[Batad, Banaue #1] I Survived Batad!

For those of you who have been to Batad, we share a special bond of being able to survive the Batad trek to see the Batad Village and the great Tapia Falls. … For those who have not been to Batad, this is one of the 100 awesome places you must see in the Philippines. … Our Ultimate Guide to Batad, Banaue (version 0.9) Awesome Batad, Banaue Flavors of Batad Banaue Rice Terraces Myths Tour Guides of Batad Where to Stay in Batad, Banaue How to get to Batad I underestimated the greatness of these rice terraces.

Banaue & Batad Expedition


I decided to join Michelle Morelos in her Battad and Banaue Expedition versus joining the Camiguin Travel Workshop. The Banaue expedition costs P9,000 inclusive of transportation (via Bus) and 3 days and 2 nights food, lodging, and local guide fees. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces and I will finally visit it on Labor Day Weekend 2008.

Old World Kopitiam, Banaue


Old Chinatown Kopitiam If you are in Banaue and craving for Chinese, Singaporean or Malaysian dishes, then you should definitely go to Old Chinatown Kopitiam (OCK). … I asked Darren, one of the owners, about the origin of Old World Kopitiam via email and he said, “Actually, we thought of the name Old Chinatown because we wanted a place with nostalgia and rustic ambiance.
…Eating in Old Chinatown Kopitiam is the closest that you can get to the taste of Hawker Foods in Malaysia/ Singapore.