Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous


One of the awesome things about the Philippines is the creativity of the Filipinos. Our Interior designers are one of the world class talents that we should be thankful and be proud of. The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) Advanced Class of 2007 mounts its graduation exhibit dubbed as “Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous” (“F3”) on Sept. 29-Oct. 31, at the Paseo Center, Paseo de Roxas cor. Sedeno st., Salcedo Village, Makati City. You still have time within this week to check out the exhibit.

When we redesigned our P&G Office (which is getting a lot of press lately), we got PSID design students to create innovative design for the meeting rooms. I heard that the Pinoy Big Brother house were designed by PSID students as well. So if you want a low cost but creative designs, you should tap on these young Filipino Interior Design talents. My favorites are Diwata, Silid ni Malakas and Sampaguita out of the 19 booths showcasing Philippine furniture integrated into masterfully-designed and executed interior spaces. Check them out…

Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous

Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous provides a medium from which design solutions come to life as furniture design takes center stage as a driving force integral in interior design. The merging of Philippine School of Interior Design and Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines will generate awareness in establishing Filipino design and Filipino designers as they figure prominently on global scale. F3 promises designs that are innovative ingenious, imaginative and pioneering set against a very Filipino theme. F3 Celebrates the Filipino as global designers as designs come to life in nineteen fabulous interior design settings.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-25.jpg


Dino Alaba | Casa Buendia | Audrey Coo | Gie Gorospe | Anne Murphy

A luxurious bathroom, accentuated with soft curves and natural elements, serves as a gateway to that enchanting realm only imagined and felt in one’s solitude and dreams. A bath area inspired by the encantos and encantadas of Philippine Mythology, this bathroom gives a sense of serenity and charm like nature at its fantastic form. A water feature stage sets an elegant bathtub for that lush bath as fabrics drape from the ceiling giving privacy as well as adding a whimsical effect to further excite senses. A shower encircles just enough to give seclusion to enjoy a spell of rain just like in nature. The curved walls terminate to a vanity where one can allow beauty to transcend. A magnificently crafted full length mirror leans on the other side to further admire oneself. An upholstered high back chair rests beside the full length mirror for that moment to just sit back and relax and enjoy the pleasure of solitude and solemnity this bathroom aims to provide

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-14.jpg

Silid ni Malakas

April Alcantara | Anne Marie Kristine Lim

What does a man do when there is no place for his toys in the home? Why, build his own cave, of course. This booth demonstrates how a converted garage can be an interior design delight. Here, two ladies take on the challenge of creating a very masculine interior space, going all-out even to the extent of including an aggressive BMW sport bike completing the look, and putting the room in a guys list of inspiration.

Rhythm in irony is demonstrated all throughout. The industrial look of this space gives away the occupant’s practical side but the attention to detail and the painstakingly designed pieces give a glimpse of refinement within the very rugged interior. On the other hand, the experimental approach to furniture pieces, like the traditional Filipino “silla perezosa” which borrows the wings of the classic wing chair, give the booth a slight Filipino twist.

This is what happens when the most neglected part of the house turns into “a guy’s ultimate cave.”

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-11.jpg

Karen Eleazar | Christine Monteverde

Elegance, Grace, and Sophistication… characteristics that best describes this classy den.

Attention is centered on the heavily craved daybed that serves as the area’s focal point. It is an extraordinary modern eclectic room mixed with the intricacy of the baroque influence.

Using an elaborately designed piece, the design intent was to tame down on the peripherals of the area. The sampaguita accent incorporates a Filipino touch to the room. Here, the designers incorporated a “high-browse” concept with a modern feel plus a mix of glass, wood, and black finish to complete the look.

The goal of the space is to make people feel that they are “floating in elegance.” The use of black finish on the furniture is aimed not only to attract the mature audience but it is further used to introduce this particular flavor to the younger generation. The intention is to blend the ideals of the different generations in the hopes of tearing down boundaries via design.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-33.jpg

Keisha Agdamag | Meanne Catanghal | Anne Lim-Go | Nadia Hemaez | Joana Nalangan | Kat tan-Jadie

In this ultra modern office/ den, we see how steel and glass are harmoniously fused to create a one of a kind interior. Built for a woman with an active lifestyle, this room uses a monochromatic theme of russet combined with shades of black and off-white. Automotive white paint is used for the walls and ceiling in order to achieve that glossy yet chic look. There is a collage of glass as different kinds of it used all over the room.

