Resorts World One Cruise: Awesome Guide for Planning the Perfect Cruise

RESORTS WORLD ONE by RESORTS WORLD CRUISES is a 13-deck cruise line that can accommodate up to 1,856 passengers. Measuring 268 meters in length and 32 meters wide, it sails from Hong Kong to Japan, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We were thrilled to enter Japan visa-free! Several Asian countries have introduced a visa-free policy for cruise ship guests aboard Resorts World Cruises, allowing passengers to disembark for sightseeing purposes.

Cruising is a fantastic way to travel. It’s like a floating staycation with an upgrade! Cruise ships offer a variety of amenities, opportunities to visit other countries, awesome onboard entertainment, and delicious dining options, all wrapped up into one all-inclusive, hassle-free vacation experience.

We were initially scheduled for a 5D4N visa-free holiday cruise from Hong Kong to Okinawa, Japan, but were rerouted to Vietnam due to a typhoon. However, our disappointment quickly faded as Da Nang had long been on my bucket list.

Check out Resorts World One Hong Kong, Japan Okinawa and Hainan Sanya deal from Klook.

Here is our guide to making your cruise vacation awesome:


Resorts World Cruises is a new luxury cruise line for Asia that offers a personalized cruising experience with diverse international offerings. As part of the Resorts World brand, which has hotels and casinos all over the world, Resorts World Cruises has two ships: the Genting Dream and the Resorts World One. The Resorts World One will be based in Hong Kong from March 10, 2023 onwards, with the goal of becoming the best cruise line in Asia for Asian customers. It offers a high-quality experience and takes safety and health precautions seriously.

Andrea Solis Manzano
Senior Sales Manager- Philippines Resorts World Cruises
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Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is well-organized and offers a hassle-free cruise check-in experience.

To leave your luggage at the baggage counter, show your passport and ticket (digital or printed). Bring a small carry-on bag with all of your essentials, as your luggage may arrive late in the afternoon outside your room.

The queuing was fast, organized, and comfortable. However, please do not board at the last minute, as the ship will not wait for anyone.

I received my key card, which has my name printed on it and serves as both my ID and credit card on board, as the entire ship is cashless.

Oven Baked Baby Pork Rib with Honey Black Pepper Sauce

We planned to board early enough to catch lunch at the Pavillion, one of the ship’s inclusive (free) dining restaurants. (Kain agad, syempre we want to sulit our vacation noh!)


Sailaway celebration at the Promenade on day 1

First things first: After lunch, explore and familiarize yourself with the ship’s onboard amenities.

The Promenade on Deck 7 is a hub of constant merrymaking, with music, dancing, and karaoke happening throughout the cruise.

Tip: Best time to have the pool to yourselves, because everyone is thinking of the same thing and are busy exploring.

Located on deck 12, the Parthenon Pool is the main swimming area onboard Resorts World One. Comprising a main pool, 4 whirlpools, and a 100-meter mega water slide, this Greek-themed outdoor space makes for awesome and memorable family time.

Tip: Bring floaties, especially for small children, as the pool’s depth is not suitable for them.



The Palace is an elegant, “ship-within-a-ship” enclave with over 40 suites, including two opulent Palace Villas.

Only guests staying in premier suites have access to The Palace, which offers a range of perks, including priority boarding, special lounge access, front-row seats in the theater, and exclusive access to a private swimming pool, spa, and gym.

It has its own exclusive dining and bar facilities, as well as a private butler throughout the trip.

To top it all off, it has gazebos, a private sun deck with a whirlpool area, and some of the best views at sea!.


If you can afford it, I highly recommend splurging on a balcony room. You’ll have your own private balcony with unlimited fresh air and stunning ocean views.

We stayed in an 18-square-meter room with two twin beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed upon request, a pull-out sofa bed, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, and an in-room phone. Interconnecting rooms are available.

For those curious about storage, here’s what’s in the room: extra pillows, blankets, a security safe, life vests, and a fridge.

I recommend bringing additional toiletries, as only shampoo, soap, and toothbrushes are provided.

Hair dryer, sockets, and USB ports are available.

Tea, coffee, and two bottles of mineral water are replenished daily for free.


If you’re taking a cruise with Resorts World ONE, you might be curious about the food options on board.

All meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—are complimentary for guests, unless you really want to spend more money on specialty dining restaurants. With its various dining options and world-class cuisine, you’re sure to have an unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can order Western, Chinese, Halal, Southeast Asian, and Japanese meals while you’re on board.

For seasoned cruisers who are boarding Resorts World ONE for the first time, expect it to appeal to a more Asian market. You’ll find that their most popular and emphasized cuisine is their Chinese selections, which were my personal favorite and are a must-try considering that the ship’s home port is in Hong Kong.

