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(Credit: Information is sourced from Official New Clark City Factsheet by BCDA)

New Clark City (NCC) is a 9,450-hectare greenfield development inside Clark Special Economic Zone positioned to be an inclusive, resilient, sustainable and smart city. Of the total land area, only 3,500 hectares will be utilized for building structures, while the remaining 6,000 hectares will be maintained as green and open spaces for upland farming and forestry. NCC is projected to have a population of 1.2 million, while total employment within the city is expected to reach more than 600,000.

Here’s what you need to know about New Clark City and how to plan your travel.

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New Clark City Location

The Comprehensive Master Development Plan for New Clark City was developed by BCDA in partnership with Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN), and Urbana Jurong of Singapore

Where is it exactly?

What you can see in the photo above is the Clark Field Pampanga area where the airport is located. New Clark City is on the far end located in Capas, Tarlac and will be connected by a bridge soon. Plan your travel accordingly and allot extra time to pass by Capas.

What is the significance of New Clark City?

It is a disaster resilient development that serves as the government’s back-up National Government Administrative Center (NGAC). ✅ The metropolis is designed to be 60 meters above sea level vs. Manila’s 5 meters. ✅ The city’s storm drainage is designed to accommodate a 1,000-year flood level. ✅ It is 19 kilometers away from the nearest fault line, the East Zambales Fault. ✅ Facilities are built to withstand a magnitude 8.5 earthquake. ✅ Mt. Pinatubo is 35 km away, and the lahar flow did not reach this area during the last eruption. ✅ It is 54.17 km away from the nearest coastline so it’s safe from tsunami risks. ✅ It is surrounded by the Sierra Madre and Cordillera Mountains that minimize super typhoon winds.

World Class Athletic Facilities

New Clark City served as one of the venues for the 30th SEA Games when it opened in 2019.

The Athletics Stadium is a certified world class facility:

✅ Certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) ✅ Highly Commended recognition from the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in the Completed Buildings – Sport Category

The Athletics Stadium has a 20,000-seating capacity with a nine-lane 400-meter track and field, and another four-lane warm-up track.

The design is inspired by the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo, the contours of the Sierra Madre ranges, and the festive details of the parol of Pampanga.

The New Clark City Aquatics Center is the only Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)-accredited swimming facility in the country.

The NCC Aquatics Center has a total seating capacity of 2,000 and features a 10-lane competition pool, eight-lane training pool and a diving pool.

The design is inspired by the coastal heritage of the Filipino people and weaving patterns of the “baklad” or woven fish nets. Capiz shells are used for the windows.

River Park Night Walk

New Clark City’s River Park is a 4.5 hectare leisure space featuring a 1.4-kilometer walkway along the Cutout River. The park also includes an amphitheater, a playground, bikeways, jogging paths, and dedicated areas for wellness activities like yoga and zumba.

On the way to the river park, at the rotunda in front of the Aquatics Center, stands the Pag-ahon sculpture of Jude Tiotuico.

Pag-ahon by Jude Tiotuico. A tribute to Filipino swimmers and divers.

Tiotuico worked on steel, brass and aluminum for the sculpture aptly named “Pag-ahon”—like swimmers emerging from turbulent waters. The piece, majestic in the afternoon light, seems to signal better times ahead for Filipino athletes.

With the perfect blend of art and nature, the park hosts rich flora and fauna along the riverbanks and various installation artworks by Filipino artists on full display.

Barrio by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Named after the basic unit of Filipino communities, these rattan viewing pods were created using Cobonpue’s unique weaving style. The waterproof installations sit atop the highest point of the park, serving as resting areas as well as viewing decks.

“The pieces are close to each other, standing tall, directed towards the horizon. This is reflecting the idea of a community of people working together and looking towards a brighter future.”

Domes Village by Bernardo Pacquing.

This is a series of dome-like structures linked by suspended bridges. Serving both as an outdoor art installation and a playground, the domes were made by Tarlac-board artist Bernardo Pacquing out of reclaimed hardwood from old houses combined with custom-made steel connections. This large-scale art installation combines creativity, architecture, and sound structural design.

Sibol by Bea Valdes.

Fairies and water nymphs emerging from the river banks are the subject of Valdes’ metal grid sculpture. The art installation celebrates the folklore and mythology of the Philippine countryside. Valdes combined weaving and wire work to create these stunning installations that transformed cold metal into organic shapes.

Where to Stay

Athlete’s Village

The 525-room Athlete’s Village serves as billeting for athletes during training and sports events. It also features a gym, basketball court, swimming pool (under renovation), lounge, gym, and other recreational facilities.

The rooms are quite spacious with a queen bed, a single bed, and a pull-out bed.

The restroom is spacious—with shower, toilet, bidet, wash basin, and protective rails.

The Residences

The 516-room Residences is a condominium-type dwelling structure built for government employees, and other locators in New Clark City. These homes offer the security and modern conveniences workers, employees, officials, and entrepreneurs require.

We stayed in a two-bedroom (40-42 sqm) unit with a sofa bed, coffee table, dining table, and kitchen equipped with refrigerator, induction stove, and range hood.

The bedroom has air conditioning, wardrobe cabinet, single size bed, study table, and chair.

The bathroom has a washing machine, shower, and water heater.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love the whole vision of New Clark City with its world-class sports facilities, river park, and disaster-resilient National Government Admin Center as the foundations on which this new metropolis is built. BCDA already learned from their mistakes with BGC that became a place solely for rich people, so they want New Clark City to be more inclusive for the common people with affordable housing and facilities for all.

Currently, you can only stay at The Residences which has a nice open pool on the ground floor that the kids love, but I like the rooms at the Athlete Village better because these are designed as hotel rooms for short term stays. There were limited food options when we visited, but over time with more and more people visiting during the weekends, there will be new food vendors available.

Most of the places have a nice lighting in the afternoon, The Athletic Stadium and the art installations like Pag-Ahon. The River Park is nice to walk by during sunset and at night.

New Clark City will also house the National Academy of Sports (NAS) established by virtue of Republic Act 11470 “to develop the athletic skills and talents of students in world-class sports facilities which are at par with international standards.”

On September 13, 2021, coinciding with the Department of Education’s school opening, NAS welcomed its pioneering batch of student-athletes in their first-ever virtual class. The first batch is composed of 66 scholars who went through a “tedious admission process” to prove their skills and potential.

Watch out for more developments and investment opportunities at New Clark City!

NEW CLARK CITY Capas, Tarlac Facebook: New Clark City Instagram: @newclarkcityph Twitter: @NewClarkCity Official Website:

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Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

Disclosure: Thank you to our friends from BCDA for hosting us during the grand opening of New Clark City. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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  1. The Filipino people deserve this beautiful structure and the concept weaves Filipino culture closely into every installation.
    Since our Filipinos athletes have the spirit and physique for select sports – this facility will upgrade them to international standards.
    I like the comment that it is NOW a comfort, convenient, welcoming structure for us “commons”. We can enjoy what was designed for the “rich” – we can ouch, feel, sleep in, swim in, walk in, even meditate in, exercise in like it is our ownVillage.
    Such a place as this dilutes the most destructive gap between the “haves” and “have nots” and strengthens the working class , specially the OFWs when they visit. Welcome arms. May it be God blessed because it is , like the “Pag-Ahon” of Jude Tiutuico, a symbol of our re-emergence into becoming a united country.
    I hope this same concept can be duplicated in the Visayas and Mindanao. We connect. Thanks Anton for sharing yur views. / Nancy

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