An area of the room is treated with raised curved flooring that echoes to the ceiling. This detail is meant to delineate the den from the office, making the room more organized. Inspired by the letter G, the modern Oh-G loveseat is done in white leather, incorporating russet and black accents. This particular piece has a classy and refreshing take, highly inviting to lounge around on those lazy afternoons. During working hours, a very stylish yet functional table in glass and steel was designed to partner with the equally tasteful Anne’s hand chair. It’s trendy yet good enough to do some serious office work.

The design is central the individual who lives here… It is meant to reveal here personality… strong, driven, composed, and full of life… a creative and energetic woman of the new millennium.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-31.jpg
Mike Cutero | Jacq Dionsio | Gaea Fu | Cheska Nolasco | Leanne Rubianno | Miko Sta. Ana

Every one dreams to be crowned the prettiest most talented person in this world. Competing for that may sound so vague just because in this life, somewhere in between there is more than what meets the eye and for some people it is a fulfillment for behind that crown lays confidence, intelligence, and strength!

Posing in the living room, rich dark purple brocade sits diagonally radiating the richness of life and warmth within the area balancing naughty and nice pieces and complementing this particular focal point with the over all look of this booth. Inspired by the silhouette of a traditional Filipino sofa, a crown resembling and thus, establishing corona.

Korona would definitely give your senses a luxurious feel! The rich impression exuding from a scheme of black and gold, deep purple for a focal point, to touches of animal prints, makes this area a crowning glory for it is a haven for retirees and yuppies alike.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-32.jpg

Dekada 40
Ginger Agoncillio | Joan Cura | Bernice Francisco | Andrea Reyes

Clean lines, geometric shapes, shiny surfaces rule this modern condo living room. With its eye-catching red and black accents and subtle retro flavor, this living space definitely demands attention.

White is the dominant canvas against which the red and black furnishings and accessories pop. Surfaces are kep sleek and shiny with the use of granite flooring, a glass tabletop, and finishes done with automotive paint. The white sofa with red buttons and stitching, custom-designed by the group and serving as this set-up’s main furniture black shelf and shaggy black rug provide a good contrasting back drop for the sofa, and the rug adds warmth and softness to the design. An assortment of accessories completes the look, and finally, an acrylic arch stretching across the booth frames the entire room.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-29.jpg

Ang Unggoy
Jim Bautista | Carla Castilio | Jonah Chan | Hana Homma | Aleca Orias | Mae Santos

What could be more recognized characteristic of tropical Philippines than the ubiquitous banana plant? This so-called tree has always been significant in the lives of the Filipinos because of its many purpose. Its fruit nourish as other parts of it are used in many ends.

For this group of exhibitors, they have come to integrate the distinctive characteristics of the banana plant to their design. This black and white lanai showcases the indigenous aspect of the plant as well as the charm and refinement exuded by the other related materials.

This booth highlights two exquisite seating furniture pieces with the intention of capturing two significant parts of the banana plant, particularly, the divan mimicking the dahon ng saging, and the lounge chair in likeness of the puso. The curvilinear patterns on the ceiling soften the strong feel of the accent stones on the walls and floor. Sound made by the water elements offers a calm and relaxing mood. Adding the right illumination and mixing theme-related accents unify the whole look. Here’s the perfect space for taking a breather that’s also conducive for making meaningful conversations in the confines of home. “Ang Unggoy?” carries the essence that’s truly Filipino and unmistakably fabulous.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-35.jpg

Kathleen Anasco | Aza Leah Balagtas | Mark Jeffrey Pecayo | Dianne Sy | Karen Uy

Do I smell male — yes, it’s definitely male! An achromatic lounge designed for him in black, gray and off-white hues giving one a feeling of defined space. Non-traditional ethnic furniture pieces with a boast of woven leather complements the mixed use of bricks, glass and leather — sets it apart. The homogenous Italian white tiled floor combined with an area of narra planks averts the viewer’s attention to the wall done in leather. A floor length mirror on the opposite side of the leather wall dutifully reflects the image. The track light illuminates photographs and knickknacks on the glass shelving defining the step-up platform leading to the door. The butaka lounge chair designed might as well be the crux of the design. Done in leather with a wooden frame, the lounge chair can be flipped over one side in black and the other in white usable depending on ones mood. A space – where ideas begin and flourish – no doubt!

