10 Best Food Packaging Design Inspirations in Manila (2020)

I love that food packaging design and aesthetics are finally improving in Manila! We notice a high correlation between delicious food and awesome branded packaging that can survive the brutal delivery journey.


Shout out to the 10 Best Food Packaging Designs we have received and that survived the delivery test to Laguna during this pandemic.

1. Kami Kalu Sushi Bake (@kamikalu_ph)

Kani Sushi Bake Overload Large 8″ with Unagi & Scallops (₱4,300 with 6 packs nori)

We’ve eaten a lot of sushi bake versions in Manila throughout the pandemic, but this one is the best of them all—in concept, taste and packaging. As they say, “uwian na, may nanalo na.”

We love the reusable red square tin can which makes the sushi bake look gorgeous and lets you pop it in the oven immediately to heat. An awesome food gift for auspicious occasions.

2. Comida San Lorenzo (@comidasanlorenzo)

Lobster Paella (₱2,000), Lobster Pasta (₱1,600 per tray), Gambas y Veiras ( ₱1,200) 

The trays, each with a transparent cover showcasing the seafood feast, come in white boxes where they fit perfectly. Don’t forget to do an unboxing story and document your reaction.

I love the attention to detail to ensure that the product is secure during delivery, making this an awesome food gift for potluck sessions or home celebrations.

3. The Lasagna Manila (@thelasagnamanila)

The Lasagna Manila (₱1,250 Large Tray good for 12-15 persons)

We tasted a lot of lasagnas during the course of the lockdown but this one is still the best, delivered on an aluminum tray to keep its form and all the cheesy goodness intact.

The aluminum tray is reusable, a perfect container when you give this as a gift to aspiring home bakers.

4. Chumoto Nama Chocolates (chumoto.ph)

Chumoto Nama Chocolate: Done Dark or Made Milk (₱380)

The maroon packaging, made specifically for Nama Chocolates that showcase our local cacao, looks cool and world-class . The branding is on point, with a toothpick fork so you can indulge as soon as you receive the box.

This is a perfect stylish food gift for your chocolate lovin’ friends.

5. Gourmei Bakes (@_gourmei_)

Rose Water & Strawberry Olive Oil Cake (6” ₱650), Les Xocolat with Dark Chocolate Frosting Gluten and Dairy-Free (6” ₱800), Classic Olive Oil Cake Gluten and Dairy-Free (8” ₱900)

This is one of the impressive cake packagings we received, with dried flowers that match the cakes. The cakes are healthier, using olive oil to make the base, with gluten and dairy-free options.

My mom loved the Dark Chocolate version, while we loved the Rose Water & Strawberry Olive Oil Cake.

6. Dad’s Belly Roast (@dadsbellyroast)

Dad’s Belly Roast ₱1,400 (2 Kilos) good for 4-6 persons

The cardboard box is exactly the size of the roast belly to keep it in place. Inside, they figured out how to keep the oil away from the skin so that it maintains its crispiness until you enjoy it at home.

It’s good packaging that makes for a great Noche Buena gift. You can use the box as the canvass and add handcrafted Christmas trimmings to make it festive.

7. Smoke Station PH (@smokestationph)

500g Smoked Black Angus Beef Belly (for 11 hours (₱900 per 500g)

The smoked meats are vacuum-packed after roasting and stored in the freezer. This makes it easy to transport the smoked meat and you just have to dip it in boiling water before serving its smoked meat goodness .

Warning though: once you’ve tried this, you’ll get addicted to their quality of smoked meats you can enjoy at home.

8. Layers Tiramisu (@layerstiramisu)

Classic Tiramisu (₱800 6×9 in.), Lotus Biscoff Tiramisu (₱900 6 x 9 in.)

Tiramisu is one of the “in” desserts during the pandemic and this one has the best branding and packaging. You can see the layers of tiramisu on its transparent side and you’ll also appreciate the quality of the plastic tub.

Order both to enjoy mixing and matching the flavors with coffee and other desserts.

9. Que Rica (@querica.ph)

Sinantolan, Vegetarian Laing, Pineapple-Cured Tocino, Bicol Express Longganisa 

We love the organic quality of the material and its unique color that we continue to use it for our food shot setup. The food is wrapped nicely with QR code and handwritten nametag sticker for a clean branded packaging.

Add ribbons and festive handcrafted designs to make it a food gift for a special someone.

10. Arlene’s Catering (@arlenescatering)

Ube Tres Leches cake (₱1,100)

This is the best packaging we received for a cake which is usually sent via a boring box. This works well with colorful cakes like ube or strawberry, especially if there are flower designs on top.

The cake holder in the bottom prevents the cake from touching the transparent sides.

Final Thoughts

Thank you to all food entrepreneurs who really took the time to innovate their packaging to survive the delivery process and still keep the deliciousness of the product while communicating their awesome branding.

Let me know if there are remarkable packagings that you encountered during this quarantine and will add it to this list.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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