10 Best Birthday Celebration Food Ideas for your Next Home Party!

Awesome Thank you for all the birthday greetings, food gifts and video messages! Celebrating at home has never been this good because of the many food innovation during the pandemia.


Here are the Best Birthday Celebration Food Ideas for your next home celebration:

1. Comida San Lorenzo’s Lobster Feast

Lobster Paella (₱2,000) | Lobster Pasta (₱1,600 per tray)

SUNDAY LOBSTER FEAST @comidasanlorenzo! Lobster is wild-caught locally sourced and all the seafood is fresh based on what’s locally available. Paella rice used is Bahnia / Senia variety.

What an AWESOME Sunday lunch meal it is! A feast for the eyes and our tummies! The name is a tribute to San Lorenzo, the Patron Saint of Cooks.

On the table:
• Lobster Paella
• Lobster Spaghettini Aglio e Olio
• Gambas y Veiras al Ajillo with Pagnotta rolls

Everything was cooked and tasted just right 👌 from the lobsters to the paella, pasta, and shrimp&scallop! Extra garnish like the lemon, roasted garlic 😋 , and chili flakes are also available to add dimension to the flavors of the dishes and will more likely produce flatulence tonight✌️

Lobster Paella has a price tag of P2,000, Lobster Pasta cost P1,600 per tray and their Gambas y Veiras are at P1,200. (These are their introductory price so you might want to check them out before they increase!)

Instagram: @comidasanlorenzo
For orders ☎️ +63 917 833-0842

2. Guillermo’s Roasted Pekin’ Duck Bao

Roast Duck and Hoisin sauce (₱1,850) + Bao Set Upgrade (+₱200) includes 24pcs custom made Baos, Scallions, and Plum Sauce

The best birthday feast at home- 1 whole roasted locally-sourced Pekin duck with bao set @guillermopremiumpekinduck! It has the grandness of a lechon, and interactivity of a roasted duck bao kit befitting an awesome celebration at home!

Perfectly cooked and tender to bite! Flavorful snd juicy even without the sauce. Love eating the meat between the bones and the tasty fatty skin 😱

✅ NOT Genetically Modified
✅ NO Hormones & Antibiotics Added
✅ Fed with 💯% Grain-Based Diet
💯% 🇵🇭 Grown Pekin Duck from the duck capital in Victoria, Laguna

Unanimously THE choice of the international hotel institutions over imports. It took 11 years of blood, sweat, tears, and countless sacrifices to perfect the ducks and when it made our family name as our brand. Proudly local and the one and only fully integrated Pekin’ duck farm in the Victoria, Laguna, Philippines.

What’s included in the Base set? Roast Duck and Hoisin sauce at Php 1,850. Bao Set Upgrade: Add Php200, you get 24pcs custom made Baos, Scallions, and Plum Sauce

Instagram: @guillermopremiumpekinduck 
For orders ☎️ EJG Mighty Duck Farm +632 242-7204

3. Salmon Sashimi Cake by Salmon HQ

Salmon Sashimi Cake ₱1,200

Salmon Cake!!! Best healthy cake for your next post-pandemic celebration. Premium Cut Salmon Sashimi cake anyone? This is a great alternative celebratory cake to anyone who is tired of eating dessert cakes or wants a savory cake to blow a candle with!

It was a surprise to see what’s inside the 6” sashimi cake – Truly indulging as we slice away our “share” – I can see the Premium Kani kama mixed with Ebiko, Premium Salmon Chunks (what?! meron pa rin!), Chuka Wakame mixed with Japanese Sushi Rice! Nakakabusog! Wish I had sake on hand! Kanpai!

If you are not into rice, get the spicy tuna /salmon salad!!! The spiciness + creaminess + freshness = 👌👌👌

@salmon.hq is a husband and wife tandem. Two years ago, it was a dream and now because of the pandemic, it became a reality. Both are lovers of sashimis btw.