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-37.jpg

Voi Borja | Aks Madrid | Grace Ordonez | Sheanah Tse | Bernard Valencia

Inspired by the image of a refined Filipino gentleman, this contemporary den figuratively describes the qualities of a mister – straight forwardly collected, polished and smart. A great show of linear elements is established so as to achieve a practical yet ingenious look seemingly reflecting the design idea of the day bed.

Distinct in its manly appeal, the daybed is made of Mahogany wood painted in dark chocolate. A raised platform, to where the daybed is located, is intended to highlight the core furniture piece. The water feature is symmetrically placed mimicking sculptural pieces incorporating randomly attached crystal prisms and circular shaped glasses. This particular adds the element of sound to the room with the use of flowing water creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

The wood tones offer a laid back feel making it a space conducive to unwind yet fine enough to entertain an intimate few. Floor to ceiling wine racks surround the stainless steel bar counter. Wine goblet holders attached on the mirrored wall create an illusion of floating elements, a new way of presenting commonly displayed items. Red is brought in to emphasize a particular area of the room where “toys for the big boys” are displayed.

As a final touch, the ceiling treatment adds flair to this gentleman’s den. Two sections of the ceiling painted in off-white serve as connecting planes between the water feature and wine racks. The middle portion of the ceiling is designed to crown the bar area.

The room projects a feeling of masculinity appealing to boys and men alike yet also inviting to the rest. Like the Filipino male, it is charming, gentle, maginoo… distinctly “Suwabe”.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-4.jpg

Martin Javellana | Chai Lopez | Eri Mangaran | Xavier Penafiel

“Serbesa” a Filipino term for any alcoholic beverage, which is packaged or served in ways that will soothe the taste of the consumers. A fusion that sets you in a calming state of mind and body that relaxes your mood.. just like this bar lounge that offers you a cozy appeal, which surely mitigates every stress your whole working day had been.

With fine craftsmanship and comfortable furniture piece from “Diseno Pacifico”, the bar stool, ottoman and the inviting coziness of the lounge chair which has cushions made from canvas fabric and the skeletal framings weave with abaca that perfectly defines the modern fabulous Filipinos tastes of furniture design. The random white square pattern on the wall continuously flows thru the ceiling compliments the dark colored carpet and the black leather padded wall that absorbs sounds inside the bar. With moderate amount of lighting on the floor with the niche on the bar counter gives a serene and cozy ambiance on the whole area. The Swarovski lighting fixture compliments the space, which brings a more elegant look.

With this stress-free bar lounge, one can truly unwind, leave the busy world for a moment and bond with people. As the saying goes “alcohol doesn’t actually poison the minds of the people, it binds people… “

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-3.jpg

Pepen Aquitana | Letty Ruiz | Sam Santiago | Jay Soberano | Cathy Tan

Stemming from the Filipino home’s need to to nurture and spoil the child, this nursery exudes a very contemporary feel that devites from the usual norm and typical look of a room dedicated to the youngest child. “Bunso” is inspired by elements that create a look that is effectively functioning as a nursery yet detracts from what is common. Furniture pieces are specially designed to marry function and aesthetics, a crib takes center stage as it becomes the focal point of the room, coordinating pieces like the changing table and a lounge chair replaces the rocker for the soothing respite of a mother’s need to take a breather, Filipino elements like the sipa ball make for a very novel design for lighting and other accessories. Colores where chosen to soothe and to stimulate, blue, green, beige reflect the need for rest and a sense of play. The room is finished by kinetic and dynamic mobile hung from the ceiling guaranteed to provide movement for hours and hours of visual play. “Bunso” is and will be the direction where the baby becomes the focus of the deisng and where comfort and beauty merge effectively.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-7.jpg

Eve Buenafe | Ria Cruz | PJ De Leon | Candy Garcia | Rona Unana

The most used room in the house takes on a different light in this hi-tech kitchen. The use of rural and contemporary ideas, demonstrated by a mix of bamboo and car paint, is harmoniously merged to achieve a practical yet artistic environment. Like a canvas, the kitchen renders a play of texture in this unique interior. The cabinet doors flaunt crushed bamboo framed with stainless steel. Bamboo is likewise seen on the drop ceiling and on the wall as face for an oversized wall clock showcasing a distinctive way of telling time. The use of metal paint is seen here with a twist. A sustainable and environmentally friendly product, a metal paint developed from coconut oil, is used on the column, the counter-cum-shelf, on the wall displaying the clock, further playing with texture.

