Antonio’s PGA Cars – Is it Worth It? (A Review)

Antonio’s Tagaytay opens in Manila with a fine dining experience amidst luxury cars on the mezzanine of PGA Cars showroom along EDSA. Antonio’s PGA Cars features exclusive contemporary French dishes by Master French Chef Cyrille “Cicou” Soenen with Chef Tony Boy’s famed dry aged steaks and classic French desserts. 

Interesting ambiance with the garden replaced by an opulent showroom filled with luxury cars. Finally we can celebrate with Chef Tony Boy’s food without traveling all the way to Tagaytay!

Is it worth it? Here’s what we think and some tips to make your visit awesome.


For the past 20 years, Antonio’s Tagaytay has been welcoming you through its doors with its gracious, accommodating service, and it’s unforgettable, soulful dishes. The idyllic place has become the perfect setting for celebrating milestones and creating new ones.

This time, we are creating our own milestone by bringing the Antonio’s experience to a new city—to a modern, contemporary space at PGA Cars. One might wonder what a renowned restaurant group might have to do with a luxury motor dealership. They are, in fact, connected. Two brands that seemingly could not be more different, yet they share the same vision­ to provide unparalleled experiences to their patrons through exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional quality and through the never-ending, passionate search for perfection. Two brands that seemingly could not be more different, and yet, could not be more alike.

We welcome you to explore our shared vision. Taste and enjoy the wonderful dishes and libations that await. Experience what the luxury automotive industry has to offer.

Welcome to Antonio’s at PGA Cars.

📍202 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
⏱ Open daily 9:00am to 6:00pm on Mondays
9:00am to 11:00pm on Tuesdays to Sundays
📞 +63 985 221 6791
Antonio’s at PGA Cars
DM @antoniospgacars

At first, I thought the concept will not work—I never expected dining in a car showroom, and I had a high-end carwash garage dining in mind. But I was mistaken.

Upon arriving at the showroom, one could see the magic in the collaboration with the attention to details, the high degree of artistry, and the pursuit of perfection in automotive and culinary industries.

Antoniio’s Lounge Bar Menu

You can dine in the lounge for some bar chow, curated cocktails, and drink selections.

Service can be intimidating because the restaurant serves both diners and luxury car owners.

Antonio’s PGA Cars Menu:
· Appetizers, Charcuteries, Legris Oysters, White Asparagus, Caviar, Salads, Soups
· Entrees, Dry Aged Steaks, Steak Condiments, Side Dishes
· Desserts, Antonio’s Ice Cream

Make sure to book a reservation at the 2nd floor because the seats can fill up so fast. Reserve the booth tables or the private rooms for your intimate session with friends and family.

(Please note: NEVER agree to be seated near the restroom.)


Meal started with a bread service of sourdough or baguette with Antonio’s Butter.


🥗 Fresh Burrata Salad (₱550)
Balsamic Pearls, Strawberry Fruit Spheres, Arugula, Roasted Hazelnut

Loved this fresh burrata salad with balsamic pearls which resembled black seeds or caviar. Mix the greens with the burrata, strawberry, and hazelnut for a refreshing salad start.

🥣 Sunchoke Veloute Soup (₱480). Bacon
🥣 French Onion Soup (₱600). Onion, Gruyere, Crostini

The sunchoke was velvety light with bits of bacon while the French Onion had gruyere and not much of the onions.

I would skip the soup next time.

🥓Caber de Jabali (₱600)
Pork Mask, Pork Tongue, Chorizo, Pamplona, Buttered Crostini

This was a Spanish Pork Head Cheese appetizer made of slices of different pork head parts, thinly sliced and topped on a buttered crostini. It was like the components of sisig in cold cut form.

It actually tasted delicious on its own, but I would not go back for this.

🐌 Escargots de Bourgogne (₱650)
Escargot, Parsley Butter, Button Mushrooms

This was our favorite—with the snails dipped in parsley butter and button mushrooms. We enjoyed scooping the snail out of the green butter holes and dip the breads into them to savor the parsley butter. Even the kids loved this (as long as you don’t tell them they are eating snails). They served it in half-dozens in a ceramic container with 6 holes.


🥩 Bone-in Ribeye (₱1,050 per 100 grams)
45 Days Dry Aged Steaks, Blackened Rare
With Antonio’s Mashed Potatoes, Charcoal Baked Gratin Potatoes, Duck Fat French Fries.

We always go back to Antonio’s for steaks, their 45 days dry aged steaks served blackened rare and served sizzling in their oil. We ordered the 1 kg bone-in rib eye. Best to enjoy it with 4-5 people so you can share it.

Antonio’s Mashed Potatoes (₱260),
Charcoal Baked Gratin Potatoes (₱360),
Duck Fat French Fries (₱200),
Spinach Casserole (₱300)

The steak was served with an array of side dishes and different condiments.

I like to enjoy my steak as it is with just salt and pepper and not too much sauce that may cover the flavor.

Le Versant 2019 (₱900/glass)
Loulou Et Caroline Mitjaville

Order a good Bordeaux Red to pair with the meatiness and oiliness of the steak.

