Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous


An upholstered high back chair rests beside the full length mirror for that moment to just sit back and relax and enjoy the pleasure of solitude and solemnity this bathroom aims to provide Silid ni Malakas April Alcantara | Anne Marie Kristine Lim What does a man do when there is no place for his toys in the home?
…The white sofa with red buttons and stitching, custom-designed by the group and serving as this set-up’s main furniture black shelf and shaggy black rug provide a good contrasting back drop for the sofa, and the rug adds warmth and softness to the design. … Furniture pieces are specially designed to marry function and aesthetics, a crib takes center stage as it becomes the focal point of the room, coordinating pieces like the changing table and a lounge chair replaces the rocker for the soothing respite of a mother’s need to take a breather, Filipino elements like the sipa ball make for a very novel design for lighting and other accessories.