Bake Series: Sushi Bake, Nacho Bake, BibimBake…

Dalgona coffee, ube pandesal and now the newest quarantine food trend are these scrumptious and addicting baked dishes! From sushi bakes, nacho bake, bibimbake and even tako(yaki)bake, we’ve tried them all!

The deconstructed dishes are unlike how you originally eat your favorite fares! It’s typically cooked in a pan either baked or aburi style, then wrapped and eaten with nori (seaweed), chips, or lettuce. With all the bake dishes popping up, we’ve just been curious and had to check them out.

Here’s a list of baked goodies that we’ve tried…

Kurimi Sushi Bakes

Kurimi means creamy and indeed, @kurimisushibakes was spot on! Their house-blended kurimi sauce and another layer of cheese sauce makes their spicy UNI kani, spicy SALMON kani and kani mango sushi bakes unique in the market aside from their different flavors.

The spicy 🌶 sushi bakes were a hit for the adults because of the uni 😋 and salmon while the kani mango for the boys (they love mangoes!). Happy with the ratio of the toppings vs the rice too!
It was advised to consume asap but we did not need to be reminded because it was as if a storm has passed! But really, it’s better to consume while it is warm and freshly assembled on the nori sheets. Yum and tasty in every bite!
Order half-and-half for you to taste their other flavors! They will surely accommodate your request.
Also to note that, uni, salmon and mangoes (which are add-ons) are always fresh as they don’t stock up so better to reserve in advance.

3 sizes are available:
Sampler (1pax)- P250
Solo (1-2pax)- P350
Sampler tray (3-5pax)- 650

Add-on pricing: Salmon and uni are both +50, 70, 100 for sampler, solo, sampler tray, respectively. Mango is 20, 30 and 50.

Instagram: kurimisushibakes

Meatsumo Premium Panay

There are many variations now of the sushi bake. The first ones I’ve tried consists of Japanese seasoned rice, Japanese mayo, kani, salmon roe, mangoes and nori. And they taste exactly like a California Maki, like the one I tasted from Meatsumo Premium Panay! (Php 480)

Facebook: meatsumopanay


The Weekend Sushi

And then there are those that are extra fancy with either uni, unagi, salmon and scallops as toppings.

One of the more upscale sushi bakes I’v tried was generously topped with scallop & kani from @theweekendsushi.

I personally liked the kick from their spicy version! Can you see the kani to rice ratio? (Php 1100)

The Weekend Sushi
Instagram: theweekendsushi



Flossom Kitchen Cafe

You’ve tried Sushi Bake, BibimBake and now meet the Nacho Bake. @flossomkitchencafe deconstructed version of their trash can nacho dish. It is visually stunning  with the gooey cheese! Everything tasted good—the cheese, onion cream, even the corned beef!


Flossom Kitchen + Cafe



Meatsumo Bibimbake

Bibimbake! Have you tried this? It’s a handy Samgyup made of kimchi rice, bulgogi beef, special bibimbap sauce and topped with nacho cheese! Cheesy and and a little bit spicy, but no so much that even my kid cousin was the one who finished the dish! (Php 550)

The TakoBake or Takoyaki Bake is their latest addition to Meatsumo Panay’s bake series!

And I’m so happy they got it right, it tastes exactly like a takoyaki! The savory pancake like mix contains egg, grilled octopus, cabbage, mayo, and ingredients as fillings.

Facebook: meatsumopanay


My Rock Salt Ph

Inspired by the current food craze—sushi bake. This Tacobake is a childhood recipe with a twist! Meant to be eaten in a taco shell, this addicting cheesy treat was also as good as being eaten with nachos.

You can choose whether you prefer it to be eaten with a taco shell, soft taco, and nacho chips.

You may place a piece of lettuce inside the taco shell/ nori/ soft taco before scooping out a spoonful of taco wacko and put over it. But I prefer to have without the lettuce.

Don’t forget to pair it with their house blend ice tea that’s so refreshingly good.

Taco Wacko Set (Php 595), Craft Ice Tea (Php 95)

My Rock Salt Ph
Instagram: @myrocksaltph



The Salmon Ikigai

Cheesy baked salmon kani aburi rice! Your baked sushi fix with salmon and kani — @thesalmonikigai style.
You can eat solo, share or get the family tray but please don’t forget to get another pack of seaweed!

(Sharing Tray 2-3 pax Php 480, Family Tray 6-8 Pax Php 900)

Instagram: @salmonikigai
Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.


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