🦀 Crab with Uni and Inure Capellini (₱2,500)
Crab, Uni and Fish Yeah I know I’m a game roster Roe

You’ll love this creamy pasta, served on a crab shell, with chunks of crab meat and umami from the uni and fish roe. Went well as an alternative entree to complement the steak, but I could go back to just enjoy this capellini thin pasta.


🍫 Felchlin Dark Chocolate Soufflé (₱550)
With Panna Ice Cream, Sea Salt, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The soufflés were the signature dessert, served a la mode with ice cream. Light with a soft texture and just the right kind of sweetness for a satisfying ending.

🍨 Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream (₱250)

We also enjoyed the simple roasted strawberry ice cream done well in house.

🍨Baba Au Rhum (₱550)
With Vanilla Bean Chantilly, Spiced Syrup, and Don Papa Mascara Rhum

For something more interactive, order the Baba Au Rhum for some flambeed action, and add the vanilla bean Chantilly to pair with the rum-soaked pastry and some fruits.


Overall, it was worth it—the atmosphere of excellence and exquisite craftsmanship make it the perfect fine dining place to celebrate a special occasion or a personal milestone with family and friends in Manila. The mezzanine dining was so intimate and comfortable that you’d just want to hang around.

The experience was quite unique, dining amidst luxury cars with contemporary French dishes by Master French Chef Cyrille “Cicou” Soenen with Chef Tony Boy’s famed dry aged steaks. We recommend the 🐌 Escargots de Bourgogne, 🦀 Crab with Uni and Inure Capellini, and 🥩 Bone-in Ribeye (₱1,050 per 100 grams). Budget ₱5,000/head for your next celebration.

It could be quite expensive if you go on a date for 2, but the dishes are good to share for 4-6 guests, which is ideal when ordering steaks. Also, if you think about it, Antonio’s PGA Cars at ₱5,000/head is a lot better than eating at a fine dining degustation for the same amount.  

Service was spotty and nervous at times. When you make a reservation, they make you feel like the restaurant is already fully booked. When you park in the parking lot, the guards look at you as if you’re a second class citizen if you don’t own a luxury car. Our table’s service person forgot our order of oysters. Hopefully, service improves to be more welcoming and confident to make dining more memorable.

Congratulations to the PGA Cars team, Chef Tony Boy Escalante, and Chef Cicou for an awesome Antonio’s PGA Cars experience! Can’ wait to go back to try the other entrees.

📍202 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
⏱ Open daily 9:00am to 6:00pm on Mondays
9:00am to 11:00pm on Tuesdays to Sundays
📞 +63 985 221 6791
Antonio’s at PGA Cars
DM @antoniospgacars

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We paid for our meals. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. The guards discriminate depending on your car type: If your car is a non-luxury car, you can park at the back and enter at the back; if you have a luxury car, you can park in front of the showroom and enter in front. Why?

12 thoughts on “Antonio’s PGA Cars – Is it Worth It? (A Review)

  1. Hi Anton and Rache! I also want to know why. Thank you for writing a super honest review. I think the guard must be following orders only, hope the resto owners will get this sorted out. We do not have a luxury car and now having second thoughts dining there, if there is discrimination. Is there a dress code too?

  2. An insightful article. Thanks for writing this!

    With regards to the parking issue, it’s only fair to have a “first come, first serve” policy.

  3. Hi your photo above shows that the cars park in front are not luxury cars though. Glad to know Antonio’s is now more accessible! Thanks for the great recommendation, we’ll surely dine here soon!

  4. Tonyboy has luxe vehicles, Chef Cyrille has a motorcycle.. plus I don’t think he has a luxury car like Mr. Escalante has.. I don’t know if this is a deliberate policy, and knowing both gentlemen, I really don’t think it is. II’m sure they’ll call the guards’ attention on this matter if this is brought to their attention. Thanks for the review Anton, good one!

  5. Devil’s advocate: Imagine it from a different point of view.

    Owning a luxury car costs a lot of money, and takes a lot of effort to become rich, so it should come with privileges.

    Similar to how flying business class comes with privileges. You get to board first, you get use the lounge, sometimes you get a separate line at security and x-ray.

    It’s unfair to expect equal treatment all the time. Hotel lobbies in Singapore and America also don’t allow non-luxury cars to park at the lobby area.

  6. We ate at Antonio’s pga cars today and I should say the service was topnotch and not intimidating at all.We do not have a luxury car but we were able to park in front with good service from the guards.We felt VIPs with the over-all service that they have given. Plus,all the food that we tried were delicious except for the mashed potatoes which is bland.But will definitely go back.😊

  7. Had dinner there with my parents and while the food is OK, I don’t think the prices are justifiable. Honestly, if you dine out a lot like me, you’d know the food is mediocre. It’s honestly overhyped. I travel around a lot because of my work and have been to different countries and this is one of those restaurants that automatically gets a high rating because of the branding. The over-the-top pricing and discriminating service staff sort of makes people think this is special. But remove those and place their food side by side with other restaurants in the same category and they’d be in the bottom 40%.

  8. why is everyone commenting on the car/car park? shouldn’t it be about the food, service and ambiance?

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