10X Your Digital Marketing! (Now Open for Registrations)

The game has changed over the lockdown and we are now faced with a digital-first world. We’ve been evangelizing this for years in Manila but now the time has come. The winner in this digital marketing game is not the one with the best brand or the one who has the most money for marketing, but the one who can adapt to the changing dynamics of the post-Corona virus world.

If you are just new to this marketing craft, the past digital marketing success does not matter because everything was reset and we are all back to zero. Don’t use strategies and tactics that worked in the past.  Lean forward to what would work with the changing behaviors and lifestyle habits of the audience you serve.

It’s hard to do it alone or even ask another person who don’t know anything about digital marketing. What if you can leap frog with new ideas and strategies to 10X the organic effectivity of your marketing? What if you can work with mentors, forever-newbie learners, and experts to navigate and quickly adapt to what happens next?

Introducing…. 10X your Digital Marketing Program by Anton Diaz.

Sign-up here: 10XyourDigitalMarketing Pilot Program

About the program

This program is designed to leverage my learnings for the past 15 years in Our Awesome Planet, the latest thinking in digital marketing in the post-Corona World, and the power of the community of the student batch to fail forward together and learn what will work now.

In the 10X your digital marketing program, you’ll learn:

 What works NOW in digital marketing (and what’s not);
• Thru a weekly class (one day & all sessions will be recorded) on the most requested education topic of the students so that they can immediately learn and implement it into their business;
• From digital marketing practitioners what actually works for them during this pandemic;
•  Thru a workspace that will be created to share the latest learnings and ideas so that we can adapt quickly together; and
• To create the roadmap to 10X your digital marketing for your business thru my guidance.


Is this for YOU?

So, is this for you?  This is for you IF:

(  ) You have at least a business or a product that you can apply the digital marketing learnings and know if the strategies and tactics are effective.

( ) YOU don’t know digital marketing AT ALL or if you have knowledge already, be open to unlearn all the things you know.

( ) Open minded individuals.  There’s no age limit. Individuals who are willing to learn and share their learnings to the community.


To manage expectations

Remember that this is a pilot program. My end goal for this is to:

 Create an effective learning platform to teach how to 10X your digital marketing.
 Solicit testimonial on how effective the program is
 Create a COMMUNITY of learners to be able to adapt to the post-Corona Digital World


How much is the program?

I remember the first time I did Maven Secrets in 2009, it costs ₱25,000 for a 90-day program. My recent Digital Masterclass sessions in SMX Academix was priced at ₱35,000 for 6 sessions or ₱6,500 per session.

But these days, we need to help each other and I can’t charge you that much. Also, I want to help as much people as possible to survive and adapt through the post-Corona world. I also cannot give it for FREE because I have invested a lot in learning these and I’ll be devoting a big chunk of my time to help you 10X your digital marketing for your business.


So how much does it cost?

The program will only cost ₱2,000/month but on a per application basis. We want to curate the community so that we can learn from each other.

The pilot batch is where we experiment on what works in the learning and execution process of the digital marketing strategies.


How to Join the Pilot Batch?

We open the application for the pilot batch today until mid-July.

Please apply here: 10XyourDigitalMarketing Pilot Program

Once you get accepted, you just need to pay ₱2,000/month to be officially enrolled in the program. Price is protected as long as you continue to be part of the program.

We are launching the actual program in August with all the learnings in the pilot batch.

Thank you! Please share this with your family and friends that would benefit from the program 🙂


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

P.S. Once we reach the target number for our pilot batch, we will close the program and open it again when we official launch it in August.

Join now! >> 10XyourDigitalMarketing Pilot Program




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  1. You should not have All CAPS the word FREE or probably noted NOT FREE. Some peeps who just scans what they see and not reading prints assumes it right away.

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