The island counter made of black granite is in the shape of an artist’s palette, serving as the focal point of the room. A vertical detail, a simple column, cuts across the work station, like the brush through a palette. Impressions on the floor show herbs and spices adding personality to the kitchen. Industrial lights illuminate not only the artist’s palette, where bamboo bar stools invite family members to take a quick meal or spend quality time together, but the rest of the kitchen as well. Dark grey tiles with mirror finish also provide contrast to the metal paint on the shelf and wall.

A room that adds spice to your life, “Rekado” is functional though inviting… versatile albeit minimal… It’s a space where the ardent chef is inspired to create his works of art which can be both a serious feast and a simple meal. It is an ideal working space the exudes sophistication yet caters to the Filipino culture… a working space fit for any Filipino family. It’s a fresh take on your modern day kitchen.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-9.jpg

Karen iledan | Jezer Maducduc | Aisa Sta Maria | Noelle Yuhico

Beneath the house and just on top of the earth is a place where chickens are kept and junk kept. With the structure’s potential and limitless possibilities we recreate and reinvent the space called “silong”. Inspired by the simplicity of the bahay kubo, we used wood slats as its primal interior-architectural element. The Filipino components are fused with European elements incorporated into the interior – bringing in a feel of ages past, a hint of the days of the old — joining eastern and western influences and modernizing the whole concept of what a silong is. Accentuating the booth with crystal flute candleholders and the modern Borgie Lamp by Stark glamorizing the storage place into a cozy eclectic lounge that becomes the fabulous space. Silong, as we call it, is a cellar lounge made for friends and families alike to hang out and unwind. The accent wall is made out of damask black on black padded walls located behind the bar. Its bar is made out of sago imbedded high gloss resin found in front of the backlit wrought iron rack framed by a mirror and antiques finished wood. The major furniture piece, namely the “balut” chair stands tall amidst the straight and angular features of the booth. The gold-leaf finish reconstituted leather lounge chair compliments the massive structure of the “balut” chair. Together with the gold painted ottomans, the distressed gold finish of the wood slats and the acrylic clad paper backlit wall and flooring highlights the contemporary Filipino inspired furniture pieces.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-13.jpg

Don Avelino | Sammy Joe Fu | Kim Lim | Nicola Mabanta | Alex Santos | Olga Zehtab-Jadid | Cris Pastor

“Taw-Hay” an Ilonggo term “to unwind” for people to feel at ease, unruffled and be themselves.

When you want separation, with all the hustle and bustle of the world today there is a certain for longing of peace and quietness. When you feel like no one understands you and you want to be alone, this is the perfect veranda where you can feel and do whatever you want to do. There is no boundaries, no restriction, and no complaints. You can hide, but you can’t lie, but yes, you can be free. You can be as bold, wild, and free or sensual and solemn from all the ups and downs of this world where nothing else matters.

We can’t hinder time, but we can hold on to it and enjoy it. Nothing is never enough and satisfaction is never ending, living on the edge is some kind of philosophy. Silence is only where a human being can experience his own soul.

You can experience equilibrium: earth, fire, wind and water.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-18.jpg

Rizza Salud | Tina Galve | Girlie Pablo

Entertainment has now taken a new dimension in our lives as style meets function in this visual presentation of a lavish, contemporary Filipino home. It is distinctively classical yet functional and comfortable at the same time.

