Cinemalaya Fever in Manila! (Our First Live Experience)

Cinemalaya is the most prestigious independent film cinema festival in the Philippines where the best film makers showcase their film creations. In this year’s 18th edition, Cultural Center of the Philippines opens its doors to onsite screening for the first time after the pandemic lockdowns.

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Here is our First Cinemalaya LIVE CCP Experience and don’t miss to catch it this week:


Cinemalaya 2022 opened with the inaugural showing of “Leonor Will Never Die” which is a creative take on film making and hilariously unique on storytelling. Must watch!

Buy tickets onsite in the CCP Box Office (₱250) or get your tickets at Ticketnet or SM Tickets.

I love watching the gala premier of the movies in the CCP Main Theater throughout the day.

You can check out the complete schedule of the remaining Cinemalaya Schedule this week.

The gala introduces the filmmakers and recognizes the entire film crew at the start of the show.

Alternatively, you can watch in the CCP Little theater for the Talkback sessions and screenings.

(Note: this theater has uncomfortable seating arrangements specially for full length films)

Check out the remaining Film screenings this week.

In between shows, you can have donuts and coffee at Founders Donuts PH

You can have your burger fix at the Burger Food Truck.

We enjoyed the barbecue stalls in between watching the show.

Full Length Feature Films

It was a great honor getting to talk to the filmmakers and I’m inspired to make my own film.

Touching story about retirement and the importance of preparing mentally and financially for it.

Love the coming-of-age aspect of the band and their brutal experience with the police based on true stories.

This movie was so powerful. I was triggered and remembered the moments of silent treatment in our own relationships and how you should not let a day pass by to reconcile before you sleep.

Short Film Features

This year’s short films are so inspiring and creative!

The Silent Story film technique was so powerful that we were on the edge throughout.

Love the cinematography and the authentic depicting of the life and struggles of the Aetas.

This was a comic relief but at the same time a reminder on how we can learn from our kids.

Now I know why this film is called Kwits and not Ayuda. Brilliant film.

What an awesome tribute to our fallen front liners in a tagos-puso storytelling.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on the Cinemalaya Fever in Manila this week! See you in the Cinema 🙂

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Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official media partner of Cinemalaya 18. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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