Salmon Sashimi Cake is at ₱1,200 while the Spicy Salmon & Tuna Salad are at ₱350 / ₱320 each tub.

Note: We had hesitation at the start because it is raw. But it was delivered with ice to keep its temperature.

Instagram: @salmon.hq 
For orders ☎️ +63 922 894-3679

4. Dad’s Belly Roast

Roast Belly ₱1,400 (2 Kilos) good for 4-6 persons.

Candidate for the Best Roast Belly in Manila? Crunchy skin with juicy belly meat. Definitely a winner! The sawsawan is just an accessory but still great, pampalubag loob that the suka will melt the fat away.

Stuffed with lemongrass to add flavor to the meat aside from the marination.

@dadsbellyroast begun during this Covid19 pandemic and named it after the daddys who have round bellies 😅.

Founded by Ace and Rona Peteza who are wedding videographers turned into Lechon roasters during the pandemic.

Their current record is 6 hours for keeping the skin crispy. They have a nice packaging designed to keep the skin crispy throughout delivery.

Roast Belly ₱1,400 (2 Kilos) good for 4-6 persons. 2 days lead time for orders.

Instagram: @dadsbellyroast 
For orders ☎️ +63 917 555-5285

5. The Moroccan Lady’s Beef & Lamb Tangia

Beef & Lamb Tangia with kobhz and shalada

The best authentic tangia in Manila! @moroccanladyph beef and lamb tangia brought us back to our Morocco days.

I remember when we were in Morocco a few years ago with  @lechon_diva  we would always eat this meat dish and now it brought up those memories of our week-long land + camel road trip in the visa-free country. And another trip where @mrsawesomeplanet and I had a heated argument, just because we were looking for the best tangia in the mechoui alley around the Jemaa el Fna square.

She mixed both beef and lamb because she thinks this makes a great combination for tangia and we agree! Excitedly tearing off the kobhz and dipping it into the sauce and spooning a meatful together with the shalada.

Now, what we lack is the shisha!

Have known @moroccanladyph almost 10 years now and we are glad to have remained in touch! Thanks to this lockdown as we reconnected and makes us taste her wonderful dishes once again!

Beef and Lamb Tangia (₱480 per pax) with khobz and shalada.

Instagram: @@moroccanladyph
For orders ☎️ +63 917 809-3402

6. The Smoke Station PH’s Smoked Meats

Smoked St. Louis Pork Ribs (₱1,500 per slab)

Scratch & Sniff: One of the best smoked meats delivered to your home! @smokestationph. One slab of Smoked (for 7 hours) St. Louis Pork Ribs rubbed with @smokestationph crafted dry rub before being smoked by cured fruitwoods – santol chunks and applewood chips.

After it is smoked on the day itself, it is vacuum-packed and frozen ready to be delivered to you. Thaw for a few minutes and you just need to dip it in freshly boiled water for 15 minutes. I love how they figured out how to transport this baby.

The meat is super tender with a pinkish medium color covered by charcoal-smoked rub and all the flavors are infused into its core.

Dip it into Smoke Station Signature sauce for maximum satisfaction. You might want to ask for extra sauce when you order.

₱1,500 per slab. Order now for delivery during the weekend.

Instagram: @smokestationph
For orders ☎️ +63 917 5560-208

7. Lasagna Verde by A Mano

Is this one of the best lasagnas in Manila? @amano.ph . Every time we hear that the pasta is homemade, it makes our tummy growl! What more that it is made with spinach or any vegetable!

The crispy edges made us think of dried out pasta or made on purpose? but of course it was the latter! A Mano makes sure that as you take a slice of it, you hear the slight crunch then there’s silence. It’s like when you take a spoonful of it, you’ll hear the crunch then silence will fill the room as you chew into the homemade spinach pasta with bechamel sauce, ragu and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Just silence of approval.

Lasagna Verde at ₱2,660 good for 4-6 persons. Baked to order.

