My Varekai Act :)

  The first time a Cirque du Soleil show visited Manila, I ignored it. I thought it was just another circus. But I was bitten by the Cirque du Soleil bug when I watched La Nouba at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida during our honeymoon. 🙂 I love Cirque du Soleil shows because … Continue reading My Varekai Act 🙂

AIDA in Manila Review

On November 13, 1999,  I visited my college barkada Meli and Anna, who showed me around Chicago. We watched the Limited Pre-Broadway Engagement of AIDA at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. That’s where I was first bitten by the Broadway musical bug. The musical premiered on Broadway at the Palace Theatre on March 23, 2000. In … Continue reading AIDA in Manila Review

Breakups and Breakdowns: A Review

It’s refreshing to see an all-original musical (ala NYC’s Broadway productions) written by Joel Trinidad and music by Rony Fortich. The story is a funny take on  PUA (Pick up Artist) Games, looking for the (impossible) “Perfect” one and breaking up (eventually breaking down). Read the plot here. It’s a must-watch show for theater lovers … Continue reading Breakups and Breakdowns: A Review

RENT Manila 2011 Review: Why I Love RENT This Time Around…

Honestly, I was not expecting a lot from the second run of Rent in Manila, especially when I learned that Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Maureen was only playing on Sundays. In last year’s performance of RENT, Carla’s Moo performance in the song “Over the Moon” and Job Job Bautista’s portrayal of Angel Dumott Schunard were the highlights … Continue reading RENT Manila 2011 Review: Why I Love RENT This Time Around…

KAOS, the Circus Musical

KAOS, an original production by Resorts World, is the name of the land where the entire circus musical is set. The title is inspired by the actual name of the white lion in the show. It is a Chinese Acrobatic show+ American Circus + Cirque de Soleil + Broadway Musical rolled into one. Here are … Continue reading KAOS, the Circus Musical

[RENT The Musical in Manila 2011] How Did you Measure Your Life in 2010?

How did you measure your life in 2010? Let me start… I’m happy that we were able to  launch platforms to help the best home-based businesses in Manila promote their products to foodies via Ultimate Taste Tests 4 & 5, Foodie Delivery service and Mercato Centrale Weekend Market. Also, it was very fulfilling to have coached and inspired … Continue reading [RENT The Musical in Manila 2011] How Did you Measure Your Life in 2010?

Suddenly… A Xanadu Review

Xanadu is a hilariously cute parody of the 1980 Xanadu movie starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. The movie was a flop but the Broadway musical was a surprise hit. I love it because of the songs. Plus, there are a lot of moments that you should not miss.

CATS Fever Finally in Manila :)

Photo from CATS Manila souvenir program. Listening to the songs of CATS during my childhood introduced me to the world of Broadway Musicals. So when we learned last November that CATS would run in Manila, we immediately bought tickets for the opening night show. What CATS is all about? CATS is about the annual tradition … Continue reading CATS Fever Finally in Manila 🙂

EQUUS, A Naked Review

Photo by Jojit Lorenzo EQUUS is a very intense, disturbing and a bit shocking straight play. It is intense because of the involving drama between child psychiatrist Dr. Martin Dysart and the young man he is treating, Alan Strang, who blinded horses and has a sexual fascination with them. It is based on a true crime involving a … Continue reading EQUUS, A Naked Review