Resorts World One Buffet: A Comprehensive Cruise Food Guide

If you’re taking a cruise with Resorts World ONE, you might be curious about the food options on board.

All meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—are complimentary for guests, unless you really want to spend more money on specialty dining restaurants. With its various dining options and world-class cuisine, you’re sure to have an unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can order Western, Chinese, Halal, Southeast Asian, and Japanese meals while you’re on board.

For seasoned cruisers who are boarding Resorts World ONE for the first time, expect it to appeal to a more Asian market. You’ll find that their most popular and emphasized cuisine is their Chinese selections, which were my personal favorite and are a must-try considering that the ship’s home port is in Hong Kong.

For a first-time cruiser, the rules regarding where and when to eat can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of what we ate and personally loved, as well as some tips to get your money’s worth on your vacation:

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Resorts World Cruises is a new luxury cruise line for Asia. It offers a personalized cruising experience with diverse international experiences. It is part of the Resorts World brand, which has hotels and casinos all over the world. Resorts World Cruises has two ships: the Genting Dream and the Resorts World One. The Resorts World One will be based in Hong Kong from March 10, 2023 onwards. Resorts World Cruises aims to be the best cruise line in Asia for people from Asia. It offers a high-quality experience and takes safety and health precautions seriously.

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There are 3 inclusive restaurants (free) on Resorts World One ship:
Lido (International Buffet with Halal Options).
Dream Dining (Western & Chinese cuisine)
Pavilion (Chinese Cuisine)

1. THE LIDO BUFFET (International Buffet with Halal Options)

The Lido is one of the most popular dining options on the cruise ship. It offers a casual buffet-style setting with various themed stations, such as a salad bar, carvery, action stall, noodle station, halal station, and dessert bar. Guests line up to take what they want before sitting down.

The Lido can be busy, so it is best to come early to avoid waiting. The menu for lunch and dinner in all restaurants rotates, so you won’t get tired of the food.

I highly recommend visiting Lido on embarkation day (Day 1) for their SEAFOOD ON ICE spread. Come early to avoid the lines and get a good seat.

You’ll find snow crab legs, mussels, and shrimp, depending on what’s fresh.

Definitely has one of the best sea views.

The Action Stalls offer a rotating variety of meat selections. On day one, we had bbq ribs, and on day three, roast duck. I’ve also heard that their roast beef is something worth trying.

At our table, their Roast Duck was a big hit! despite the fact that we just recently consumed goose last night. Everyone at the table had a plate full of roast duck. So juicy and succulent. Best enjoyed with plum sauce and of course rice!! 

The Halal station, mostly serving Indian dishes. 

(You might be wondering about the Chinese flag decorations, coincidentally it happened to be China’s National Holiday)

Desserts Station:

A rotating option of different fruits, jelly, cream puffs and cake. Their cakes and gelatinous desserts are worth a try.


For breakfast you’ll find your typical western spread including bacon, sausages, eggs, pancakes, waffles, beans, salad, breads, yogurt, cereals, and bread.

You’ll also find a Chinese breakfast section that includes congee, dumplings, stuffed buns, noodles, vegetables and the likes.  My favorite were the vegetarian buns, which I loved since they were like the ones I used to have in Binondo. 

Cooking Station: Where you’ll find a rotating menu of different noodle dishes highlighted everyday (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) from Singaporean Laksa, Hong Kong Fishball noodles, and the likes.

Outdoor Dining is also available. A great spot since only a few know of this area. 

Dress Code: Casual and Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 12 MID
Time: Breakfast (07:00 – 10:00)
          Lunch (12:30 – 15:00)
          Dinner (17:30 – 21:00)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.

2. THE PAVILION (Chinese Cuisine)

In my opinion, it was the Chinese set menu that gave me my money’s worth.

Their Chinese Set Menu is the same menu offered at Dream Dining. You may choose to either dine there or at Dream Dining depending on your preference.

Sample Chinese Lunch / Dinner Menu

Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin

For the starters, our favorite is the Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin. It was an addicting and crunchy treat that we had to order two more plates of. (Note: You can order this at Blue Lagoon ($$$) at a reasonable price, if you’ve missed out on this lunch service.)

Chef Signature Roasted Goose with Black Truffle Paste

The Roast Goose tasted fragrant and plump! We had to order three more of this!

Sichuan Style Braised Crayfish

If you enjoy Sichuan food, you’ll adore this spicy and savory Sichuan Style Braised Crayfish with delicious Sichuan peppercorn and fragrant red chili pepper.

Braised Baby Abalone, Sea Cucumber with Mushroom and Broccoli

We appreciated the rich umami tastes of the shiitake used to flavor the braised sea cucumber and abalone. Healthy and delicious. A must order!

