8 Best Ube Desserts in Manila!


We are still not tired with ube!

You’ll love these delectable treats that come in beautiful hues of purple. Here’s a list of ube desserts that we tried and worth having delivered….

I N U T A K is back.
@homecookingbykristina use fresh coconut cream from their Batangas farm for a satisfying inutak, a Taguig delicacy.

Sticky rice (galapong), coconut cream and sugar make up this kakanin (native delicacy) dessert. Imagine, a very creamy and smooth, ube-flavored bibingka with gooey and sticky consistency. A scoop of plain vanilla ice cream would be a great partner, don’t you think?

Home Cooking By Kristina
Instagram: @homecookingbykristina
Facebook: homecookingbykristina


The rich ube cheese pudding made the perfect sweet ending to our quite sumptous lunch!

Born during the ECQ, @bayanigourmet started off with helping out frontliners, our bayanis, by delivering PPEs, meals, etc. With the difficult times ahead, they decided to offer what they think is comfort food — Filipino fare with a bit of twist.
“We just want to feed people with food we love. ☺️”

Bayani Gourmet
Instagram: @bayanigourmet
Facebook: Bayani Gourmet


The Sweet Life By Ange

@ange212 was 16 years old when she started her pastry business. That was 14 years ago. And now, look at how @thesweetlifebyange has grown. She now offers a variety of dessert cakes you can think of!
She is known for her luxurious creations such as #SweetSurrender with new flavor – Ube Luxe Sweet Surrender (Frozen Brazo), 7 Deadly Cinns aka Cinnamon rolls (Original Cinn, Cheesy Cinn (our favorite!), Chocolate Cinn, Strawberry Cinn, Salted Caramel Cinn) and ube cheese pandesal.
@mrsawesomeplanet and the boys can’t have enough of the Ube Luxe Sweet Surrender. Ube jam is 💜. Total surrender indeed!
Sweet Surrender
Large (8×8) = ₱1,070
Small (4×8) = ₱720
How to Order:
DM @thesweetlifebyange on Instagram or message our Orders Team at +63917823819

The Sweet Life by Ange
E-mail: order@sweetlifebyange.com
Instagram: @thesweetlifebyange
Facebook: thesweetlifebyange


Bibingka Manila

Enjoying every bite of the mini @bibingkamnl salted  egg & cheese, and ube & cheese bibingka. Surprisingly moist and watch out for the ube halaya hidden inside…BOOM! I didn’t even realized that I had eaten more than my share! Oh my!!! No more carbs for the week!

ORIGINAL box of 6 mini bibingkas is just ₱240 (salted egg and cheese). UBE & CHEESE box of 6 is ₱340.


Bibingka MNL
Instagram: @bibingkamnl
Facebook: bibingkamnl


UBE BOMB by Home Cooking By Kristina

Ube palitaw made with real ube and cream cheese.

Playing around with ube, @homecookingbykristina was only supposed to make ube cheese pandesal but due to lockdown and lack of ingredients, ube palitaw was born. Just ONE bouncy bite and I wish I do not have to share rest of the palitaw balls with my sons.


Home Cooking By Kristina
Instagram: @homecookingbykristina
Facebook: homecookingbykristina



Baby Pat’s Ensaymada

Everyone got to take home one the best Ensaymadas in Manila by Pearl De Guzman. It’s so chewy and good!

Call/text at +63 917 790-1127/Viber +63 933 3189449 the full details of your orders and your preferred date of receiving them. Your orders will be queued based on the date and time of your message.


All Classic: ₱1300/6pcs. ₱2450/dozen ₱3750/18pcs.
Assorted Flavors: ₱1350/6pcs. ₱2500/dozen ₱3800/18pcs.

Mode of Payment: BPI/BDO Note: Prices are exclusive of delivery fee via lalamove.


Baby Pat Breads and Pastries
Facebook: mybabypat
Instagram: @mybabypat



Traditional Homemade Egg Spongecake by @ahmahph from Malaysia to Philippines with flavors: Original, Ube-Cheese, Chocolate, Bibingka, Ube, Cheese, Autumn Orange and Calamansi. High-Quality egg sponge cake with purely with milk, quality flour, fresh eggs and sugar. No water!

Check out their Pandan Kaya layer cake for their first year anniversary. Trial run will only be available on weekends so it would be better to pre-order and pay online to reserve your cake.


Ah Mah PH
Instagram: ahmahph
Facebook: Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Spongecake PH


SALTA! By Pappare

Gem Tee, owner of SALTA, knew that she wanted to pursue a pasta-based business after graduation given her track record of winning the highest awards in international culinary competitions.

Check out @saltabypappareph Ube w/ Ube Halaya & Cream Cheese Panroll! No wonder they had to metion the ube twice, look at that generous serving of ube halaya!

₱370 6pcs
₱540 9pcs


#38 Mayaman St., UP Village, Quezon City
Instagram:  @saltabypappareph
Facebook: Salta: Italian Rotisserie Bar


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