Saw Saw’s New Creations by Chef Sau @ The Balmori Suites!

Sawsaw by Chef Sau is back with a pop-up from September 29 to October 15 at The Balmori Suites in Rockwell. We missed Sawsaw, and we’re loving the new creations by Chef Sau: creatively Filipino, elevated deliciousness at a fair price.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Sawsaw at The Balmori Suites in Rockwell:


The Balmori Suites is a coveted venue for chef-driven pop-ups in Manila.

📍 Powerplant Mall, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati,
🕐 Monday to Sunday Lunch & Dinner
☎️ +63 917 192-8343
🧾 Appetizer, Salads, Soups | Mains, Merienda | Dessert, Drinks Cocktails

Love the high-ceiling lounge feel of the lobby turned into a pop-up kitchen.

The best tables are the ones under the sunroof for better lighting and ambiance, especially when it is raining in Manila.

I thought the centerpiece showcase of Filipino candies was awesome and creative, and it would have looked even better at night. You could get as many candies as you wanted as a pasalubong.

The Rockwell people thought it was crass because it covered the expensive marble table, so they had it removed. What do you think – is this creative or crass?


Sanriku Oyster Ceviche (Sinuglaw) (₱695)
Grilled Pork loin, Beef Bone Marrow, Spiced Vinegar

Grilled pork cubes with beef bone marrow for umami paired with slices of fat oyster.

Makakalimutan mo ang pangalan mo sa sarap.

Fermented Prawn Rice (Balo-balo) (₱575)
Vanamel Shrimps, Tuna Loin, Betel leaves

The seared tuna is topped with fermented rice, shrimp roe, and wrapped in betel leaves.

I loved the combination of flavors, with the sourness from the ball balo, the bitterness from the betel, and the explosion of umami from the roe.

U.S. Beef Tartare Pinoy-Style (Kinilaw) (₱750)
Soy sauce, Egg Yolk, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Toasted Bread

The raw beef mixed with egg yolk, served with toasted bread for contrast and crunch.

Thrice-Cooked Sisig (₱595) with Foie Gras (₱650)
Soy-mansi pearls, pie tee

Chef Sau’s Sisig Cups with Foie Gras are a classic appetizer at Saw Saw, offering a bite-sized explosion of sisig and foie gras flavors.


Freshly Picked Fiddleheads (Pacu) (₱475)
Carabao’s Cheese, Watermelon and Salted Egg

The pacu salad has a refreshing combination of watermelon, carabao’s cheese, and salted egg.

Steamed Mushrooms (Pinais) (₱475)
Poached egg, watercress, Smoked Basi vinaigrette

Savory mushroom pie topped with smoked egg, watercress, and smoky vinaigrette.

Maria Clara (₱495)
Don Papa Rum, Banana Enzyme, Fresh Lemon, Chocolate Bitters

Loved the Sawsaw cocktails- well-balanced, not too sweet, and paired well with the appetizers.


Coconut Lobster (Aligue) (₱1,575)
Ikura, Calamansi Beurre Blanc

Medium-cooked lobster tail smothered in crab fat sauce with coconut cream and popping salmon roe for an umami overload. This was delicious, a significant improvement over the Manila Iconic version.

Broiled Hamachi (Inihaw) (₱675)
Sinigang glazed, Miso, Herb Salad

The Hamachi Jaw meat was fatty and milky white, perfectly grilled and glazed with sinigang and miso flavors. We savored every bite and sucked the sauce off the bones. Sarap!

Even the edamame, mushrooms, and carrots were quite good.

12-hour Sous Vide Ox-Tongue (Lengua Sulipeña) (₱750/ ₱1,250)
Cream, Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Manchego

The lengua was thick, firm, and extra tender, with a white cream sauce and topped with Manchego cheese. Kakaiba ang sarap.


Chef Sau never fails to impress, especially with the new dishes created for Saw Saw in BGC. We recommend starting with the Sanriku Oyster Ceviche (Sinuglaw) and Fermented Prawn Rice (Balo-balo). We loved the Broiled Hamachi (Inihaw), Coconut Lobster (Aligue) and 12-hour Sous Vide Ox-Tongue (Lengua Sulipeña). Eating a leisurely lunch is fun, but dinner at The Balmori Suites would be romantic.

Don’t miss the Saw Saw pop-up at The Balmori Suites until October 15, 2023!

📍 Powerplant Mall, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati,
🕐 Monday to Sunday Lunch & Dinner
☎️ +63 917 192-8343
🧾 Appetizer, Salads, Soups | Mains, Merienda | Dessert, Drinks Cocktails

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Disclosure: Thanks to Chef Sau for the invitation. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Good luck to Chef Patrick Go of Your Local for the next pop-up from The Balmori Suites

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