Mango Tree Manila: Authentic Thai SELECT Restaurant in BGC!

Mango Tree Manila is a world-class Thai restaurant franchised by restaurateurs Eric and Emelda Teng. It showcases the best of all four regions of Thailand, and its flagship branch at Bonifacio High Street Central is certified by Thai SELECT Philippines for its authentic ingredients and flavors. A casual fine dining restaurant with the tagline “Thai Cuisine at its Best”, it is headed by a seasoned Thai Chef to maintain its Thai authenticity.

Mango Tree Manila
📍7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City
♾️ Mango Tree Manila
IG: @mangotreemanila

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Mango Tree Manila is the biggest authentic Thai restaurant in the city, with a luxurious high ceiling and a spacious dining area that provides privacy between tables. The casual Thai elegance of the restaurant is evident in its ambiance.

Book the mezzanine private room for your special celebrations.

The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government has launched the “Thai SELECT” program to certify and promote authentic Thai cuisine around the world.

It is a seal of approval granted to Thai restaurants (both overseas and local Thai restaurants that serve authentic Thai food) and processed Thai food products. 

The objective is to give recognition to quality Thai restaurants and processed Thai food products as well as to encourage Thai restaurateurs and food producers to raise their quality while maintaining authenticity. 

Check out Mango Tree Menu

The menu is extensive, and it’s fun to mix and match dishes.



Tom Yum Chicken Wings (₱350) Peek Gai Tom Yum
deep fried chicken wings tossed in tom yum powder

The Tom Yum Chicken Wings at Mango Tree Manila are the best! The flavor is addicting, and the wings are fried to perfection, not too oily. Order two servings immediately.

Miang Kham (One bite thai snack wrap)

This is a popular snack in Northern Thailand, and it is made by wrapping a variety of ingredients in a betel leaf. The ingredients typically include shredded coconut, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, chili peppers, shallots, lime juice, onions and fish sauce. The betel leaf is used to give the snack a slightly sweet and earthy flavor, sometimes a bit bitter.

Thai Tapioca Dumplings (₱480) Sakoo Sai Moo
steamed tapioca balls filled with ground pork and ground peanuts

It is a savory tapioca dumpling stuffed with ground pork, peanuts, and sweet pickled radish. It is steamed until the tapioca is chewy and the filling is cooked through.

Pork Belly Satay (₱680) Satay Moo Sam Chun
grilled pork belly satay served with sweet vinegar and peanut dipping sauce

I love the layers of meat and fat that make it juicy and flavorful, and it can be seasoned with sweet vinegar or peanut sauce to taste.


Green Mango Salad (₱400) Yum Mamuang
fresh green mango, toasted coconut, roasted peanuts

The perfect salad to wake up your palate and prep your tummy for the Thai food ahead.


Tom Yum Shrimp (₱650) Tom Yum Goong
tom yum, shrimp, lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, mushroom, milk, bird’s eye chili

I love the spicy and limey flavor of the soup, but it is best eaten while it is hot.


Stir-fried Pork with Holy Basil (₱650) Moo Phad Grapow
minced pork with basil and bird’s eye chili

Filipinos love Krapow, a stir-fried dish made with ground meat, chili peppers, and holy basil – best eaten with white rice.


Phad Thai with Shrimp (₱580) Pad Thai Goong
stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, roasted peanuts, tofu, chili flakes, bean sprouts, lime, egg net

Their Pad Thai version is deconstructed, served with an egg net on top. You can mix the ingredients inside out to evenly distribute them, and add chili to your preference.


Panang Curry Beef Tenderloin (₱950) Panang Nua
beef with panang curry, kaffir lime, pea aubergine, carrots

The curry is soupy and has deep curry flavors. It is served with tenderloin tips and carrots.


Twice Cooked Southern Thai Chicken (₱1,500) Khao Mok Gai. with Turmeric Rice
slow cooked chicken with Thai herbs, yellow turmeric rice, cinnamon bark, and special sauces

The Thai-flavored chicken was interesting but not my favorite. It was served with turmeric rice and a variety of sauces.


Mango Sticky Rice (₱380) Khao Niew Ma-muang
signature fresh ripe mango with sweetened sticky rice, coconut sauce

The sticky rice is cooked with brown rice and topped with coconut cream.


Overall, this is the perfect place to celebrate and enjoy Thai food without having to dress up. The Tom Yum Chicken Wings were the highlight of the meal, and everyone couldn’t get enough of them. My personal favorites are the Thai Isan Spareribs, Massaman Australian Lamb Shank, and Pad Thai with Soft Shell Crab (from our last visit). The classic Thai dishes are good, but I would recommend trying something unique that you won’t find at other Thai restaurants.

Congratulations to the Mango Tree Manila team for consistently serving authentic Thai dishes and providing warm hospitality.

Mango Tree Manila
📍7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City
♾️ Mango Tree Manila
IG: @mangotreemanila

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