How to Buy the Best Ergonomic Chair?

Sitting for back-to-back zoom sessions can put a strain on your body if you are not using a proper chair for the right ergonomic posture and comfortable sitting arrangement. Carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain and stiff neck issues can be serious ergonomic consequences of all this zombie-like work-from-home madness.

Choosing the right ergonomic chair can be a daunting task at first. We consulted Greenmar Philippines‘ ergonomic chair experts to know more about the considerations when it comes to buying the right ergonomic chair for your work-from-home setup.

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Pricing / Budget

iForm Ergonomic Chair ₱46,000 (with leg rest & laptop holder) with 5 years warranty

Since you will be using the chair almost on a daily basis, you should consider the price per daily use. A really good ergonomic chair with fully adjustable setup and good quality design like the iForm, which comes with a leg rest when you recline and a laptop holder, could cost ₱46,000.

If you use it 261 weekdays in one year, the cost would be ₱176 per use, and with the 5-year warranty, you can be assured that you can enjoy it for the next 5 years or more with proper use.

Y Chair Ergonomic Chair with headrest (₱15,500) with 5 year warranty

If you are not a “heavy” user meaning you don’t sit on it the whole day back-to-back and if you are relatively light, you can consider a ₱15,500 mid back mesh ergonomic chair with tapered design backrest like the Y Chair. This is the best value for your money, taking functionality, design, warranty and aesthetics into consideration.

Era High Back Chair with headrest (₱7,500)

If you have a starting budget, a chair like the ERA high back chair can provide basic ergonomic functionality, mesh back design and comfortability better than a dining chair or sofa which most people use nowadays for WFH use.

Ergonomic Functionalities

Begin Chair

Head Rest/Mesh Back. Once you’ve tried a mesh back, you’ll never go back to just any chair. The mesh hugs your back like a hammock but it has a sturdy design to support your back.

Having a head rest where you can relax your head and rest your neck is essential specially for long meetings.

iForm Ergonomic Chair

Fully Adjustable Seat. The best ergonomic chair is fully adjustable—you can change the height of the seat, move the seat forward and adjust the head rest.

Once you recline the seat you can adjust the arm rest accordingly and have a leg rest for your feet with optional laptop holder for a relaxing zoom session.

Kokuyo Ergonomic Chair

Lumbar Support. The support for your lower back is probably the most important because you have to have a cushion that’s comfortable but also sturdy enough to support your weight.

The best ones we’ve tried are those from Kokuyo Air Fort that allow you to adjust the lumbar support area by pumping it with air.

Design Considerations

Humanscale Ergonomic Scale

Body Weight Considerations. Humanscale designs are famous because they adjust accordingly to the sitter’s weight for unparalleled comfort. They have a beautiful anatomical back design that you can show off on your next zoom session.

Kokoyu Air Fort

Finer Materials. Having a 3d Mesh Material is quite important for sturdy comfortability. Aluminum legs and back support are crucial for the chair to last longer than those made with hard plastic materials.

Xten® Ergonomic Chair

Branded Quality. For the executive, you might want to go for branded quality like the Xten® designed by Pininfarina, the legendary Italian design firm that gave Ferrari and Maserati their signature looks.

Chair for Kids (Consideration)

If you have an extra budget, invest also on good quality chairs for the kids for their online distance learning.

Miro Ergonomic Chair
(Mid back mesh chair with adjustable  lumbar support, with sychro mechanism with adjustable arms)

We have to teach them about proper ergonomic practices as their generation spends more time on the computer for school work or for pleasure, watching movies or playing games.

ERA High Back Chair
(Mesh chair with adjustable lumbar support, with synchro mechanism, with adjustable arms)

If you have to prioritize, the teenagers need ergonomic chairs more as they grow in height and increase in weight. This is also the time when they build their long-term habits.

Final Thoughts

Working from home is here to stay for 2021 and beyond. Don’t wait for ergonomic issues to affect your body because these can be painful and permanent. Investing on an ergonomic chair will be the best thing you can do for your work from home office setup.

You can consult the Greenmar Philippine team who can help you with your budget, design and aesthetic considerations. They have a showroom you can visit so that you can try the chairs before purchase.

Greenmar Philippines Inc.
💯Best & Affordable Ergonomic Chairs/Tables in Manila
Mobile: +63 917 724 7524 or +63 915 891 0482
Instagram: @greenmarphils
Facebook: Greenmar Phils
Use promo code: GMPI000004 for FREE delivery 

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Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. I love the iForm Ergonomic Chair because it is fully adjustable and flexible, can easily handle my body weight specially when it reclines, and it has a beautiful design to show off during zoom sessions.

My wife loves the Y-Chair because of its sexy ergonomic design that fits the budget balanced with its functionality.

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