Work From Home Setup: Ergonomic Desk Essentials

Live Streaming Setup for Awesome 10X Market Updates

At the start of the pandemic lockdown, I envisioned my own home studio/work from home office setup that is ergonomic, conducive to creativity, and adaptable to sitting/standing work mode.

Sharing our current work from home ergonomic desk setup for inspiration and to solicit more creative design ideas.

At the end of the day, standing work from home setup

They say your subconscious can absorb the content of the books in your library or that your character is defined by the books that you own, so I wanted to make sure to have books as backdrop, with the addition of a selloum plant for an indoor tropical feel.

Awesome! live streaming setup

It’s very important to have the right streaming camera, microphone and lighting for your live stream or zoom sessions.

Here’s what we use and where you can buy it from Shopee with our affiliate link:
📸: Logitech Brio Webcam with 4K Ultra HD Video
🎤: Blue Yeti – Professional Multi-Pattern USB Mic For Recording & Streaming
💡: 2PCS Studio Lighting Softbox 50 * 70cm Photography Kit with 2m Light Stand and 45w Bulb

iForm is the best affordable ergonomic chair in Manila! I usually recline the seat with the leg rest up and put my laptop in the holder when I’m streaming our Awesome 10X market update. 🙂

We tried a lot of ergonomic chairs, and iForm is my choice for my work from home office because of the following features:
• Everything is adjustable—the seat slide, seat height, back tilt, 3D arm rest, 3D neck rest and leg rest.
• High back chair with 3D lumbar where the backrest can flex.
• Aluminum foot base for stability, nice design and ability to handle your weight.
• 3D neck pro where the headrest flexes once you turn your head.

Lift Standing Table by Greenmar Philippines

This is the best ergonomic investment you can make after the ergonomic chair. Studies show you have to be standing from time to time so as not to strain your back from back-to-back-to-back zoom sessions.

This is a great for doing a speaking presentation, online worship or attending zoom sessions while standing up. The best gift that is functional, ergonomic and cool for dads or for the man who has everything.

Stress Mat by Greenmar Philippines

Standing on this stress mat cushions your feet from the body weight and provides a more ergonomically relaxing standing zoom session.

I remember standing the whole time during a BCBP Online Worship and my body was aching after. As you grow older, investing on an ergonomic setup is the best thing you can do in this post-pandemic work from home normal.

The beautiful view from my work from home desk

My wife works across from me for a relaxing view and easy face-to-face coordination while having our own private space to work. We work long hours together, for better or for worse.

Her setup is simpler with an ergonomic laptop stand, an ancestral table from their house and lots of space and cabinets to organize her things.

Rache uses the Y Ergonomic Chair built with high-grade materials and components for superior adjustability, durability and premium aesthetics (like the husband). It is the best affordable chair that has a beautiful design to inspire you when working from home.

Y Ergonomic Chair features:
• Mid-back mesh chair with tapered design backrest.
• Mesh back that gives actual comfort to your back including the lumbar.  
• Vertically Adjustable arms, with synchro mechanism in 3 locking positions.

Our work from home command center is still a work in progress, and we’re looking for more inspirational ergonomic and creative WFH design ideas.

Can you suggest? Here’s what I have in mind:
• Slowly filling up the ceiling with egg containers for better acoustics.
• Putting up a disco ball in the middle and a DJ system for the next e-numan session.
• Adding a Dyson purifier perhaps for better clean air circulation?
• Maybe a CBD oil-inspired diffuser for better creativity.
• A separate gaming station for live streaming with the fam.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Greenmar Phils has the best affordable ergonomic chairs in Manila. A perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband or dad for this holiday season.
Use promo code: GMPI000004 for FREE delivery and surprise perks.

P.P.S. We also love this Kokuyo Airfort Ergonomic Chair, made in Japan.

Kokuyo Air Fort is an innovative office chair with advanced functionality. It has a high back mesh chair with patented adjustable air lumbar support and auto weight sensing synchro mechanism. It is designed with vertically and horizontally adjustable (3D) arm rest, nice aluminum foot base and lever to lean back is reachable (right middle part).

Kokuyo Air Fort Ergonomic Chair features:
• AIR Lumbar Support: Inflatable airbag concealed in the lumbar-support area that can be adjusted to suit the curvature of the user’s spine
• Auto Adjust Rocking: Intelligent weight-sensing function synchronizing the seat and backrest without any levers
• Adjustable Seat Height / Seat Depth / Armrest Height 
• Multi-directional Armrest (Armpad) 
• Air Slit Seat Rest: Grooves in seat foam, dual-layer of breathable fabric upholstery 
• Quality casters in Hard Nylon or Soft Polyurethane

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