The Fatted Calf: One Year of Deliciousness!

Updated 2023 blog post: The Fatted Calf Reopens in Tagaytay! (First Look)

Happy first year anniversary to The Fatted Calf by Chef Jay Jay and Rhea Sycip, the best new restaurant in the Silang area in the Covid pandemic era! After surviving Covid and its business impact on the restaurant industry, they continue to innovate and introduce new flavors as thanksgiving to loyal patrons and new customers.

We revisited The Fatted Calf with our boys and here are our new discoveries.

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For added safety and privacy, we stayed in the private room which is conducive to online classes for the boys and also a safe space for us to enjoy the food with the room all to ourselves.

You can open the window of the private room to savor Tagaytay’s fresh air and to get a view of the backyard.

Did you know that Chef Jay Jay loves dogs? The boys had fun playing with Donut, the restaurant dog mascot, which further fueled their desire to have a dog at home.

23 V. Belarmino Street, Barangay Bucal 4118 Silang, Philippines
FacebookThe Fatted Calf PH
Telephone: +63 917 789-2352
Operating Hours:
Fridays 10am to 8pm
Saturdays to Mondays 8am to 8pm


A lot of people go to The Fatted Calf to enjoy drinking wine over good appetizers and conversations. With the demand for new appetizers, Chef Jay Jay introduces an awesome line up of new ones for his diners to experience.

Spicy Grilled Octopus (₱460 +service charge)

The pulpo is sous vide for 10 hours to achieve a chewy texture with a good bite, then spiced with gochuchang sauce and served with coleslaw.

You’ll love it—cut slowly and drink with white wine to start.

Tostada Sampler (₱550 +service charge) Cumin Beef, Gambas Kra Pao, Gai On Shingaling discs

Like tacos but served on a Filipino snack called Shingaling with toppings of gambas, chicken with thai basil and their yummy Australian wagyu.

Mussel Curry (₱490 +service charge)

An awesome alternative to the classic Moules Mariniere—mussels cooked in wine, but with a corn mash with curry sauce. Ang sarap!

Smoked Tomato Soup (₱295 +service charge)

Grilled and then smoked tomato soup served hot with a smoky flavor and bits of Lap Chong Chinese sausage.

Pomelo Salad (₱580 +service charge)

Inspired by Thai Pomelo Salad, this is served with fried shrimps, desiccated coconut and roasted peanuts with a nice cilantro dressing.

Our least favorite, but it was refreshing, good for fans of coconut flavors.


Wagyu Galbi Bao (₱599 +service charge)

Australian Wagyu Short Ribs cooked in Galbi Korean flavor served in Chinese Bao with vegetables.

So good! I loved how Chef Jay Jay cooked and flavored his meats.

Fatted Calf Crab Carbonara (₱550 +service charge)

Crabonara was a hit with the kids! A must order on your next visit.

It’s carbonara pasta served with crabmeat, kaffir, onion garlic, butter, egg yolk, salmon egg and calamansi!

Thai Pork BBQ (₱575 +service charge)

Thai Pork Skewers served with salad—simple but there’s lots of umami in the meat.

Crackling Pork Belly (₱695 +service charge)

Another master creation from Chef Jay Jay!

A big chunk of pork belly with good layers of meat and fat cooked adobo style served with burnt reddish mash, black garlic with maple and kamote.


One of the best things about The Fatted Calf is enjoying Flour Pot’s Cakes!

Carrot Cake (₱395/slice, ₱3,000 whole cake)

The carrot cake was quite moist with the right sweetness from its cream cheese frosting and some pili nuts to cut through the sweetness (plus some bourbon for that alcoholic kick).

Mocha Cake (₱275/slice, ₱1,800 whole cake)

For mocha cake lovers, you’ll love the soft layers of mocha, thick layer of icing, topped with strawberries and sugar caramel crunch.

Smores Cake (₱375/slice, ₱2,250 whole cake)

Flour pot’s signature Smores Cake which is an ode to the campfire favorite smores made with an organic butter cake base with crushed graham, choco ganache, marshmallow icing.

When you order it in the restaurant, Chef Rhea will torch the marshmallow tableside for that toasted goodness. 

Best of all, don’t forget to order their black coffee to pair with the cakes.


Congratulations to Chef Jayjay and Rhea on The Fatted Calf’s first year anniversary! We admire your resilience and positive outlook throughout 2021. Cheers to more successful years in 2022 and beyond!

We always love going to Fatted Calf for good food with wine pairing and Chef Jayjay’s meats and Chef Rhea’s cakes! Panalo!

Reserve the outdoor tables or the private room for added safety measure.

23 V. Belarmino Street, Barangay Bucal 4118 Silang, Philippines
FacebookThe Fatted Calf PH
Telephone: +63 917 789-2352
Operating Hours:
Fridays 10am to 8pm
Saturdays to Mondays 8am to 8pm

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Jay Jay and Rhea.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Chef has a lot of puppies and the boys can’t wait to take care of one of them at home. 🙂

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