick up.

Payment Options: Payment can be made through Metrobank Transfer or through an online payment link. Using express courier’s “Pabili” services can be accommodated too.

Delivery & Shipping: Delivery is available within Bonifacio Global City for a minimum spend of Php1,000. Driveway pick-ups can be done from 11 am to 7:30 pm via their drive-through located at the lobby level or via express courier such as Lalamove/GrabExpress.


High Street Cafe

Shangri La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City

Call/Text: 091SLFMEATS (+63 917 536 3287)

Facebook: HighStreetCafeatShangrila

Instagram: @highstreetcafe.fort



Had fun with the Pizza Making Kit by PizzaExpress! 🍕

It was easy as pie to finish our little cooking project. The Pizza Making Kit comes with PizzaExpress’s signature classic crust, tomato passata, mozzarella cheese, and your choice of toppings like pepperoni, pork and fennel sausage, bacon, and more—plus dried oregano, ground pepper, and olive oil for finishing touches.

PizzaExpress is the leading pizza chain in the UK. Most Filipinos who have been to Hong Kong should be familiar with this casual Italian place, known for its fresh dough and unique pizza creations. Notice the crunchy bits inside the pizza dough, which make it crunchier and more fun to eat it.

How to Order:

Through the order form — bit.ly/PE-PizzaKit

By sending a DM to PizzaExpress on Instagram or Facebook — @pizzaexpressph

By calling the Uptown Mall branch (0917 710 1567) or SM Megamall branch (0917 631 2287) directly.

The Pizza Making Kit P895 and comes with two pizza dough.


Facebook: Pizza Express Philippines





LOCAL is a hip neighborhood bistro that serves their own fun interpretations of Southeast Asian favorites and their own unique take on all-day breakfast. I like the vibe, the well-curated menu, and the secret entrance to the next-door cafe.

The DIY kits come in two variants—Beef Rendang and Chili Crab Buns—and include our signature mantou buns and all the fix-ins you’ll need. (Php 870)

We tried the Beef Rendang Buns Kit. It’s a fried mantou stuffed with spicy, flavorful beef curry, tonaktsu sauce, alioli, pickles and cilantro for that added refreshing factor to balance. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner!

Cooking Tip: Make sure to make the oil super hot, so the mantou won’t absorb all the oil.

The kits currently come in two variants: Beef Rendang Buns or Chili Crab Buns. Each box is good for two servings and includes freshly-made mantou buns and all the fix-ins you’ll need—like beef rendang filling, smoked aioli, tonkatsu sauce, and pickled cucumbers for Beef Rendang; and chili crab filling, leeks, and cilantro for Chili Crab—plus detailed instructions on how to build your bun. These kits can keep fresh for up to three days when refrigerated, so you can save them for when the craving hits you!


How to Order:

Fill up the order form at bit.ly/YL-Kit

Message Your Local on Instagram and Facebook (@yourlocalph)

Call 0917 654 3355 (Your Local Legaspi) or 0917 707 7459 (The Grid Power Plant Mall)


Instagram: @YourLocalPH

Website: http://yourlocal.ph

Facebook: Your Local



BABU (The Grid Food Market)

DIY Laksa Kit! Comforting thick rich & spicy broth paired with their slippery chewy noodles that were surprisingly my fave part of the dish. You can help but slurp them up!

@Babu_ph Stall 8 of @thegridfoodmarket now offers their best selling signature Laksa Kit for Php 750 good for two. It comes with Babu’s laksa broth, noodles, chicken, tofu, fishcake, Chinese doughnut and other toppings.

The best part? You can keep it in the freezer and take it out whenever you’re craving for it!

Babu Ph

The Grid, Power Plant Mall

Order via bit.ly/TGDiyKits

Mobile: +63 917 707-7459 or +63 917 702-2534

Facebook: thegridfoodmarket

Website: thegrid.eunoiaph.com




Hot Pot > Kbbq

Is it just me or do you prefer eating hot pot than samgyupsal? Got our hotpot home kit from @championhotpotph , that comes with all the ingredients you need from veggies, noodles, meat, soup base, satay sauce, mushrooms and of course the balls!

Besides the classic shabu shabu broth, they also offer unique soup base like the sinigang, sukiyaki and more! For premium you can have laksa or chicken coconut Then for  sukiyaki broth, no hotpot balls and sauce. This is double the meat and noodles naman



Champion hotpot is a buffet hotpot resto. The reason behind it branding is that it can be a go-to place for athletes, families living nearby or even ordinary individuals to which they can splurge up everything in one seating because its unlimited

The Easy Hotpot do-it-yourself kit, has a 3 tier starter pack namely Special set for P890.00, Premium set for P1090.00 and the Sukiyaki set for P890.00 as well. It’s good for more than two people in our case. 🙂

For orders you can order here at  http://tiny.cc/championhotpot


Champion Hot Pot

Facebook: championhotpotph




This no cook recipe is perfect for sharing with the family! All you need is to jazz up a simple salad into something that suits your preference using all the ingredients inside.

The Roka Salata Kit (Php 1,250) comes with fresh Romaine Lettuce, Arugula, Parmegiano Regiano, Sundried Tomatoes, Candied Walnuts and signature dressing  It’s good for 5-6 servings as main and 10-12 servings as appetizer.

Need some greens to boost your immune system? Bring the flavor of Greece to your home, with Cyma’s Roka Salata Kit. The salads are very good and tasty because of the secret greek vinaigrette on top of fresh crunchy vegetables with feta cheese.


Call/Text: +63 917 1394-013 / +632 8709-9155 ,

Facebook: cymarestaurant

Hashtag: #EatGreekEatGreat

Ordering Options: Home Delivery via Foodpanda or Grab Food, Store Pickup, or a drive-by Curbside service from TUESDAY to SUNDAY, 11AM – 5PM only



Our breakfast for today! DIY Palitaw Kit from @polarbearph! You can get it in Shoppee for Php 120 and it comes with Gutinous Rice Flour, Sugar, desiccated Coconut, sesame seeds and instructions!

Don’t you just miss having kakanin at home? We even found out while cooking that the dish is called “palitaw” because it floats when it’s ready to eat, and float in Filipino is “litaw”.

Shoppe link click here.


Facebook: PolarBearPH


Tim horton’s — kids enjoy the simple experience of putting the ganache icing and the best was the sprinkles! Doughnuts always a hit with the kids!

Note: the ganache cools down easily so make sure to heat it and eat it immediately.

Tim Hortons DIY donut kit (Php 450)

The iconic Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons PH has recently introduced their much-awaited DIY Donuts intended to promote quality family time during this quarantine. Each DIY kit will come with:
  • 6 pcs freshly-baked Tim Hortons ring donut
  • 4 oz Rainbow Sprinkles
  • 4 oz Chocolate Fondant
  • Cutlery and napkin
  • Donut decor instructions

Tim Hortons

Facebook: TimHortonsPhilippines



Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

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