Instagram: @amano.ph
For orders ☎️ +63 917 5526-266

8. Maya’s Kitcherrific Lumpia

Full Tray is ₱2,750 for 15-20pax | Half Tray is ₱1,600 for 8-10pax

One of Rache’s childhood memories— helping her Ama with segregating lumpia wrappers for lumpia orders. @mayaskitcherrific

It was all too familiar, getting a piece of the thin lumpia wrapper and putting the lettuce, lumpia filling, nori crackers, crushed peanuts, wansoy, and the sauce with crushed garlic. As I bite into it, it brought back memories of Ama’s lumpia. We have not forgotten you nor your cooking, Ama.

I ate 2 pieces lumpia and got full. Feeling healthy indeed because of the veggies (Baguio beans, carrots, tofu, lettuce) with ground pork and slices of shrimps. Vegetarian option is also available.

Half Tray is ₱1,600 for 8-10pax
Full Tray is ₱2,750 for 15-20pax

Note: It’s packed individually and best to eat it immediately on the day it is delivered for best taste.

Instagram: @mayaskitcherrific
For orders ☎️ +63 995 495-5822

9. Steaks, Eggs, and Rice with Double Beeff by The Food Trip Manila

USDA Prime Ribeye Steak (₱2,450 plus ₱50 for the packaging fee) plus Double Beef (+₱800)

STEAKS EGGS, and RICE. Double Beef, please!!! Dive into these USDA Prime Ribeye Steak with Scrambled Egg Crepe, Steak Fat Chicharon, Leeks, Japanese Rice 😋 , and Homemade Steak Sauce.

@thefoodtrip.mnl started just this year by @amadofores with friends and they did not disappoint. Check out their comfort food menu for the quarantine season.

The steak is quite good – tender, tasty, and properly cooked. Make sure to eat each component in one spoonful! Pour over the extra steak rice all over the meat and rice!

Good for 4-6 people for ₱2,450 plus P50 for the packaging fee. This is a Double Beef so it’s an additional ₱800!

Instagram: @thefoodtrip.mnl 
For orders ☎️ +63 917 700 7698

10. Manila Inasal

Whole Chicken Inasal (₱580)

Introducing… Manila Inasal! Taste familiar yet different because it’s from Chef Natalia of @sarapmanilainasal. Comforting food at its best on a weekend – presenting the spatchcocked chicken inasal!

Sarap to make papak the chicken and slathering the inasal sauce, green chili all over the chicken white meat I have and then scoop the yellowy garlic rice with the ensaladang talong!

It’s good for 3-5 persons and you can bring for potluck or have it delivered for your zoom birthday celebrations. Add the pork belly slab for different meat variety.

Whole chicken inasal at ₱580 while pork belly slab at ₱875.

Instagram: @sarapmanilainasal
For orders ☎️ +63 998 998-1987

If you have suggestions or additional food ideas, please email me directly anton@ourawesomeplanet.com, m.me/antondiaz or +63 917 5683627.

Live an Awesome Life,

Founder and Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We received the products as a taste test and we only feature the awesomes ones in the blog.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. For the best ice cream for any celebration, order the gabi pinipig keso ice cream from Bataan!

Pasabuy Goodies and NO REGRETS! 1 gallon of gabi pinipig keso ice cream for all of us! Had to portion it so it will last for more than a day (which is also applicable to all!) The creamy ice cream is made of milk, coconut milk, gabi, cheese, pinipig and sugar! Lasa mo un gabi texture! Not too sweet either! No preservatives!

What a treat this is! Really! Hmmm, what flavor to buy next? Have you also tried this ice cream? What was your favorite or have tried that you liked? Share it with us please!

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  1. If you ever need a fix of that delicious and creamy ice cream… FAMILY FOOD HUB on FB does regular runs to Bataan and you can actually advance order it through them. Yes, I like Geno’s Gabi ice cream too. 😋

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