For a first-time cruiser, the rules regarding where and when to eat can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of what we ate and personally loved, as well as some tips to get your money’s worth on your vacation

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THE LIDO BUFFET (International Buffet with Halal Options)

The Lido is one of the most popular dining options on the cruise ship. It offers a casual buffet-style setting with various themed stations, such as a salad bar, carvery, action stall, noodle station, halal station, and dessert bar. Guests line up to take what they want before sitting down.

The Lido can be busy, so it is best to come early to avoid waiting. The menu for lunch and dinner in all restaurants rotates, so you won’t get tired of the food.

I highly recommend visiting Lido on embarkation day (Day 1) for their SEAFOOD ON ICE spread. Come early to avoid the lines and get a good seat.

You’ll find snow crab legs, mussels, and shrimp, depending on what’s fresh.

Definitely has one of the best sea views.

The Action Stalls offer a rotating variety of meat selections. On day one, we had bbq ribs, and on day three, roast duck. I’ve also heard that their roast beef is something worth trying.

At our table, their Roast Duck was a big hit! despite the fact that we just recently consumed goose last night. Everyone at the table had a plate full of roast duck. So juicy and succulent. Best enjoyed with plum sauce and of course rice!! 

A rotating option of different fruits, jelly, cream puffs and cake. Their cakes and gelatinous desserts are worth a try.

Dress Code: Casual and Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 12 MID
Time: Breakfast (07:00 – 10:00)
          Lunch (12:30 – 15:00)
          Dinner (17:30 – 21:00)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.

THE PAVILION (Chinese Cuisine)

In my opinion, it was the Chinese set menu that gave me my money’s worth.

Their Chinese Set Menu is the same menu offered at Dream Dining. You may choose to either dine there or at Dream Dining depending on your preference.

Chef Signature Roasted Goose with Black Truffle Paste • Sichuan Style Braised Crayfish

The roast goose tasted fragrant and plump, and we had to order three more!

If you enjoy Sichuan food, you’ll adore this spicy and savory Sichuan Style Braised Crayfish with delicious Sichuan peppercorn and fragrant red chili pepper.

Braised Baby Abalone, Sea Cucumber with Mushroom and BroccoliSteamed Alaska Cod Fillet with Preserved Vegetable and Chinese Pork Sausage

We loved the rich umami flavors of the shiitake mushrooms that braised the sea cucumber and abalone. Healthy and delicious, this dish is a must-order!

The fish was also a standout, with a rich, buttery, yet light flavor. The sauce perfectly complemented the fish, making it a must-order for any seafood lover.

Dress Code: Casual but No Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 6 MID
Time: Breakfast (06:30 – 09:30)
          Lunch (12:30 – 14:30)
          Dinner (17:30 – 20:30)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.

DREAM DINING (Western & Chinese cuisine)

The Dream Dining is RWC’s complimentary full-service restaurant where you can order starters, main courses and desserts as many times as you want. Before entering you will be asked to either to be sat down on a Western set menu table or Chinese set table menu only. (Note: Inter-ordering is not allowed, so your group must decide which menu they prefer before sitting.) 

As previously mentioned you can enjoy the Chinese Set Menu both at the Pavilion and at the Dream Dining as well. 

Halibut Fillet Baked with Rosemary and Garlic Pilaf Rice, Grilled Zucchini, lemon Hollandaise

Perfectly cooked. Tender and mild, with a subtle sweet flavor. A must order!

Grilled Beef Fillet Steak with Cognac Green peppercorn Sauce, Sauteed Forest Mushroom, Oven Herb Roasted Potato

Our meat was cooked and seasoned well. A classic dish, you won’t regret ordering. 


For dessert, their ice cream is always our favorite. But cake is always a good

Dress Code: Casual but No Slippers Allowed.
Location: Deck 6 AFT
Time: Breakfast (06:30 – 09:30)
          Lunch (12:30 – 15:00)
          Dinner (17:30 – 21:00)
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: You will be able to eat at any of the inclusive restaurants (The Lido, Pavilion, and Dream Dining) once after having your key-card scanned. For example, if you ate at The Lido and Pavilion at the same lunch hour on the same day. The second lunch will cost around $15-17.


Don’t miss the ship’s BBQ NIGHT by the pool that’s free for everyone to join. Count on having a great time while enjoying wonderful live music and a broad variety of mouthwatering grilled meat and vegetables. You’ll find a selection of grilled steak, shrimp, chicken, corn and side dishes to pair.

