Five Cows Birthday


La Maison Menu Appetizers Salad Soups and Chowders Barkada Family Meals Imported Steaks Barkada Pasta La Maison Gourmet Sandwiches Entrees Gourmet Lunch Bento Desserts Appetizers, Soup of the Day, and Salad Pasta Panini/ sandwiches, Pizza Main Course and Steak Marble Slab Conconctions Old Time Favorites and by the scoop Urban Treats (modern desserts) Ice Cream Cakes Ice Cream Cakes Part 2 Guilt Free Desserts, Floats, Milkshakes, Drinks Ferrero Crunch Supreme (P155)….  a french treat with a twist of spiked sponged cake dome filled with 3 melange of assorted ice cream, chocolate cookies, nuts and smothered with meringue and served with flaming run.