The look and feel of the home theater capture the Filipino Contemporary theme with the display of furniture made of Permacane, an innovative breakthrough in rattan finishes. The polyurethane-coated laminate exudes the character of the furniture pieces fit for the high-end market that is in contrast to traditionally-crafted furniture. It is mixed with other indigenous materials like abaca cloth, raffia and banana leaves, giving off a much interesting blend of textures and color. Its color complements the grays, blues, and other shades and tints of brown distributed in the room. The fiber-carpeted ceiling keeps noise level at a low along with walls treated with foam-padded fabric and abaca, and carpet for the floor. This booth is made with consciousness to good acoustics. Grill works are placed at the back and at the front to give aesthetic character since they are thin and do not hae solid, flat surfaces which reflect sound vibrations more. The curved lines of the ceiling and floor balances the straight vertical lines of the walls. Family and friends can further strengthen ties in this space and bonds while sharing a common love for watching movies and other forms of audio-visual amusement.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-17.jpg

Rachel Bargayo | Roan Banal | Lulay Gigante | Krystel Gomez | Iris Roldan | Nicole Faustino | Jayvie Felizar | Anna Villacorte

Contemporary tropical inspired by the Filipino culture summarizes this one of its kind bedroom. This relaxing yet trendy reprieve is a stimulating combination of contemporary and tropical designs. The daring use of lavish textures all come together to create one sumptuous entirety with the mix of the finest indigenous materials, the most intricate craftsmanship, and the most exquisite attention to detail.

Its restrained use of rich color and emphasis on natural materials give it a luxurious yet uncluttered feel. The modern wooden furniture is carved to perfection, featuring the clean contemporary lines blended with the elaborate detail of an antique piece. Wood is used on the walls and the floor to complement the furniture pieces. Furthermore, bamboo is brought in to give the feel of being in an island tropic.

The dark stain finish of wood combines with light colored fabrics accentuates the furniture’s simplicity but elegant tone. Here, we further observe how the use of material and color are harmoniously fused. For the walls and floor, neutral shades where employed. Splashes of turquoise and tangerine are incorporated on the fabrics and accessories to help brighten up the room.

The overall ambiance of the place is that of a cool and calm retreat, somewhere in an island paradise… a place which is truly Fabulous and Filipino.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-22.jpg

Jay Ann Aragon | Ets Escoto | Kitkat Bisnon | Sugar Verga | Ge Verga

Come. Created for the music and movie enthusiast, this entertainment lounge is a mix of the modern and the eclectic urging you to let your guard down, ease up and unwind. It offers a temporary escape from the outside world.

Relax. Sit down and lounge around, take off your shoes and loosen up. Feel the warmth of wood as you go down to your private sanctuary. See the dramatic, ambient lights that give life to the contrasts of textures, from the smooth glossy tiles, to the plush and luxurious carpet, the rough stone wall, the clear glass. All united by clean, fluid lines keeping it from being too structured and more sinuous and inviting.

Listen. Taking the center state is the uniquely interesting seating area inspired by the earphones. Hence, the booth’s name, Tengopono coining two words: ear (tenga) and phone (pono) and aptly named The Optimus Chair.

Lounge Around. Everything is streamlined, clutter-free and low-key. Each compact space is maximized — for storage, for seating , fro entertainment. There is of course various play in heights, with the sunken seating area, the elevated bar, the vertical shelves, and the cantilevered stairs leading the the upper ground floor. Subtle colors of black, white, and silver make the room livelier but relazing with silhouettes from the emphatic lighting.

Enjoy. Of course what would an entertainment room be without the indispensable TV? Interestingly, the TV is not the focal point of the room, but rather the functional conversation piece, but not to be surpassed; it makes its own statement on a curved wall. So take the backseat, there is nothing else to do but to indulge.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-27.jpg
Karen Baltazar | Tintin Sta. Ana | Glenn Vitor

As you enter the 21st century Filipino home, you’ll be amazed by its’ sleek yet Filipino at heart design. Using sheen combined with the texture of the natural materials creates a whole new world that will lead you to “Lilok”. Using floor to ceiling louvers and frosted glass as divider between the foyer and the primary living area, you will see the “Maranaw” inspired capital and base attached to the louvers. With Filipino pattern as a backdrop for frosted glass, color-changing lights, and water flowing endlessly, creates another dimension that captivates the senses. The living are is equipped with specially designed abaca mesh warped sofa with the tribal inspired coffee table accented by a shaggy ottoman. An accent wall is created with mirror mosaic that creates texture and plays with ones imagination. Cement is used as flooring material. The circular platform with glass top flooring is filled with water as to give the illusion of being afloat. The water ripples is reflected on the ceiling, thus adding texture to the whole space. With that and the other elements that is strong in its self makes a statement that will leave you euphoric. Thus creating a paradise indoor.