Dress Code: Casual
Location: Deck 12 Parthenon Pool
Time: Dinner
Restaurant Type: FREE

Note: The third day of our cruise was when we had our BBQ NIGHT PARTY. I’m not sure if it will fall on the same day, on your cruise schedule. Better check the Resorts World Daily Article to check up to date events and parties onboard.


Blue Lagoon, the ship’s fast food restaurant, serves hawker-style Asian dishes. While I haven’t tried it myself, my friends say the Hainanese Chicken Rice and Malaysian Bak Kut Teh are must-tries.

I highly recommend getting their Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin for a late-night snack or “pulutan” (Filipino for food to accompany drinks). We enjoyed this addictive snack while singing karaoke in the lobby. It’s a great way to end a night on the ship!

Location: Deck 7 Mid
Dress Code: Casual
Time: 06:00 – 04:00 (Supper Menu: 23:00- 01:00)
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dining ($$$)


Observatory with an extensive beverage selection. (Has one of the best view of the sea!)

Location: Deck 12 Fwd
Time: 12:00-2:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)


After days of having only western and Chinese food, we decided to change it up by trying one of their Japanese Specialty Dining restaurants. We had the donburi delights, where you get to choose two main dishes. I had the chirashi don and unatama don set. (HKD 208)


For starters, I enjoyed the Chawanmushi, a Japanese steamed egg custard with umami taste that is silky soft. The Chirashi Don was fresh and had a mix of salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp, and unagi on top of seasoned rice. The Una-Tama Don (Egg Eel Donburi) was good and devoured quickly.

For dessert I had the Mochi Ice Cream Set (Green Tea, Yuzu, Black Sesame). But the matcha ice cream my friend ordered was more to my liking.

Location: Deck 8 Mid
Time: 12:30-14:30 & 17:30 – 21:00
Restaurant Type: Specialty Dinning ($$$)

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Shore Excursions can be exciting! Imagine waking up in a different country, discovering magnificent sights, learning about a new culture, and tasting exotic cuisines.


You’ve probably seen it pop up in your newsfeed many times, since its viral debut in 2018: Ba Na Hills, with its Golden Bridge, a unique design that makes you feel like you’re walking across the hands of gods while on the clouds.

The only way to get to the Golden Bridge is by cable car at Sun World fantasy theme park, which is touted for having the longest cable car in the world. We rode through the dense forests and the lush landscapes to the top of Chua Mountain, where we enjoyed panoramic views.

In addition to the theme park rides, you can stroll through a replica of a classical French Village, complete with 19th century architectural grandeur.

Sun World Theme Park Itinerary
Ba Na Hills
International Buffet
French Village
Longest cable car in the world

Tip: Don’t miss the colorful parade at the French Village. We didn’t get to watch the show because of the rain. Bring a light jacket as the weather is on the cooler side.


Nha Trang is a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam known for its stunning beaches, world-class diving, and ancient Cham temples. All of these attractions are conveniently located within a few minutes of each other, making it easy to see the best of Nha Trang in a short time.

Hon Chong Promontory is a natural rock formation in Nha Trang, Vietnam, that has been stacked for centuries. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, offering stunning views of the city skyline, shoreline, and surrounding mountains.

The promontory is named after a local legend about a couple who were separated by the gods and turned into stone. The rocks are said to represent the couple, and the waves crashing against the shore are said to be their tears.

The Po Nagar Cham Temple, located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a complex of Hindu temples built by the Cham people between the 8th and 11th centuries. The temples are dedicated to the goddess Po Nagar, the mother goddess of the Cham people. The Po Nagar Cham Towers are one of the most important religious and cultural sites in Vietnam.

Sugarcane juice and coconut water are a real lifesaver from the sizzling heat. Also had to try authentic Vietnamese coffee, in vietnam!

Nha Trang City Tour Highlights
Cham Po Nagar Towers
Hon Chong Promontory
Dam Market
Nha Trang Cente

Tip: Best to bring umbrellas and hats to battle off the hot weather.

Depending on the destination, each shore excursion itinerary is unique and may appeal to foodies, culture seekers, and adrenaline junkies. While you can DIY your shore excursion, I highly recommend booking with Resorts World One’s partnered operators, especially if you’re planning to go to a remote location, as you don’t want to miss the ship if you’re late.


On a cruise, there are no dull moments. With an incredible number of onboard entertainment options, there’s always something going on somewhere.

We had a blast at our late-night karaoke sessions with the guys!


Don’t miss the main shows on Resorts World One! Amazing entertainers will amaze you with their visually stimulating acrobatic, magical, and theatrical performances while donning sparkling costumes on a high-tech stage with visual effects.

