EAPPOC: Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake by Chef Aaron Lau

Before I thought that chefs opening restaurants during the pandemic is crazy. But I was inspired by the story of Chef Aaron’s EAPPOC (pronounced as epoch).

Easy as Pie Piece of Cake (EAPPOC) by Chef Aaron Lau is a pizza place specializing on Detroit-style pizza—crispy on the outside with just the right amount of ‘frico’ but also fluffy and cloud-like on the inside.

The square slice reminds us that, no matter how times have changed, we are resilient enough to hustle harder alongside it. “Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake” is a mindset that can carry one through tough times, a dedication to all the dreamers, believers and unicorns of our time.



Chef Aaron Lau, together with wife and co-founder Nikki Oropesa-Lau, has always had this idea of taking simple food and transforming it to the next level, using unpretentious methods backed by science and hard-work, without the frills.

Husband and wife agree that quality produce must be treated with utmost care and the process it undergoes makes for the end result. This stems from the belief that the most common food items need not be junk or served ‘fast’ and can always be done better.

Preserve the integrity of ingredients
Be creative but keep it 100%
Connect with the community and be inclusive
Dig deep and keep it real

Chef Aaron Lau is a Singaporean Chef who worked his way up the culinary ladder from line cook in Singapore, prep cook in Australia, to Commis 4 at Mandarin Oriental Singapore. He also worked at DB Bistro in New York City.

I met Chef Aaron when he first opened Miss B’s Tuckshop in 2011. He got married in Cebu and opened Happy Lucky Cebu, a modern Thai restaurant that pays homage to his mom’s culinary heritage.

He opened EAPPOC as a cloud kitchen concept last Feb 2021 and finally as a brick-and-mortar restaurant last July 15, 2021.

A Detroit-style pizza is a pan pizza inspired by Sicilian pizza, with a crusty outside and a light fluffier inside. It is a rectangular pizza served in square slices with a thick airy crust that resembles focaccia.

I love the cheese wall and crown that forms around the pizza. The crust can’t be folded, and it’s a good base canvas for the chef’s creativity with different flavors.

Watch 🔴 The Story of EAPPOC (Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake)! with Chef Aaron Lau

EAPPOC: Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake
112 LPL Tower, Legaspi Street, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hotline 📲 +63 917 183 8817
Pick-up in store 🏬
Same day delivery 🏍
Order here: eappoc.beepit.com
Instagram: @eappocpizza

The EAPPOC Experience

The Russian (₱2,500). House- Cured Lox, Lumpfish Caviar, Salmon- roe, Eappoc crust, Eappoc cheese blend 2.0, Lemon- Vodka cream, House-Ranch, Onion, Spring Onion, Dill

This is probably one of the best pizzas we tried—generously topped with salmon, roe and caviar—for those times you want to indulge and celebrate life’s EAPPOC moments.

Smoked Garden (₱950) Inspired by a scene of fallen and burnt leaves. Be a garden lover, but keep it lit 🔥
⚡️The EAPPOC team encourages mindful eating habits, inspired by seasonality & technique ⚡️

I was amazed at this pizza topped with “discarded” smoked vegetables to form a pizza garden with dry but smoky flavors. Very creative, and I enjoyed every bit of the toppings.

Meatball (₱1,100)

So into this all meat pizza with lots of meat balls in every slice. Our kids loved it as well, but still they asked, “Can we have pepperoni next time?”

Flying V (₱585). Our “Flying V” Pizza is a play on Peking Duck flavors and is a plant-based, low-carb, dairy-free alternative. 🌱☁️ The first of our “Skinny D crust” variant. It’s surprisingly tasty… we couldn’t help but quote The Mighty Ducks. 🦆 🎥 🌱 We’re proud to say we make our faux meats in-house.

This was my personal favorite, and I couldn’t believe that this was a plant-based pizza. I liked their thin-crust and their own in-house faux meats. Very creative and real value for money.

Piña Express (₱950)

For fans of pizzas with pineapples, here’s a detroit-style with intensified pineapple flavors you’ll love.

We tried to have it delivered all the way to the south which took 2 hours, and the transport time did not do justice to the quality of the crust.

The flavors were good, and heating it up helped but nothing beats picking it up and eating it at home immediately.

Chocolate Brick (₱300)

Tres Chocolates brick cake with local cacao! So good when the chocolate melted and overpowered the actual cake. I loved it but it got a mixed reaction.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations Chef Aaron for the opening of EAPPOC Makati and for sharing your good vibes and uplifting philosophy. It’s awesome to see your hard work come to life.

I appreciate knowing that the pizzas are created in a clean and safe environment with proper equipment specializing in Detroit-style pizza.

The post pandemic restaurant world is all about positioning and making a difference in the lives of the foodies through innovative flavors, creative execution and a good story to tell. Again, congrats!

Make sure to pre-order your pizza and pick it up. It is convenient that the restaurant is literally on the ground floor curb side along Legaspi street.

Order this drive through for your next outing or movie night with the family.

EAPPOC: Easy as Pie, Piece of Cake
112 LPL Tower, Legaspi Street, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hotline 📲 +63 917 183 8817
Pick-up in store 🏬
Same day delivery 🏍
Order here: eappoc.beepit.com
Instagram: @eappocpizza

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Aaron Lau.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Order their Cheesecake Brick. Ang sarap!

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