Tea of Spring by Chef Liu Zhijun @ Shangrila Mactan // Cebu Food & Wine Festival

Finally tried Shangri-La Mactan’s signature Chinese Restaurant, Tea of Spring, with their new Chinese Executive Chef Liu Zhi Jun who is showcasing his fine Chinese cuisine at the Cebu Food & Wine Festival 2022. We love modern Chinese food because of the comforting Eastern flavors with Western flair and the different taste profile when paired with wine.

Here’s our Tea of Spring experience at Shangri-La Mactan.

About Tea of Spring

Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring is delighted to participate in this year’s Cebu Food and Wine Festival from June 18 to July 2, 2022 with a curated menu by Executive Chinese Chef, Liu Zhi Jun.

Diners are invited to try the exclusive Tea of Spring five-course menu with authentic Chinese specialties such as Sea Urchin Crystle Dumpling paired with Prosecco, Roasted Duck paired with a glass of Merlot, Wagyu Ribeye and more. The menu is priced at Php3,900++ per person and is available starting June 25, 2022.

The Cebu Food and Wine Festival aims to showcase Cebu’s incredible culinary masterpieces, and one of the highlights is the curated menu by Tea of Spring’s Executive Chinese Chef Liu Zhi Jun. The renowned chef brings over 30 years of experience in creating Cantonese menus and has collaborated with visionary chefs from the international scene, all of which greatly influenced his style and knowledge, leading elite concepts. Chef Liu’s extensive background molded him to blend both traditional and modern cooking concepts to produce innovative gastronomic creations, some of which will be featured during the exclusive Food and Wine Night at Tea of Spring.

Tea of Spring by Chef Liu Zhijun
Shangri-La Mactan
Telephone: +63 (32) 231 0288
Email:  fbreservations.mac@shangri-la.com
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Check out Tea of Spring Regular Menu

Tea of Spring // Cebu Food & Wine Festival

Tea of Spring offers a 5-course wine pairing menu exclusively for the Food & Wine Festival to finally showcase the culinary mastery of Chinese Chef Liu Zhi Jun.

Loved the alcoholic shot of black tea, gin, pineapple juice and calamansi as an apperitif to prepare your appetite.

Sea Urchin and Shellfish in Crystal Skin Dumpling Crispy Nest, Fish Roe, Mustard Cream
Paired with Prosecco

This dumpling was one of the best we tried, full of umami from the sea urchin, shellfish, salmon roe and Japanese mayo. Loved the thin dumpling skin that was strong enough to hold its contents. Best to eat with the crispy nest for texture.

Duck Salad Garlic Crostini
(Paired with Merlot)

Chef’s specialty—two-way roasted duck with breast and crisp skin served with caviar and duck salad topped with peanut and sesame seed. It was served with a light dressing, not your usual Chinese roasted duck.

Wayfield Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon
Claire Valley, Limestone Coast

Roasted duck paired well with the red wine, but I would have liked it better with a lighter red than a Cab Sauv, just enough to cut through the duck skin and caviar flavors in between bites.

Bean Curd Skin Textures, Truffle Porridge, Leek Hash
(Paired with Chardonnay)

Steamed Red Suno fish with crunchy bean curd, truffle porridge, quinoa, and Hunan chili sauce. In simple terms, sosyal na lugaw with a huge topping of fish and umami flavors from the truffle.

Tip: Ask for extra XO Sauce to give it a chili oomph.

Condor Peak Chardonnay 2019

Refreshing pairing—the Chardonnay with the steamed fish.

Wok-grilled, Stir-fried Szechuan, Potato String, Braised Beef Tendon and Porcini Mushroom, Master Stock jus
(Paired with Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz)

The steak course was seared Wagyu rib-eye with umami-licious XO Butter and Collagen on a bed of Chinese potato string and asparagus. Ang sarap ng steak with the butter, and I wished they served this with Chinese fried rice as an option. 🙂

Red Dates – White Chocolate Mouse, White Fungus, Goji Berries, Ginger Crispy
(Paired with Moscato)

This chocolate egg came with surprising Chinese ingredients inside, with a mix of flavors from different Chinese ingredients. You have to smash it with your spoon to reveal the surprise.

This tasted like Chinese Halo Halo in a white chocolate egg shell. Loved the flavors of red dates, goji berries, ginger crisp and strawberry boba complemented by the textures from white fungus and chocolate crumbs. Sarap!

Laurus 2015

I found this pairing a bit too sweet already.

Final Thoughts

Impressive fine Chinese Lunch with a dash of Chef Liu’s personality while explaining each dish with a smile. We loved the sea urchin crystal dumpling, two-way roasted duck, and the wagyu rib-eye with XO butter sauce. The 5-course menu was light throughout, just enough to finish it satisfied and a little boozy from the wine pairing. I liked the use of umami flavors with the right meat pairing and non-use of expensive ingredients just for the sake of.

Congratulations to Chef Liu and the Tea of Spring Shangri-La Mactan team for an awesome 5-course fine Chinese meal!

Tea of Spring by Chef Liu Zhijun
Shangri-La Mactan
Telephone: +63 (32) 231 0288
Email:  fbreservations.mac@shangri-la.com
Visit Shangri-La Mactan’s Online Shop

Check out Tea of Spring Regular Menu

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Disclosure: This was a media preview hosted by Shangri-La Mactan for the Cebu Food & Wine Festival 2022. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Don’t miss to catch Shangri-La Mactan’s pink sunset to cap your meal.

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