Steamed Alaska Cod Fillet with Preserved Vegetable and Chinese Pork Sausage

The fish was very delicious for us. The taste was rich, buttery but also light. We loved how the  sauce complemented the fish very well. A must order!

Wok Fried Beef Short Rib in Black Pepper Sauce

Stir-fried beef short ribs that are incredibly tender, with a sticky, glossy sauce and peppery undertones. Yum! 


Breakfast at the Pavillion was very new to me. They only serve Chinese Breakfast items. Make sure to come in early as the Pavilion’s breakfast closes earlier at 9am. I’ve noticed the Chinese breakfast menu here is more extensive than that of Lido and Dream Dining. 

Dress Code: Casual but No Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 6 MID
Time: Breakfast (06:30 – 09:30)
          Lunch (12:30 – 14:30)
          Dinner (17:30 – 20:30)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.

DREAM DINING (Western & Chinese cuisine)

The Dream Dining is RWC’s complimentary full-service restaurant where you can order starters, main courses and desserts as many times as you want. Before entering you will be asked to either to be sat down on a Western set menu table or Chinese set table menu only. (Note: Inter-ordering is not allowed, so your group must decide which menu they prefer before sitting.) 

As previously mentioned you can enjoy the Chinese Set Menu both at the Pavilion and at the Dream Dining as well. 

Sample Western Lunch / Dinner Menu

Halibut Fillet Baked with Rosemary and Garlic Pilaf Rice, Grilled Zucchini, lemon Hollandaise

Perfectly cooked. Tender and mild, with a subtle sweet flavor. A must order!

Grilled Beef Fillet Steak with Cognac Green peppercorn Sauce, Sauteed Forest Mushroom, Oven Herb Roasted Potato

Our meat was cooked and seasoned well. A classic dish, you won’t regret ordering. 


For dessert, their ice cream is always our favorite. But cake is always a good idea as well!


I had a far better experience eating breakfast at Dream Dining than at The Lido Buffet because it was much easier to find a seat and much less busy. The breakfast at Dream Dining is nearly identical to that of  The Lido Buffet, but minus the Noodle Cooking Station and Bread Station.

Have your eggs prepared just the way you like it here. You can order an omelet with a variety of toppings, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs.

Dress Code: Casual but No Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 6 AFT
Time: Breakfast (06:30 – 09:30)
          Lunch (12:30 – 15:00)
          Dinner (17:30 – 21:00)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.


Don’t miss the ship’s BBQ NIGHT by the pool that’s free for everyone to join. Count on having a great time while enjoying wonderful live music and a broad variety of mouthwatering grilled meat and vegetables. You’ll find a selection of grilled steak, shrimp, chicken, corn and side dishes to pair.

Dress Code: Casual
Location: Deck 12 Parthenon Pool
Time: Dinner
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: The third day of our cruise was when we had our BBQ NIGHT PARTY. I’m not sure if it will fall on the same day, on your cruise schedule. Better check the Resorts World Daily Article to check up to date events and parties onboard.

5. BLUE LAGOON ($$$)

Blue Lagoon is the ship’s fast food restaurant serving hawker-style Asian dishes. Although I haven’t tasted it, my friends says you must try their Hainan Chicken Rice and Malaysian Bak Kut Teh.

I highly suggest getting their Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin for a late-night snack or “pulutan.” We enjoyed karaoke in the lobby while munching on this addictive snack that goes great with our drinks!


Location: Deck 7 Mid
Dress Code: Casual
Time: 06:00 – 04:00 (Supper Menu: 23:00- 01:00)
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dining ($$$)


After days of having only western and Chinese food, we decided to change it up by trying one of their Japanese Specialty Dining restaurants. We had the donburi delights, where you get to choose two main dishes. I had the chirashi don and unatama don set. (HKD 208)


For starters, I enjoyed the Chawanmushi, a Japanese steamed egg custard with umami taste that is silky soft. The Chirashi Don was fresh and had a mix of salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp, and unagi on top of seasoned rice. The Una-Tama Don (Egg Eel Donburi) was good and devoured quickly.

For dessert I had the Mochi Ice Cream Set (Green Tea, Yuzu, Black Sesame). But the matcha ice cream my friend ordered was more to my liking.

We were unable to try the teppanyaki eating experience, which involves sitting around a table to watch the chefs put up an impressive show on the grill. But I hope to try it the next time, as I heard great reviews of their steak teppanyaki set.

Location: Deck 8 Mid
Time: 12:30-14:30 & 17:30 – 21:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

7. GELATERIA ($$$)

We ordered the Mango Passion, their tropical homemade gelato that had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Perfect refresher after our swim!

Location: Deck 12 Mid (by the pool)
Time: 12:00 – 22:00
Dress Code: Any (swim suite, slippers, casual wear)
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

8. MATCHA ICE ($$$)

The ships on board Matcha specialty cafe. I ordered the Matcha latte. Personally, I would have wanted a more bolder Matcha taste for my drinks and desserts.

