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📸: Steak sliced by @chefsharwin and @chefedward

Ikinari, which means “suddenly”, aims to serve you steak as fast as possible when you crave for one. I remember eating with the family in an Ikinari with no seats in Osaka, one of our most memorable steak experiences in Japan. In the Philippines, they opened a 60-seater restaurant in Mall of Asia (ground floor of IKEA building). They have seats here because, culturally, Filipinos want to share their steaks while together with family & friends.

It was quite a unique experience. So here’s how to enjoy your Ikinari Steak.



Hold on tight because Japan’s top fast steak restaurant has finally landed in the Philippines. With over 200 locations all over Japan, Ikinari Steak has perfected the “sudden steak” experience that will have you zooming straight to your perfectly cooked steak without bothering with the side dishes.

📍G/F SM Mall of Asia Square, Marina Way MOA Complex, Pasay
⏰ Ready for STEAKOFF daily from 11AM to 10PM!
📩 ikinariph@gmail.com
✉️ DM @ikinariph
Ikinari Steak Philippines 
🌏 https://www.ikinari.ph/

The goal is to get to eat your steak as fast as possible so they already take your order when you enter. There was a long line and everyone was not familiar with the Ikinari Steak experience so it took time.

Make sure you know what to order already before you go. Choose your order in advance.

Ikinari Steak Menu: About Ikinari | Mains, By the Cut | Wild Combo & Diced Cuts | Drinks

We recommend ribeye which is the best in terms of tenderness and flavor. Make sure to order 300g minimum to get good steak thickness.

It is usually cooked medium rare (which is majority of the orders in Japan).

In Manila, more people order medium well or well done so it takes more time to cook the steak.

The best tables are the booth tables with a long family table in the middle good for 5-6 people/table.


Steak soup and salad with sesame sauce are served while you wait for your steak about 15-20 minutes.

Use the sweet sauce and legit wasabi for the signature Ikinari steak experience.

🍺 Sapporo Premium Draft 360ml ₱199

Order a draft Sapporo Premium to complete the Japanese steak and beer pairing. The draft beer is refreshing, not too heavy, and a good palate cleanser in between bites.

🥩 Ribeye Certified Angus Beef Ribeye (300g) ₱1,799 (₱5.99/gram)
Ikinari Sweet sauce wth wasabi

We tried all the steaks, and the best one is still the ribeye, the most tender and tastiest steak. Best not to use any condiments that mask the flavor to enjoy every bite.

Ask for a round sizzling plate which is hotter than the usual rectangle plate so that you can continue to cook the steak for those who like it medium well.

Tip: You can order a couple of different steak cuts to try with your family and friends.

🥩Striploin ( ₱1,799 – ₱5.99/gram)
Certified Angus Beef stripling that is tender & a flavorful all-rounder

The striploin was meaty with less fat, a bit tough when you slice it, but good to pair with the steak sauce and wasabi.

🥩Tenderloin (₱2,019 – ₱6.73/gram)
Our most premium cut from Brazil, the juiciest and most tender steak.

The tenderloin was tender and beefy when you cut it but lacked flavor so add spicy sauce and mustard.

🥩Ikinari Hamburg Steak (300g ₱610)
Addicting thick and juicy beef patties

This is easy to enjoy and kids love this. Make sure to order for a different texture and flavor. It is served with its own sauce which you can pour on the burger steak.

Usually served on the round plate so the Hamburg is still cooked well done on your table.

🥩Assorted Cut (200g ₱920)
A mixture of premium order cuts and our Wild Steak

A mixture of different edge cuts but still a good addition for variety if you are sharing the steaks. Goes well as pulutan for the beer.


Overall, this is one of the best steak experiences in Manila without the frills of side dishes and you get to satisfy your craving for steak the fast way. Love the configuration of the tables where you get to enjoy the steaks served family style. Make sure you know what to order before going.

We recommend the Certified Angus Beef Ribeye (300g) for the best steak experience. Add the Tenderloin and Striploin with the steak sauce, mustard and wasabi to complete the steak food trip. Order the Hamburg Steak if you have kids and the Assorted Cut for pulutan with Sapporo Premium Draft. Budget about ₱1,200/head.

The lines are long during peak hours so make sure to go during off peak and to know already what to order. The promise of Ikinari is you get your steak as fast as possible.

Congratulations to Ikinari Steak PH for bringing the Ikinari experience to Manila!

Let me know if you have additional tips to make the Ikinari experience awesome in the comment section below. Salamat!

📍G/F SM Mall of Asia Square, Marina Way MOA Complex, Pasay
⏰ Ready for STEAKOFF daily from 11AM to 10PM!
📩 ikinariph@gmail.com
✉️ DM @ikinariph
Ikinari Steak Philippines 
🌏 https://www.ikinari.ph/

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Disclosure: Thank you to Ikinari Steak PH for the steak experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. There’s no dessert. Also, you’ll smell like steak after dining here.

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