Best of Quarantine Food in Manila! (Instagram Guides)

We are launching our first set of Instagram Guides featuring the best food we tried during the quarantine season in Manila!

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Best of Burnt Basque Cheesecake (IG Guide)

Guide to the Most Awesome Burnt Basque Cheesecake in Manila! 

We tried a lot of Basque Cheesecakes in Manila during the quarantine. These are the best of the best that reminds us of the original we tried in San Sebastián, Spain. We also included the ones with a Pinoy twist.

IG Guide:

Winners of Sushi Bake Challenge! (2020 IG Guide)

The quarantine in Manila gave birth to the 🍣 Sushi Bake Challenge and more Baked variations. We tried all the ones that are the most notable and here are the winners of the 2020 Sushi Bake Challenge!

How many have you tried? If you have tried 8 out of 10, you are a certified Sushi Bake Monster!

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The Best Cakes in Manila (2020 Quarantine)

This is our Most Awesome🎂 Cakes We Love during the quarantine season!  

We love how the celebration cakes innovated considering healthy, savory, creative and indulgent preferences. Best of all you can easily order them online and delivered to you in flawless condition. 

Congrats! #bestcakesinmanila

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I love how it is easy to curate the featured food in our instagram using the guides format. It is easy to also tag the featured brands and they can easily share it to their followers.

We are starting with the Best of Quarantine Food wrap-up for 2020. Watch out for our featured travel guides soon.

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