: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 12:00 – 23:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

9. THE PALACE ($$$)

This is the ship’s private restaurant only available for guests staying in the premier suites. I assume the dining hours are the same as the regular restaurants, but with personalized European-style butler service provided!

10. SILK ROAD ($$$)

The Ship’s Chinese Fine Dining Option.

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 12:30 – 14:30, 17:30-21:00 (Supper Menu 23:00-1:00)
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

11. VINTAGE ROOM ($$$)

Western Fine Dining prepared by their executive chef Mammes. 

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 18:00-21:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)


Outdoor bar, drinks and snacks.
Outdoor Hot Pot featuring a wide variety of Soup bases and ingredients. 

Location: Deck 13 Fwd
Time: 12:00-22:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

Location: Deck 13 Fwd
Time: 17:30-21:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)


Pizza & Pasta

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 12:00-23:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

14. PALM COURT ($$$)

Observatory with an extensive beverage selection. (Has one of the best view of the sea!)

Location: Deck 12 Fwd
Time: 12:00-2:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)


A series of cheesecakes at sea

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 12:00-23:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

16. LOBBY CAFE ($$$)

Bakery and cafe

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Time: 12:00-1:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

17. SUN DECK BAR ($$$)

Outdoor bar.

Location: Deck 13 FWD
Time: 12:00-23:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)


 a Classic Cigar and Private Karaoke Lounge

Location: Deck 12FWD
Time: 12:00-2:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

TIP: “Specialty Dining” refers to onboard restaurants that charge a fee in the cruise industry.  Dishes are priced a la carte, while some have a set cover charge. You can get dining packages and credits at a discounted rate on the day of embarkation by going to Deck 7’s main lobby and looking for the staff members presenting dining promos. Remember to book a reservation in advance because some specialty dining establishments may fill up quickly.



I hope this will help guide you to make the most out of your vacation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit all the specialty dining restaurants onboard. Please do tell me about your experience and what you liked best about your trip.

I prefer Dream Dining since I can order from both the Western and Chinese menus without having to walk from one to the other. Plus, it’s less crowded, there’s table service, and I love the Filipino warmth of our wait staff  at Dream Dining and the Pavilion.

As a Filipino-Chinese, I really enjoyed their Chinese menu. I’m sure my folks would also agree if I brought them along. Their Roast Goose, Salted Egg Fish Skin, and Cod is a must order! Make sure to bring  your credit card, US dollars, or Hong Kong dollars, as you will undoubtedly want to swipe something onboard. My last advice is before you go cruising, don’t forget to weigh yourself; you’ll be shocked when you get home! 

Initially, we were supposed to set sail on a 5D4N visa-free holiday cruise from Hong Kong to Okinawa, Japan, but got rerouted to Nha Trang and Da Nang, Vietnam due to a typhoon in Japanese waters. But since Da Nang had long been on my bucket list, we weren’t too disappointed.  For those who just want to experience cruising but don’t have the time or luxury, you might want to consider their weekly ‘2-night/3-day “Weekend High Seas” cruises-to-nowhere, where families, friends who just want to experience cruising, can enjoy the facilities and dining options on board sailing in open waters. As for the locals, once the ship sails, you’ll find them enjoying the casinos that are open 24/7!

Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure:  We were media guests of Resorts World Cruises, Philippine Airlines, and Hong Kong Tourism Board. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.


1. Passport that is valid at least 6 months after your cruise ends. 2 photocopies of your passport bio-page.Travel 

(Hong Kong Visa free is free for Filipino citizens! Photo Taken at Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill Hong Kong)

2. Visas (if applicable): Visa requirements vary depending on the nationality and the country you are sailing from. Passport holders from the Philippines do not need a visa to fly or sail to Hong Kong.

3. Travel Tip: I always advise going at least a day before your cruise is scheduled to leave in case there are any cancellations or delays on your flight. Flights to Hong Kong are offered daily by a number of carriers. But if you’re heading to Hong Kong, Philippines Airlines is an excellent choice because the ticket price includes in-flight meals and 30 kg of checked-in baggage for both the going and return flights.

4. If you’re flying in and out of the Philippines, everyone, including those with Philippine passports, must answer the eTravel card (link: ) Answer this a day or a few hours before your flight, this will be checked at immigration.

5. Vaccination Card. Even though it wasn’t requested at the airport or a requirement for the cruise. Having your vaccination card on hand is safe in case immigration officials request for it.  

6. Global Credit card, US Dollars, and Hong Kong Dollars are the only currency accepted on board. 

7. Digital or printed copy of Flights, Cruise Booking, Itinerary, Travel Insurance (optional) and Hotels in case an immigration officer asks for it. (Believe me they will ask, because it happened to me on this trip.)


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