Forty, Filipino and Fabulous-30.jpg

Jean Gil | Kaye Lianto | Jose Soriano | Maybelle Uy

This is a representation f the modern filipino couple’s sanctuary. The dual elements represent both the unity and the individuality of the Filipino and the Filipina. The rough and the sleek, the vertical and the horizontal, the warm and the cool, the traditional and the modern; It is a contradiction of sorts represented by the progressive Filipino’s cosmopolitan taste that is trongly grounded to a rich past. From the modern interpretation of the sulihiya and its deliberate juxtaposition with elements that are undeniably contemporary , one can’t help but notice that the Filipino has become a true citizen of the world.

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  1. I really enjoy reading all your articles. Aside from you restaurant tips, I also enjoy your updates on different things like interior design . Is there any entrance fee for this? What time do they open? I should have been in Makati today, havent it been for the Glorietta bombing! My sister advised me not to! Anway, I think there is always a purpose. Its good that I was able to see this write up so that when I go to my dentist at Atrium on Saturday, then I can proceed to this and to Salcedo Market.
    Thanks again!

  2. …..beautiful…..some are what i would’nt mind owning myself just like’sampaguita’ romantic dark wooden hand carved light blue upholstered settee….diwata’s notable clean lines but of minimalism in nature is classic that can withstand time…..but i would like to see more define shapes in legs-sidings-dimensions-styles-themes-add ons like bottons made of porcelains-faux crystals or crystals-florals-ceramics etc. holders-pull on drawers- large or miniture native floral climbing vines-faux or real bamboos plants more native hand weave curtains- bedsets more comfortable thick upholstered furnitures-tall deep color capiz floor lamps wall lamps chandeliers and thick sampaguita garlands carved on wooden furnitures-accessories to stress local designs huge earth tone or pastel colored pots[3-4 ft.tall}a lot of pastels-mix embroidered padded wall linings-room divider-dress changer-standing bedroom clothes hangers-dressed boxes collections{small accessories}or waste baskets unique artistic lightweight curtain rods-hand painted curtains etc.etc. etc.

  3. … late december 2008 hopefully i can put my own house of interior designs in one large room divided into 6 small size rooms of different themes-styles-designs-time-colors to introduced something new local and originals somewhere in quezon city

  4. Hi Anton, I like the Bunso design. I wonder where they can be contacted and I hope they don’t charge so much. I stay in my hubby’s family home which is kinda old. I would like to remodel my kid’s room.

  5. I really love your articles! Especially this one! I’m an interior design student and I am very fascinated by the works of PSID students! They’re really gooood!
    I like the concept of “Diwata”..really amazing!

  6. ….lol!….yah right a palace? lol!….more likely a room divided into smaller corners lol!anton thanks for saying that to me i must be dreaming lol!… may not go through december 2008 i have to move that planned schedule to after 2010 something came up….the corporation-companies who wants-interested in my vision sa aking ‘bagong’ local original designs eh when they sent me e-mails asking to contact them back well unfortunately my hands deleted those letters of intent so unless they e-mail back again i can’t discuss to anyone about the new original designs…..but it will happened one day lol!

  7. Hello,
    i am inspired by your true Filipino designs and you have maintained the tradition which the neighboring world are really after, our true Filipino, we can call our very own ethnic interior design though i can see a combination of modern design it still is Filipino keep up and please maintain Filipino tradition , the designs are really good , it really is!

  8. Hello,
    Im Jo again, by the way i always love the incorporation of rattans, bamboo wether a bamboo panels of the sangtuario or the bamboo fabric on a divider, i love it!

  9. So if you want a low cost but creative designs, you should tap on these young Filipino Interior Design talents. My favorites are Diwata, Silid ni Malakas and Sampaguita out of the 19 booths showcasing Philippine furniture integrated into masterfully-designed and executed interior spaces. Check them out.

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