The Art of Pole Dancing in Manila

Last October 16, I was able to watch Polarity, the 2nd Anniversary show of Polecats Manila, said to be the country’s premier pole dancing group. In their hands (and legs and bodies), pole dancing was successfully elevated from its notorious reputation to a form of artistic self-expression. It was made even more elegant by the Manila … Continue reading The Art of Pole Dancing in Manila

Black Eyed Peas – Live in Manila

Official Press Release: Black Eyed Peas concert tickets selling like pancakes! It has only been more than a week since they have gone on sale but tickets to the Black Eyed Peas Live in Manila 2011 are now selling like pancakes! Some sections are almost full! It’s evident that thousands of fans are extra excited for … Continue reading Black Eyed Peas – Live in Manila

The Art of Belly Dancing in Manila (Bellyfest 2011)

 Alisha Lee, Korea’s Bellydance Goddess, and Jill Ngo-Crisologo, Manila’s Bellydance Goddess, in Bellyfest 2011. Ever since I got to watch authentic belly dancing in Dubai,  I’ve been intrigued by this kind of dance. I was happy to meet and discover the Goddesses of Bellydance, Jill Ngo-Crisologo’s professional belly dancing group in last year’s Bellyfest 2010. This … Continue reading The Art of Belly Dancing in Manila (Bellyfest 2011)

Myth of the Human Body: A Review

  This is an interesting traveling exhibition from Korea that you should not miss. It may be a bit disturbing but it’s justified as an education in anatomy with a slant of “you should stop smoking and start living healthy”. This is an exhibit of cadavers preserved with a technique called plastination (developed by Gunther … Continue reading Myth of the Human Body: A Review

Little Big Club Live! – Don’t Miss Barney + Thomas + Bob the Builder Show

Finally, Barney, Thomas the train, and Bob the Builder in one fun musical stage show called The Little Big Club Live in Concert! I asked Aidan if he can identify the other cast members and I was surprised he knew Fireman Sam, and Angelina Ballerina. Pingu the Penquin is just getting popular.  

Why I Love Bellyfest 2010

I’m pleasantly surprised to know that there’s a flourishing Belly Dancing community in Manila. I met Jill Ngo and her Goddesses of Bellydance, who introduced me to the Bellyfest 2010, during the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 event. According to Jill, most women belly dance because of the following reasons: It is fun and creates camaraderie … Continue reading Why I Love Bellyfest 2010

DUETS by Peter Quilter

We are fans of the theater scene in Manila, so, to kick off the 2010 theater season, we watched the first romantic comedy by Repertory Philippines called Duets. It forces you to reflect on your own relationships in life, especially those with “hang-ups” in different sets of relationships. The coolest thing about it is watching … Continue reading DUETS by Peter Quilter

Jo Koy in Manila!

I was virtually introduced to Jo Koy by Benji Reyes through Facebook. I’ve been watching Jo Koy’s stand-up comedy set online this holiday season. I can’t wait for his first comedy show in Manila on January 21! I would agree with Benji that he is better than Rex Navarrete. But, just a warning, some of … Continue reading Jo Koy in Manila!

A Rare Hi-5 Acappella Performance

After the Wowowie performance yesterday, Hi-5 Mania is building up for the Hi-5 Surprise! Show in November. Don’t miss their public performances during their press tour this week in the following malls: September 3, 2009   Thursday               8:00 AM-9:00am     Unang Hirit     11:30AM-12:00PM     Radio Interview  99.5 RT “Tina & Neil”     3:00 PM- 4:00 PM … Continue reading A Rare Hi-5 Acappella Performance

The Little Mermaids of Manila Ocean Park

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Little Mermaid Show at Manila Ocean Park. I’m now curious to know who these mermaids are. They made performing underwater with oxygen look easy. They were always smiling throughout the show — and they sure can last long underwater. The staff said that they are part of the RP swimming team… The show starts with the individual performance of each of the mermaids and ends with some synchronized swimming. It is free for Oceanarium visitors and for every P150 receipt of food or non-food items bought at any Manila Ocean Park Store.