You’ll appreciate the world-class ballroom dancing performances and colorful costumes.

It’s best to get good seats to appreciate the show up close.

Fans of the show can take photos of their favorite performers at the end of the program.


(Seniors playing mahjong at the Blue Lagoon. Sorry, no photos allowed of the Casino. )

Resorts World is known for its casinos, where you can try your luck at the bingo table, slot machine, card table, and mahjong table. Spend your money wisely and avoid becoming too greedy!


Resorts World One will keep you fit and on the move, with traditional amenities such as a swimming pool, jogging tracks, and a gym.

Play Ping Pong by the Parthenon pool,

or take a jog around the red Jogging Track that encircles the top deck of the ship.

Tip: You can also find free group activity classes, just check your cruise schedule.


(Photo courtesy of Resorts World One)

Private treatment rooms, reflexology lounge and saunas.


Kids and kids at heart will find themselves at the ESC Experience Lab Arcade Center, showcasing their competitive side. You can find the most recent virtual and augmented reality games, but also get to enjoy the classic arcade games.


Little Dreamers Club is a fun zone where junior cruisers can meet kids their age and pass the time onboard with games, workshops, costume parties, and even a DJ booth at this kids-only club. All while being watched over by the playful crew members.


Keep an eye out for SALE events that take place onboard! Perfumes, bags, make up, watches, jewelry, and liquor were among the items we spotted that were on sale.


Settle your bills the night before disembarkation day to avoid the long lines in the morning.

Please note that there is a mandatory gratuity of 150 HKD per guest per night. Be sure to factor this into your budget.

On the night before disembarkation, leave your heavy luggage outside your door before 10 p.m. The crew will deliver it ahead of time, and you can pick it up after immigration. Bring a small carry-on bag with your essentials and remaining clothes.

Grab your luggage at the terminal.


Overall, we enjoyed cruising with Resorts World One. With endless food, activities, and entertainment for all ages, it’s a truly relaxing way to travel. You can visit different countries without having to repack or switch accommodations. Think of it as a moving hotel, where you can return to your familiar stateroom after a wonderful day spent in port. It’s perfect for young families and the elderly who don’t want to make lengthy, unpleasant trips, as well as couples and barkadas.

For those who just want to experience cruising but don’t have the time or luxury, you might want to consider their weekly “2-night/3-day Weekend High Seas” cruises-to-nowhere, where families and friends can enjoy the facilities and dining options on board while sailing in open waters. As for the locals, once the ship sails, you’ll find them enjoying the casinos that are open 24/7!

Andrea Solis Manzano
Senior Sales Manager- Philippines Resorts World Cruises
☎️ +639954123187
∞ FB Resorts World Cruises
∞ IG @resortsworldcruises

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Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were media guests of Resorts World Cruises, Philippine Airlines, and Hong Kong Tourism Board. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.


1. Passport that is valid at least 6 months after your cruise ends. 2 photocopies of your passport bio-page.Travel 

(Hong Kong Visa free is free for Filipino citizens! Photo Taken at Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill Hong Kong)

2. Visas (if applicable): Visa requirements vary depending on the nationality and the country you are sailing from. Passport holders from the Philippines do not need a visa to fly or sail to Hong Kong.

3. Travel Tip: I always advise going at least a day before your cruise is scheduled to leave in case there are any cancellations or delays on your flight. Flights to Hong Kong are offered daily by a number of carriers. But if you’re heading to Hong Kong, Philippines Airlines is an excellent choice because the ticket price includes in-flight meals and 30 kg of checked-in baggage for both the going and return flights.

4. If you’re flying in and out of the Philippines, everyone, including those with Philippine passports, must answer the eTravel card (link: ) Answer this a day or a few hours before your flight, this will be checked at immigration.

5. Vaccination Card. Even though it wasn’t requested at the airport or a requirement for the cruise. Having your vaccination card on hand is safe in case immigration officials request for it.  

6. Global Credit card, US Dollars, and Hong Kong Dollars are the only currency accepted on board. 

7. Digital or printed copy of Flights, Cruise Booking, Itinerary, Travel Insurance (optional) and Hotels in case an immigration officer asks for it. (Believe me they will ask, because it happened to me on this trip.)


Rubber shoes/sporty slippers and smart casual shoes
Comfortable clothes, smart casual attires following dress codes and IG outfits for destination shoots.
Toiletries (Conditioner, comb, swab, cotton etc.)
Mobile phone/camera to take lots of videos, photos throughout the trip
HKD, USD, or Credit card. Only accepted onboard.

Note: Make sure to budget for the wifi access, mandatory gratuities and restaurant/bar experiences.

Extension Cord
Raw fruits and food


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